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Without any doubt, the major issue e-commerce businesses are facing these days is the increased cart abandonment rate. The customers do add the items in the cart but leave those items in the cart only and do not complete the purchase. 

The high shopping cart abandonment rates are a clear indication of poor user experience in an eCommerce store. According to the recent data, the average cart abandonment rate is around 51% which is too high and can lower the sales. 

It is high time that businesses should look after the shopping cart abandonment rates and take desired measures to lower this. But before that, the e-commerce business owners should have a thorough understanding of shopping cart abandonment and its facts. 

Let’s have an insight into the shopping cart abandonment stats and facts that the retailers must know in 2022 to improve their sales. 

Shopping Cart Abandonment 

Shopping cart abandonment refers to the situation where the user visits your online store, adds products to the cart but leaves the products there without completing the purchase. There might be varied reasons for the same which vary from consumer to consumer. 

Still, let’s have a look at some of the popular reasons consumers for leaving the products in the cart. 


Extra cost 

The primary reason for the high shopping cart abandonment might be the extra cost charged from the customers during the checkout process. The extra cost might be in terms of shipping, taxes, or delivery charges. 


Sign up required 

There are some e-commerce mobile apps and websites which ask the customers to sign up and create an account first before completing their purchase. No consumer has this much time to make an account first and then shop. Consequently, they leave in the middle without making any purchase. 


Lengthy checkout process 

Another possible reason for shopping cart abandonment can be the lengthy and cumbersome checkout process. There are such apps and websites which have too many steps at the checkout to make the purchase which irritates the customer thereby leading to an increase in shopping cart abandonment rates. 


Unclear pricing 

Are your products having unclear pricing? If yes, then this might trouble your customers at the checkout process and you may end up losing your customer. To fix this, ensure that the clear breakdown of the cart is visible to the customer. 


Crucial Shopping Cart Abandonment Facts Retailers Should Know 

Understanding the behavior of modern customers is crucial to growing your sales. Consequently, every e-commerce business owner should dedicate some time to learning about their customers and shopping preferences. 

Here are some shopping cart abandonment stats and facts that retailers must know to have an insight into modern consumers. 

Average cart abandonment rate 

The average cart abandonment rate across multiple industries is 69.57 percent which is too high. Going by this, it would not be wrong to say that 7 out of 10 shoppers do not complete their purchase and leave the e-commerce business owners in doubt. 


Mobile apps vs Websites cart abandonment 

Wondering whether the cart abandonment rate is high in mobile apps or websites? The answer is websites. The desktop sites have a nearly 68% cart abandonment rate whereas apps witness only 20% cart abandonment. 

In addition to this, the average order value is high in mobile apps as compared to websites. Consequently, if you want to increase your sales and profits, then having a mobile app is a must. Make sure to keep the critical elements above the fold and build fast-paced mobile apps to have minimum cart abandonment. 


Consumers leave owing to the slow site 

Having a slow site is also one of the reasons why consumers end up leaving the products in the cart only and not completing the purchase. Even a 3-second delay in site loading speed can lower your sales by around 70%. 

Consumers have no patience these days and are looking for fast-paced e-commerce stores offering them a seamless shopping experience. They won’t take even a second to leave your site right away if it takes too much time to load. 


Around $18 Billion in losses were incurred by e-commerce owners 

Surprised by seeing the losses incurred by the e-commerce business owners every year? Sadly, this is true. Shopping cart abandonment is a serious issue business owners are facing these days and incurring huge losses by way of this. 

Ever wondered what happens to post shopping cart abandonment? Users leave and shop from the competitor’s site where the user’s experience is quite good. 


Ways to Tackle Shopping Cart Abandonment 

Everything has got a solution and so does the issue of shopping cart abandonment. There are a few things that e-commerce business owners need to keep in mind while improving the user’s experience and lowering the shopping cart abandonment rate. 

Here’s an insight into some of the ways e-commerce owners can use to deal with the shopping cart abandonment issue. 


Seamless shopping experience 

One significant way to make the customers shop more and more from your e-commerce store is by offering them a seamless shopping experience with an innovative eCommerce solution – comprising cutting-edge features that uplift customer’s shopping experience. You can do so by letting them browse products with ease and enabling the checkout in a few minutes only. 

By doing so, the shopping cart abandonment rate will decrease and customers will enjoy shopping from your store. 


Simplified checkout process 

Having the minimum patience these days, consumers don’t like going through the lengthy checkout process to buy their favorite products. Everyone is looking to make quick and fast purchases without wasting any of their time. 

Consequently, make sure to provide an  eCommerce platform with a simple and fast checkout process  to maximize your sales and conversions. 


Extent thorough support 

The next key thing that can help you deal with shopping cart abandonment is extending full customer support and providing excellent service. According to the recent data, around 95% of customers seek full support while interacting and getting their queries resolved. 

any customers have certain doubts concerning the shipping, delivery, and quality of the product. Consequently, make sure to address such queries at the earliest and multiply your sales. 


Final Say 

No doubt that at present, shopping cart abandonment rates are high due to numerous reasons. But by using the strategies mentioned above, you can lower the cart abandonment rate and grow your business and sales. Improve your user’s experience by reaching out to Technocrats Horizons


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