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Technocrats Horizons empowers enterprises with powerful, ready-to-use eCommerce solutions that make large-scale selling online easy.


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We deliver IT solutions that grow your business.

    The business world is evolving. It’s time to evolve your business with it.

    You are losing business if you are not utilizing the potential of eCommerce. Technocrats Horizons provides robust and responsive solutions that leave a lasting impact both way interactively and visually.

    We understand each pain point of the selling and management journey of an enterprise that empowers us to create a futuristic enterprise eCommerce solution and makes a better & faster selling process for an enterprise.

    We have come up with a quality solution that eliminates the complexities of the business processes and makes it highly customer-friendly. We help businesses to deliver a much smoother experience online that best-match their brand value across all the marketplaces, mobile, social, and in real life.Store-like Experience

    Let’s explore new possibilities and serve your customers with the best experience.

    Unlock the new way of business success with an
    advanced Enterprise eCommerce platform!

    Opportunity to Convert More

    Make a smart move by giving your customer an exceptional shopping experience at their comfort - making it possible to convert higher-value orders.

    Sell Borderless

    Reach new audiences despite their geographical location - giving possibilities to endorse a company’s products and services become endless.

    Powerful Analytics

    Measure effectiveness of sales, inventory turns, product mix, customer engagement with powerful business analytics to unleash valuable customer data and insights.

    Process Automation

    Convert your business's activities, procedures, or campaigns into automations that run exactly when they're required.

    Modernize Your Business

    With personalization features, advanced inventory management, customer segmentation, advanced marketing, and promotion engine get more control over the business process.

    Experience the power of a
    quality enterprise eCommerce platform.

    Take your enterprise business online with the best enterprise eCommerce solution - created on next-generation technology. Its top-notch features are picked expertly to efficiently handle necessities of high-volume business traffic.

    Store Like Experience

    Display your product with short videos, and 3D graphics that enable users to have a product look from all angles giving them an absolute store-like shopping experience.

    Display your product with short videos, and 3D graphics that enable users to have a product look from all angles giving them an absolute store-like shopping experience.

    • Functionalities such as autoplay image carousels, parallax scrolling, and video backgrounds
    • A perfected search-driven, navigation-centered approach
    Mask Group Mask Group

    Defeat the Competition

    Serve your visitors a super-fast commerce experience that keeps your consumers coming back for more. Also, automate processes for customer loyalty, merchandising, and fraud prevention - giving your customers an assurance of complete safety.

    Give extra-ordinary shopping experience every time by eliminating customer bounce back rate with super fast servers and high up-time.

    • Unlimited bandwidth to serve high-volume customers databases efficiently.
    • Accelerated and customizable checkout for fast & easy shopping experience.
    hassle-free-performance hassle-free-performance hassle-free-performance

    Hassle-free Performence

    Easy-to-use platform to drop down the complexity of the operational process to give a super-amazing performance every time!

    Performance that not only meets your needs now but also grows with your future sales volumes. Our solution best performs in both your frontend sales and your backend operations while integrating with core business tools.

    • Quick page-loading speed to bestow product at its best
    • Unlimited extensibility, integrations, and customization with any trouble.
    business-driven-ui-ux-2 business-driven-ui-ux-1

    Business Driven UI/UX Design

    Let your business be on a beautiful platform - crafted with creativity and design tools that know no bounds.

    With highly demanded AR, video, and 3D on product pages make your product presentation more appealing for customers to enhance the online retail experience.

    • Clear data presentation via menus, catalogs, and so on.
    • Effective & smart use of visual elements.

    Manage complexity

    Create the bespoke capabilities and automated processes that your enterprise needs to function efficiently, so you and your team can concentrate on your brand rather than your technology stack.

    We give business owners the liberty to handle complex business operations just with a few clicks on their smartphones.

    • Shift manual tasks into automated workflows across all your stores.
    • Event scheduling feature to make your sales operations hassle-free.

    Integrate Anything

    Smoothly combine the tools and applications - required for your business with our flexible enterprise eCommerce platform to bestow a custom storefront on any smart screen.

    Our eCommerce solution gives you the freedom to integrate business-required tools and plugins to extend the power of your platform and build a brand image in your way.

    • Liberty to plug in the tools and systems you already use and go.
    • Enhanced features in your way with integration flexibility to grow your revenue.

    Boundless Enterprise Growth with
    Top-notch eCommerce Features

    We empower your brand with innovative features - focusing on optimizing your business for growth.


    API Driven

    Our enterprise eCommerce solution is packed with flexible APIs - enables you to make instant changes to your front-end as per your desire to give your customers easy access to the much-needed features.


    Headless Ready

    We provide a Headless Ready eCommerce solution that renders a content-rich commerce experience - enabling you to utilize any front-end to deliver a world-class online shopping experience.


    Robust Security

    We craft robust solutions to ensure safe transactions through the internet with a strict focus on Privacy, Integrity, Authentication, and Non-repudiation.


    Marvelous Performance Assured

    Best-in-class uptime and server response for the utmost performance - making your business a prominent choice for every user.


    Products Availability Alerts

    Best-in-class uptime and server response for the utmost performance - making your business a prominent choice for every user.


    Expert Support

    Bring your critical or simple requirements to us, we're always ready to help you with our valuable documentation and technical support whenever you need it.

    You have a vision, we have an approach to get you there.

    Enterprise eCommerce Solution Packed with Powerful Core Commerce Features

    Opt for top-notch features that help you reduce the operational complexity of your business and make higher sales revenue. Choose an enterprise eCommerce solution that best-match the growth of your business and provide a cutting-edge customer experience.

    Scalable Catalogue

    We deliver the solution that best manages your complete product catalog with a reliable control panel, or you can use the Catalogue API to send data from an external system.


    Our solution prominently addresses any nuance of your shipping and fulfillment needs along with an astonishing broad portfolio of partners.

    Customer Groups

    We provide custom pricing to manage customers into different definable segments and corresponding site experiences out-of-the-box.


    Wipe out the hassle of sales tax calculations with our automated tax calculator enabling you to be calm legally!


    To give customer payment flexibility, we provide native credit card vaulting for diverse payment gateways.

    Refunds & Returns

    Simple yet secured Refunds & Returns system to help customers to initiate refunds or partial refunds with quick clicks from their account.

    Our Enterprise eCommerce Solution is Powered by
    the Latest Technology Stacks!

    BIG eCommerce

    We craft innovative enterprise eCommerce solutions that allow enterprises to embrace a variety of business operations, both B2C and B2B. We provide a client-plus-business-friendly platform experience that doesn't compromise security, stability, or scalability.


    Our enterprise eCommerce solution powered by Shopify can prominently handle thousands of transactions per minute. We deliver rich-featured eCommerce solutions that involve everything they may require.


    We are a leading Wix enterprise eCommerce solution provider - delivering professional, secure, and powerful enterprise solutions that automate almost everything belonging to your business to render a hassle-free user experience.


    Our WooCommerce enterprise eCommerce solution renders a cutting-edge user experience that encourages customers to make a purchase and turn your eCommerce solution into a profitable sales platform over the years.


    We deliver a comprehensive B2C and B2B enterprise eCommerce solution powered by X-cart. Our expert developers craft a solution that involves innovative features to create customer-specific shopping experiences and end-to-end, easily scalable business environments.


    We provide bespoke MERN solutions for creating applications that provide rich user experiences to enterprise users. Our full-fledged MERN enterprise eCommerce solution has cutting-edge features making it best for several business areas, including E-Commerce, Logistics, and Edutech.