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      The mobile market is completely occupied by Apps. Whether it’s small or big businesses, everyone here is trying to hold the market and user with their dedicated mobile apps ideas. To generate more customers through mobile devices every day a new idea is evolved. Mobile nowadays has become a trend & necessity of every person & thus mobile apps businesses are likely to continue to grow in the future.

      In 2019, the success of a startup largely depends on your exclusive ideas. The unique mobile app idea or strategy that gives people results to their needs has a good chance of achieving a victory.

      1. Shopping App

      If you study the shopping preference of Indians today, we see that nearly 42% prefer mobile to buy things. But this is only part of the picture. India is the only country with such a rich demographic dividend, and it certainly means that mobile and technology use is only going to multiply in the coming 50 years. So, as a strategic move, it is the very apt time to switch to an online mobile solution at whatever you do, because mobile is the future and mobile is now.

      Almost every person loves to shop. This is why apps like Amazon & Flip cart are making millions of profits each day. You might have considered several mobile app ideas for your startup like; deals & discount app that notifies users of any future best deals that they will have an interest in. A collective shopping app that permits users to buy things at bulk. Buying at large is taken into account economical because it might go with free delivery from some corporations.

      2. Cab-hailing App

      Looking for Best Taxi Booking Apps in India? Those days are gone when people waited to rickshaw to travel inside the city, now the globalization changed the face of Indian business. In the fast span of years, taxi services have become the major transportation medium in many cities. In India, taxi booking apps are creating countless turnovers that listed together of the key growing trade in the industry.

      Mobile applications like Uber and Ola have helped revolutionized commuting. You can now simply book a cab from your phone that has helped in saving time and cash. You can add a lot of more features that include traveler safety to make your app marketable. As a result, such a startup has the potential of being successful in 2019.


      3. Social Networking App


      If you are eyeing to hit the social media landscape, networking is the first thing that you need to focus on. Right from catering to Facebook and Instagram audience, you also need to take care of the business network like LinkedIn covers.

      Thus coming up with a single-point app that allows the user to connect on all sorts of platforms is a boon for any startup, especially when the company is more inclined towards customer interaction. The app will also help you to make recommendations on the basis of the search.

      So creating a social connects mobile apps for a startup is a great idea to allow the business to manage their social media platforms from one central location. This idea is very important for companies that rely mainly on customer engagement. You can interact with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram networks at one go.


      4. Food Delivery App


      With applications like UberEats already making huge strides in the food delivery market, the likelihood of a prospering similar app is quite less. Therefore, you can shift on to app idea where an app allows the user to order the food scheduled for later in the day.

      It will save the user’s time and will provide ample time to the restaurant to prepare food in advance and deliver it at the scheduled time. The other idea that can relate to the food delivery app is that it lets the user chose all the ingredients and informs the restaurant accordingly so that the user can relish the desired taste.

      Building a food delivery application is a superb\mobile app for startups.


      5. Travel App


      Travelling never gets out of fashion. So creating a travel mobile application can be a great idea to speed up your startup in 2019. Your app ought to show your users the most famous & celebrated destinations they can visit. It ought to recommend the most effective restaurants, hotels also as exciting things to try to do in that location.

      Following are some ideas on which, you can think of developing an app:

      Travel destination suggestion app

      Travel guide app

      Travel tool app 

      Here is an example of cab application build by Technocrats Horizons

      We have built many travel applications, and one of them is City2City that connects people looking to travel, with trusted drivers traveling towards the same destination. City2City is a trusted and reliable long distance carpool community, developed by our expert mobile app developers.


      6. Health Fitness App


      With such hustle and bustle in our lives, work, and stress is bound to take a toll on our health and this leads to severe problems like depression and anxiety. Therefore, to check such issues, a mobile app can play a vital role.

      Moreover, an app that can track the daily routine of the user coupled with the meal intake, it can suggest the user with a better lifestyle and meal timings.

      You can create an app that help can help users to track their daily routine. The app will recommend best practices for users to follow to remain healthy. This includes practice sessions to stay fit, better lifestyle and meal intake timing.


      7. Music App


      Music is one such field on which, there can be many apps related to it. If you are thinking to get your hands on the mobile app development, you can ponder over the below-mentioned ideas:

      Find a Band Member App: An app that can help you find the band members.

      Playlist App: An app that can let the user create his own playlist and also suggest the user with the latest song playlist.

      Music Share App: It would also be great if there can be a dedicated app that can let the user share his favorite track on the go.


      8. Grocery App

      During this time it is always easy to forget some of the products you may want to purchase. Having a grocery application is a great mobile app idea to streamline the shopping experience.

      The app permits shoppers to feature stuff to their cart throughout the month. You then schedule a date wherever you simply step into the market and choose your own product.

      Since there are already many grocery apps within the market, you need to come up with unique selling propositions for your app.

      Here is what may be helpful to the grocery app users.

      Comparison of prices between different stores

      Cashback on purchases

      No cancellation fees

      No minimum order


      9. Augmented Reality in Apps




      Augmented Reality is still incomparable when it comes to AR Mobile App Development and is expected to grow up to $170 billion by 2021.

      If implemented with a perfect plan any industry could leverage AR apps to solidify their business, however, it is used more often in the gaming sector.

      Some sectors where AR can be efficiently utilized are marketing, shopping, education, medical, automobiles, etc.



      10. Tax Invoicing Apps


      When it is that time of the year, you can feel the heat building around. Struggling to urge the documents right and appearance legit.

      Developing an app that will calculate your tax based on your income and makes sure that you pay it in time will be the best bet for any individual as well as business.

      Assuaging the stress can assist you to consider things that demand your attention. Generating invoices can be an added feature for your app. This app can build the request method straightforward and punctually documented.



      We hope these App ideas will help you fuel your startup venture. However, we at Technocrats Horizons is a leading Software, Web and Mobile based Development & Designing Company and ranks as one of the top app development companies for startups.

      Are you ready to turn your app idea into reality?

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