WooCommerce Features: Top Innovative Features To Add In Your Online Store
Vivek Bhatia

Vivek Bhatia

May 12, 2020   (30 min Read)


  • The buyers of this technical world demand a purchase that is quick, simple, secure, and cost-effective. It’s an undeniable fact that in this busy and hectic life, no customer prefers to visit a traditional general store with a list of items to buy them. Instead, all customers prefer to buy things online in the comfort of their homes.
    This is the reason, in 2019 global eCommerce sale is 3.5 trillion US dollars and is expected to reach 15 trillion in 2023. This rapidly growing market is giving big hope to businesses to reach more audiences in this competitive market and generate more revenue.
    But, in this competitive online market, almost every business has started to sell online. Almost every industry has adopted an online selling approach and is gaining much more profit than the offline/traditional market.
    So, the question here that pops up in every business owner’s mind is – how to make a place in this competitive online market. What will help a business to stand out from its competitors?

    If you are a business owner and thinking of starting an online business, then you may be having the same questions in your mind too. To get a detailed answer to these questions, let’s dig in-depth to explore the exact solution for these concerns.

    Yes, it’s true that there is a lot of competition in the online market and it is hard to generate expected revenue by just starting an online store to sell your product. It’s a fact that the modern customer is high-paying. Customers will pay a good amount for any product if a business is providing them with a user-friendly experience and unique features that help them make a simple and secure purchase.

    So, before initializing your online store’s development process, you need to better analyze which platform is best as per the current market trends and provide innovative & customer-friendly features that help your business to stand ahead of the competition.

    Let’s discuss which technology is best to develop an innovative online store that renders cutting-edge features to your eCommerce store.

    Taking a look at current technologies available in the market to develop an online store, there is a vast number of technologies such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and much more. You can go with any of these trending technologies to craft an online store.

    Which platform will help you create a feature-rich eCommerce Store?
    If you are planning to start an online store or have thought of upgrading your existing online store with trending features, then WooCommerce is the option available for you.

    Innovative features you can add to your eCommerce Store using WooCommerce

    • Enhanced Product Pages

      One of the best features that you will get by using Woocommerce, it enables an eCommerce Store to enhance product pages. That renders an effective presentation way to your product – making it more engaging to buyers.
      In this, a product can be presented in the form of a 360-degree Image that creates a store-like environment for visitors. It also enables you to add product videos to the product pages for a better customer experience.
      WooCommerce supports high-resolution images, infographics, and AR & VR technology to create feature-rich product pages.

    • Darwin Pricing Integration Feature

      This trending WooCommerce feature enables a business owner to render personalized shopping experiences. This cutting-edge feature enables you to add Geo-targeted coupon codes & tracking codes – helpful to get certain information about a customer to target them concerning their location, language, and shopping habits.
      Additionally, this feature enables a customer to view the content on webpages in their native language.

    • Easy Product Navigation

      WooCommerce is associated with proper categories, tags, and attributes that help a customer to reach the required product. Also, it’s helpful for the business owner too as it enables them to add products in a mannered way so that they can choose one desired product without consuming his/her time in exploring it from thousands of available products.

    Powerful Analytics Tools

    • eCommerce store developed by WooCommerce has an innovative feature of business analytics. Considering analytics as the most crucial part of any business, WooCommerce renders a powerful analytics tool that helps a business owner get a better business insight into customers and sales.
      Additionally, it supports other analytic tools as well, such as Google Analytics to get more analysis with extensions.
    • Chatbots – New Interfaces For Customer Service

      When it comes to customer services, AI-enabled chatbot integration is one of the trending options available in the market. To give a quick and on-time resolution to buyers, chatbots are the most helpful asset.
      WooCommerce provides you with an option to add innovative chatbots such as Facebook Messenger for WooCommerce and WooWBot. Simply by using Botmaker, Facebook Messenger can be easily integrated into a store. Apart from that WooWBot is a standalone chatbot shop assistant that doesn’t require any third-party integrations.


    • Add-on shipping solutions

      WooCommerce makes it possible to add some most advanced shipping options to your online store that help you add some customer-demanding features. Some really demanded features such as “location-based fees” and “local pick-up” are possible to add to your online store with WooCommerce. 
      Apart from that it empowers your store to expand some more shipping options exponentially and convert more of your shoppers into paying customers. Additionally, WooCommerce has some basic shipping options built in. But to handle customers in bulk you need to use some add-ons.
      Some requirement add-ons are  – 

    • Shipping Providers – Add-on that is used for real-time rate calculation based on estimated weight and customer location. 
    • Process automation – This automates your store to handle jobs like – label printing, drop-shipment notifications, email notifications, and so on
    • Third-party syn – This sync works on outer providers that manage shipments, returns, or customer communication. 
    • Integrated payment gateways

      In each eCommerce site, Payment gateways are one of the most important aspects as it is known as “Closing of sale” in the sales funnel. Considering these points, WooCommerce serves its user’s finest payment gateways. 
      It provides several payment gateway solutions that provide ease to the buyer to make a secure and quick payment. WooCommerce supports almost all current trending third-party payment gateways such as  PayPal, Authorize.net, Stripe, Square, and more.

    • *Note –  Some of these payment gateways are free to add in WooCommerce. Whereas some require some charge in the form of payment processing fees.
    • Advanced Product Filtering

      The product sorting option in WooCommerce has some advanced functionality. The product filtering option is the most required feature that helps them to quickly access a product.
      In WooCommerce, a buyer can make use of product filter options ‘Based on price’, ‘Date-published’, ‘Categories’, ‘Size’, ‘Brand’, and so on. Along with that buyers can also utilize the ‘Related Products option. 
      WooCommerce enables a store to render many new sorting options based on business requirements. This feature makes a store highly for buyers and convenient to get the desired product with no effort.


    Whether you are a start-up or a large enterprise, WooCommerce is the best eCommerce development platform for you to establish a feature-rich online store. This trending WordPress plugin helps you to run a business at a professional level associated with all the required features that please a customer.

    So, if you are up to crafting a feature-rich eCommerce platform to remain relevant and provide your customers with the best experience possible, then join hands with highly-experienced Ecommerce Solution Developers at Technocrats Horizons.

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