Terms of use

Welcome to Technocrats Horizons. We provide all the services available on our website. 

By using our site & the services we claim to provide, you are agreeing to all the terms & conditions mentioned below. You must be consensual in giving us authority to supervise your use of our website. It could be either direct supervision or involve some third-party site. The visitors are requested to read these terms & conditions carefully before using our site & any of our services. If you have any queries regarding our terms and conditions, then you can reach out to us via email- at [email protected] 

By visiting the service page or completing the registration process for the services, you represent your consent of reading & understanding these terms & conditions. 

  • Compulsion To Register 

You are required to register with Technocrats Horizons to obtain & use the services. When registering with Technocrats Horizons, you assent to – 

  • Provide accurate, current & verifiable information about yourself 
  • Maintain & immediately update the registration data to keep it true & accurate. 

If we find out that the information provided by you is manipulative & inaccurate, we behold every right to suspend or terminate your account. Besides this, you are expected not to allow anyone to access the services on your behalf. The user is responsible to maintain the confidentiality of the User ID & Password. Technocrats Horizons will not compensate if any loss or damage occurs from the non-permissible use of the account.  

  • Permission To Communicate Digitally 

By agreeing to the terms & services, you are assenting to receive messages regarding our services & updates via our communication channels. 

  • Acceptable Use Policy 

Unauthorized use of Technocrats Horizons & resale of any of its services call for a ‘0 Tolerance Policy’ and the company can take legal action against it. The user is not allowed to copy, transfer, sell, publish, assign or distribute a license to the services provided by Technocrats Horizons to a third party. Besides, the user must use these services in compliance with federal, provincial, state & international law. The services provided by Technocrats Horizons must not be used for any unlawful purpose. 

The user should not use the services to violate the rights of intellectual property in any way. Since our services provide users an opportunity to exchange & store information, files, data & forms, the owner who is inputting such information must have all the rights to use the information. Technocrats Horizons does not claim any ownership right as far as the user content is concerned. 


  • Technocrats Horizons does not view any content posted by users

Technocrats Horizons reserves the authority without any limitation to suspend users’ access to the site and its services. We’ll only enforce this right whenever the user’s conduct is found to be violating any of these guidelines: 

  • You must not engage in any activity to hack or do something disruptive with our computer systems, networks & services. 
  • You must not provide fake proof of your identity. 
  • You must not try to avail the services we are providing through a non-permissible medium. 
  • You must not use our services to partake in any chain letter or pyramid scheme. 
  • You’ll not charge people on your own to use the services we are claiming to provide.
  • You will not use any of our services to carry out bulk email unsolicited email communications. 
  • You will not be misusing our services to stalk, defame, threaten or abuse someone. 
  • You will not use our services to distribute viruses, trojan horses, corrupted files & worms, and any other disruptive file that can hinder the operations of others. 
  • You will not use our services to collect other people’s personal information. 
  • You’ll not use the service to consume extra bandwidth. 

  • Intellectual Property Rights & Notices 

The users do not have any right to Technocrats Horizons content. The user agrees that technocrats’ horizons have all the rights for the intellectual property including copyrights, titles & interests. 

The content of Technocrats Horizons & services including text, design, technical drawings, configurations & files, would not be modified, distributed, published, or circulated among people or to any third party. Besides, the logo of Technocrats Horizons will not be used by any other company or user without prior permission. 

  • Security & Privacy 

We encrypt the data you store through a preferable standard. Our privacy policy page explains everything about how information is collected & used. The minute you start using our services, you are giving your consent to the terms & conditions enlisted in the agreement. 

  • Warranties 

Customer satisfaction is crucial for us. We have leveraged the best of our efforts to develop services that help our customers from sinking in the competitive market. We do not make any claim for warranties concerning the use & accuracy. 

  • Limitations of Liability 

Technocrats Horizons will not be liable for any harm or damage the user has made by using the software. 

  • Indemnification 

We assent to indemnify for the harm & losses that happened by making use of our services. Technocrats hold every right to seek compensation from the user in case anything bad happens. 

  • Termination of service 

Your account with Technocrats Horizons can be terminated anytime if any illegal & harmful activity seems to be taking place from your end. The user can ask for a backup of data after termination, but charges for the backup will be levied worth $250. In case you are an annual subscriber, the charges will be waived. The user is expected to make such a request within 30 days of account suspension or the data you have stored in our software will get automatically deleted. 

  • Payment of Fees

The pricing policies are mentioned on the site. Technocrats Horizons reserves every right to change the pricing structure. We can make new charges at any time, but our users will be served a 30 days notice period. 

  • Refund Of Charges 

All the services provided by Technocrats Horizons are prepaid and are NON-REFUNDABLE. 

Other Terms 

If any portion of these terms & conditions comes out to be invalid or unenforceable, then we allow the provision to be changed in case of a valid enforceable provision that resembles the purpose of the original provision. The printed version of these terms & conditions can be provided to the judiciary.