Why do the leading fashion e-commerce brands prefer to build their own mobile app?
Vivek Bhatia

Vivek Bhatia

May 25, 2022


  • Are you an e-commerce business owner but don’t own a mobile app for your business yet? If this is so, then you are missing out on something significant. 

    Generating most of your sales from a website is not enough. If you want to scale and expand your business, then spreading it across multiple channels and platforms is the key. When it comes to spreading your business online, what else can be a more lucrative option than a mobile app? 

    A website might not bring you such benefits as an e-commerce mobile app can ensure you. Mobile apps play a pivotal role in establishing your relationship with the customers. Also, it makes room for you to know your customers better with just a tap. 

    Let’s have an insight into the popular reasons leading to the shift towards e-commerce mobile apps rather than a website. 

    Reasons to get a mobile app

    With more and more customers preferring to shop from mobile phones, it becomes significant for e-commerce business owners to recognize this and offer a seamless experience to their customers. 

    Here are some of the reasons which persuade e-commerce business owners to get a mobile app for their business. 

    • Improves brand’s image

      The primary reason to get a mobile app for your business is that it increases your brand’s recognition in the market. The brands find it easier to connect with your brand with a mobile app than on other platforms.
      It is because most consumers and users spend most of their time using social media which makes them shop more. But when doing so, the business owners have to take care of whether the app is easy to use or not.
      It is because users uninstall an app if it has a small screen and is not easy to use. Consequently, this is something to take care of to enhance users’ mobile experience and make shopping fun for them. 

    • Greater communication

      Having a mobile app for your fashion e-commerce business is a sure-shot way to connect your customers with your brand. Marketing communication improves greatly as mobile apps make room for users to interact and get information.
      The mobile app assists in the interaction between the brand and consumer thereby laying the ground for users to shop more. You can also make use of this platform to offer numerous deals, discounts, and coupons to your customers.
      Consequently, businesses should involve mobile e-commerce and make people feel connected to their brand. 

    • Excellent customer experience

      The key to winning customers is to provide an excellent customer experience which can only be possible with a great handy IoS and android friendly mobile apps. Merely providing your customers with websites for shopping might not help you in winning the customers.
      Mobile apps not only aid in building your customers but also build a repetitive customer base. All thanks to emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, AR, VR, and machine learning.
      One significant benefit of these technologies is that they give you valuable insights into your customer’s base such as their preferences, online timings, and the time taken by them to make a purchase. Consequently, you can offer a great shopping experience to your customers. 

    • More conversion rate

      Compared to the websites, it is the mobile apps that lead to higher conversion rates. These days, customers are more on the lookout for a smooth purchasing process when they are shopping online.
      Certain features result in more conversions through mobile apps such as push notifications, easy checkouts, and the use of cameras for placing orders. In addition to this, you can further ease the checkout process by integrating your mobile app with the wallet options. 

    • Retains your customers

      Finding difficulty in retaining your customers? Not anymore with the provision of a mobile app for your e-commerce business. Mobile apps go a long way in retaining your customers for a long time.
      The e-commerce business owners should bring certain offers which can only be availed through a mobile app. A rewards system is also crucial for making your customers visit and shop again. It could be in terms of a free item along with the purchase or earlier access to the sale.
      Another way to retain your customers is to offer them advanced support. Make provision of resolving their issues within the app only with the chatbots or live chat option. 

    • Reduced abandonment rates

      Numerous customers add the products or items in the cart but end up leaving those there only and making no purchase. This is mostly the case with the websites. It is the mobile apps that have lower cart abandonment rates. 


    According to the latest data, only 20% of users leave the products in the cart only in mobile apps whereas as far as desktop sites are concerned, the cart abandonment rate is 68%. Consequently, getting a mobile app will be beneficial for e-commerce business owners. 

    • Increased visitors engagement

      Another reason for choosing mobile apps for e-commerce businesses is because it brings a significant improvement in visitor engagement. You can simplify the navigation by integrating the features of users’ cell phones with your app and engage more visitors.
      The applications such as a microphone, GPS, and the camera can prove to be beneficial for improving visitors’ engagement. 

    • Loyal customers

      Getting a loyal customer these days is nothing short of a blessing and e-commerce business owners should recognize this. If you also want to own such loyal customers, then ensure to offer product details and contact details as this persuades them to buy.
      Apart from this, you can come up with appealing design and layout, conduct loyalty programs for your customers, and maintain thorough support with your customers to make the customers stay loyal to your brand. 

    Final say

    Keeping in mind all the benefits that mobile apps offer to e-commerce business owners, it would not be wrong to say that mobile apps outperform websites and desktop sites. The advanced features available exclusively in the mobile app can level up your sales by many times. Schedule your consultation with Technocrats Horizons to get your mobile app now

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    Mr. Vivek Bhatia is a skilled and seasoned sales professional and is currently positioned as the sales head of Technocrats Horizons Compusoft Pvt. Ltd. He is responsible for leading the sales team to success and driving growth for the organization. Mr. Vivek brings a wealth of strategic thinking, business acumen, and sales boosting skills to the table, inspiring his team to reach new heights and innovate in their approach to sales. He is committed to delivering exceptional sales metrics that make a measurable impact.

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