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August 29, 2019   (10 min Read)
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Mobile app development has undergone a significant transition with artificial intelligence (AI). Thanks to AI, the way mobile app developers build, design, and offer smarter, more logical, and more personalized applications has undergone a revolution.

In a recent analysis, ResearchAndMarkets predicted that the global market for AI in mobile apps would reach $14.25 billion by 2023, expanding at a CAGR of 28.89% between 2018 and 2023. This exemplifies the enormous potential of AI’s role in how mobile apps are created and utilized.

You can have mobile apps that can learn, adapt, and change over time owing to AI, making them more effective and efficient at meeting user needs. 

This blog post will discuss the ways artificial intelligence is altering the world of mobile app development and how companies can utilize it to create cutting-edge products that cater to consumers’ ever-changing requirements.

Significance of AI in Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence mobile app development

To promote innovation and creativity, AI is a key component of mobile app development. To provide the optimum user experience, artificial intelligence technology in mobile applications makes use of a machine’s capacity for understanding and response.

AI in mobile apps is mostly used to address consumers’ everyday issues and improve their quality of life. AI can gather crucial information from mobile devices, such as location, contacts, and everyday activities, to improve user engagement and resolve difficult issues.

Apps with AI capabilities analyze user behavior and how users interact with the app to collect and store data. To put it briefly, artificial intelligence enables you to create mobile apps that transform and meet human requirements. It is crucial to know how mobile app trends leverage artificial intelligence in android apps and iOS apps.

Now that you are aware of the significance of AI in mobile app development, we can move on to the role of AI in mobile apps and how you can incorporate AI when building your app.

How Artificial Intelligence is Empowering Mobile App Development

AI in Mobile Apps

Artificial intelligence software has been growing rapidly over time and is expected to reach over USD 126 billion by 2025. It’s time that all entrepreneurs and SME owners realize the power of AI in mobile app development. Take a look at the ways AI is taking app development to the next level:

  • AI-Powered Personalization

    AI has transformed the mobile app personalization feature by leaps and bounds. AI apps learn from and adjust to the user’s behavior, preferences, and needs. AI-powered mobile apps evaluate user data, such as search queries, purchase histories, and location data, using machine learning algorithms to produce tailored recommendations and suggestions. This data can be crucial to send personalized recommendations via emails, text messages, and notifications. For instance, an app that streams music examines a user’s listening history and suggests new musicians and songs based on their tastes. 

  • AI-Enabled Chatbots

    AI-based mobile applications generally come with a very powerful chatbot. Chatbots can replicate human communication and offer users real-time support and guidance by using natural language processing (NLP). You can incorporate chatbots in your mobile apps to offer great customer service, assist users with in-app navigation, and respond to frequently asked questions. For example, many banking apps have deployed a chatbot to give consumers access to account statements, transaction history, and balance details.

  • AI-Driven Predictive Analytics

    Another game-changing breakthrough in mobile app development is AI-powered predictive analytics. Through predictive analytics, large data volumes can be analyzed by artificial intelligence apps in daily life to identify their trends, behaviors, and patterns. With predictive analytics making data-driven judgments and anticipating client needs becomes much easier for both the android and iOS apps. This mobile artificial intelligence feature can boost your customer’s user experience, benefiting your business immensely.

  • AI-Based Image and Voice Recognition

    Image and speech recognition is the most widely used AI technology in mobile apps. Mobile apps can analyze and recognize photos and videos in real time with the use of computer vision and deep learning algorithms. Mobile apps that can detect faces, objects, and text can be created using this technology.
    Similarly, mobile apps that recognize and understand human speech can be developed using voice recognition technology. For instance, a smartphone app can utilize image recognition to identify products in pictures and give users information about the related products. Voice recognition apps can assist consumers in making calls, sending messages, and managing their smart homes. Google Assistant is one of the most well-known examples of this AI technology. 

  • AI-Enabled Fraud Detection

    Fraud detection is a crucial concern while building a mobile app. Mobile app developers can recognize and stop fraudulent actions in real-time with the use of AI-powered fraud detection. Mobile apps can examine user data, including login history, transaction history, and location data, using machine learning algorithms to spot fraudulent actions. This technology is very crucial to safeguard your customers’ confidential information. Therefore, your developers must be aware of how to integrate AI into the app especially when it comes to financial and other data-driven apps.

  • AI-Optimized Performance

    AR VR in Mobile Apps
    Your customers come to your app with high expectations and it is your responsibility to deliver the best app performance. You can solve performance problems by detecting them early and resolving them using AI-based mobile applications. Mobile apps employ machine learning algorithms to examine user, device, and app data to find and address performance issues. For example, an AR and VR gaming app utilizes AI to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of the game.

  • AI-Driven App Marketing

    In this competitive era just having a mobile app is not enough, you have to market your effectively to earn great ROI. Artificial intelligence in mobile app development makes marketing smoother by discovering and targeting potential customers. Mobile apps employ machine learning algorithms to examine user, app, and marketing data to pinpoint future users and develop specialized marketing strategies. For instance, most social networking platforms employ AI to recognize potential users based on their interests and design tailored advertising campaigns to attract those customers.

  • AI-Enabled App Development

    Finally, AI has changed the actual process of mobile app development. Mobile app developers can streamline the development process with the use of AI-powered app development, cutting down on expenses and time. Mobile apps that use machine learning algorithms can examine the code, find issues, and suggest solutions. For instance, a mobile app can use AI to spot coding flaws and offer fixes, assisting developers in producing more effective and efficient mobile apps.

How to Integrate AI into an App?

Integrating AI into an app

Integrating AI into your mobile app is almost like implementing other software components. However, you must pay enough attention to subtleties if you want your app to be successful. This is how you use artificial intelligence in mobile apps:

  • Identify the issues that AI can help with

    Using AI algorithms to strengthen every aspect of your application may be appealing. But, you must recognize and prioritize the problems that AI technology will assist you in resolving. Doing so will provide the maximum benefit to you while avoiding installing overly complicated and needless features.

  • Analysis of Your Data

    Before beginning the development of an artificial intelligence-based app, you need to be aware of what data needs to be provided and what will be the source of that data. Use data analytics tools to manage your data and set it up as effectively as possible so that it can be fed into the AI module.

  • Establishing AI Performance Goals

    You must establish specific objectives and benchmarks for measuring success to determine the value your AI app provides. It will be easier to build the proper functionalities if you’re aware of the goals you want to achieve through AI.

  • Incorporate AI into Development

    Developers and engineers with AI expertise are crucial for the development stage. Make that your team has sufficient expertise in developing both AI and mobile application solutions and can anticipate any potential roadblocks, and address any problems as they arise.

  • Monitor and Maintain

    If you followed all these steps for incorporating AI in your app, it should achieve the set targets or maybe even outperform your expectations. Regardless, you should keep an eye on the metrics and make adjustments as needed to the algorithm to ensure optimum performance.


In conclusion, AI has revolutionized the design, development, and deployment of mobile apps by enabling new and creative methods that are smarter, more intuitive, and more customized. It is crucial to develop mobile apps that can learn, adapt, and change over time with AI. But where do you get these services?

At Technocrats Horizons, we recognize the value of standing out and delivering the best experiences to your customers. Our staff continually seeks ways to ensure your final solution effectively meets user needs while also benefiting your revenue generation. Hence, if you have innovative AI mobile app ideas, don’t be afraid to get in touch. We’d be delighted to work together.

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