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We work with eCommerce companies to find the right balance between Omni channel presence, user-centric solutions, and know-your-customer tools to help them boost their income and expand their customer base. Let’s see one of our major clients:

The Company

Walcraft Cabitnery, founded in 2016 by Sean Walsh, is one of the leading online cabinet companies in the United States. Built with a vision to deliver the best customer experience, the company emphasizes producing top-of-the-state, innovative, and affordable kitchen cabinets. The company is focused on building a positive brand image where the customers can get the kitchen of their dreams without being ripped off.


Key Challenges

Walcraft Cabitnery already had an eCommerce website and fully-formed business ideas when they came to us. An esteemed company known for its quality, the biggest issues they had were unorganized operations, limited clientele`, and lack of automation.

The company was inspired by eCommerce giants who gained tremendous growth just by focusing on delivering the best customer experience. Our client was facing challenges in providing a smooth shopping experience and retaining customers. Alongside this, the focus was to reach a vast customer range with different tastes, requirements, and financial capacities. 

The potential customers coming to the website were leaving very quickly due to a lack of interaction and incentives. Even with a premium and extensive product range, the client could not convince the customers to make the buying decision due to a lack of advanced technology.

Other than customer-centric obstacles, the company also faced internal issues. Managing bulk orders from wholesalers consumed a long time alongside a cumbersome payment process where the customer-side calculations also took up a lot of time. Routine operations like lead management and assigning different tasks to different members of a sales funnel was lengthy and complicated process. Thus, it sometimes leads to the loss of potential customers due to their outdated technology in eCommerce

The client was facing challenges in eCommerce in changing product prices individually since they required regular Updation due to fluctuating manufacturing costs, purchase costs, or new offers. Furthermore, there were some cases where customers were too occupied to provide the order specifications and needed a rough quote. These challenges made them seek a fruitful association with an eCommerce Specialization Company.

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  • We created an attractive and user-friendly interface to reduce the high bounce rate by providing advanced filters, and mix and match options.
  • An advanced AR/VR feature was integrated to give the customers a good visualization experience.
  • To improve customer retention we incorporated loyalty programs like Procash rewards where customers are offered discounts and referral commissions.
  • To assist customers with limited funds and save their time, we added the financing option and a powerful rates conversion tool.
  • Our team created project lists for the company’s website where the wholesalers could save their order specifications to be able to easily reorder again.
  • We automated the company’s leads management process by integrating Active Campaign which eased the lead assignment task significantly.
  • We developed a backend integration to allow the consumer to instantly change the cost for a certain product, brand, color, or type. These upgrades will be visible on both the front end and the shopping carts of customers.
  • We created an employee portal with different authorities for the client wherein the employees could create invoices according to the specifications on the customer’s behalf.

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Our Vision and Process

Our company assists businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs by combining our information technology and eCommerce development experience to increase customer happiness, increase sales, and broaden their target markets. We strive to create technically flawless and enticing eCommerce development solutions that will help your business stand out in the eCommerce market.

The client chose to upgrade their digital online platform featuring high-end kitchen cabinets after noticing that their growth rate is not as great as they had aimed for.  Their online cabinet company was well-established but the client wanted his company to be cut above the rest. The client came to us with the same idea and discussed his philosophy of expanding the customer base through better shopping experiences and loyalty programs. Our team effortlessly met all the client’s requirements without any technical issues because we have knowledge and experience with similar product solutions.

We immediately began working on this project after thoroughly understanding the client’s requirements because our devoted web developers have actual expertise in building websites and backend systems. Our business team created a structural document to provide a comprehensive perspective of the complete project with the utmost assurance and expertise. Our technical specialists recommended that our client needed an on-demand solution with a user-friendly front-end user interface, a reliable and quick backend, and a customer loyalty program.

Results and Improvements

We successfully addressed the client’s concerns and delivered an automated and streamlined solution for them. The project turned out to be a big success with the eCommerce company and its customers. The client witnessed significant growth in customer range and efficiency with this transformation.



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