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With over 11 years of experience in IT services outsourcing, Technocrats is a seasoned digital partner. With the highly developed talents of our team, we assist multiple stakeholders in innovation and business transformation.

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    Dedicated Resources

  • Futuristic Products

    Futuristic Products

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    Customer Experience

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    Agile Development

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Our Curated Outsourcing Services

Design Services

Accelerating Your Success With Goals-Aligned Designs.

UI/UX Design

Design a look and feel that improves the user experience as a whole.

Graphic Design

Employ visual design to entice your users and turn them into loyal customers.


Test your vision before putting it into production through the interactive prototype.


Create a unique look for the product using your own fonts, icons, and animations.

Great team to work with who spends time understanding all the requirements for the projects and delivers an outstanding application. The UI team truly spends time in making your projects vision come to life. Thank you TEAM.

Nabeel Malik

Ecommerce Outsourcing Services

Boost your Business Revenue with Customer-Oriented eCommerce Services

Order Management

Streamline your eCommerce order process and boost sales with our expert order management service.

Omnichannel Distribution

Reach your customers wherever they are and expand your market with omnichannel distribution.

Virtual Store

Capture the Audience’s interest with virtual try-on for real-life shopping experiences and build interactive experiences with AR/VR.

Advanced AI Tools

Boost interaction on multiple digital touchpoints with powerful AI tools such as voice shopping, AI-enabled chatbots, and much more.

Completed this project successfully taking care of the specific requirements and adapting as needed to unexpected challenges. Thanks for the effort and look forward to our next project.

Jiten Menda

Tech Product Development

Scale Your Business with Top-notch Product Engineering

SAAS Development

Streamline your business operations with our user-friendly and cost-effective software delivered as a service.

Customized Content Management

Take control of your digital content with our personalized content management solutions that align with your unique business needs.

Web Application Development

Get a competitive edge with our tailored web development solutions designed to meet your specific business requirements.

Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Manage business interactions and relationships with customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability with customized CRM.

The professionalism of Technocrats is top level, great communication and a great product produced. Can't rate high enough!

Lucas Davies

Tackling Business Priorities For Our Clients With High-Caliber Outsourcing Services

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We Propel Your Success With These Outsourcing Setup Stages

Experience Effortless Digital Transitioning With Our Quick Responding Team and Agile Project Development Process

Requirement gathering

Thorough requirement gathering process to ensure a clear understanding of your business needs.

Assigning Dedicated Team

Dedicated team assigned to your project for seamless communication and collaboration.

Providing Resources

Provision of skilled resources with expertise in your domain to drive project success.

Performance Monitoring

Continuous performance monitoring to ensure quality and timely delivery of outsourced services.

Scaling and Maintenance

Technocrats continuously work towards enhancing our outsourced services and maintain them to ensure uninterrupted operations.

You Have The Project, We Have The Team! Let’s Jump On A Call Together.

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Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us

Our top priority is to provide satisfaction to our clients through our innovative solutions. Read on to know what they have to say about our services.

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Struggling to meet deadlines or facing unexpected challenges with your current team? Let our IT outsourcing company provide you with a reliable and efficient team to get your project back on track.

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Get Your Tech Product

Looking for a tech product to scale to millions? We develop digital products using the lean startup method and agile project development in as little as 4-6 weeks.

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Build an MVP

Are you struggling to find the right tech talent to build your MVP? Look no further than our IT services outsourcing with top-notch teams of developers, designers, and project managers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide services for developing customized tech products for my sector?

We are a leading software development outsourcing company that welcomes all industries to collaborate with us. Because the strategy, project management, and development abilities of our team in providing exceptional services transcend industries and scope.

Of course, there are some sectors for which we have more specialized expertise, such as eCommerce, food, travel, marketplaces, real estate, digital marketing, and logistics. To find out more about our project experience in these industries or to hire a dedicated development team, get in touch with our team.

What is so different about your Custom Software Development Approach?

We have learned from experience and applied those learnings in our approach. We shaped our software development company early on to be a sympathetic and adaptable collaborator that fits the client’s development process.

Since our inception 11 years ago, we have put our best foot forward in our development processes and client interactions. Our IT staff augmentation services follow an agile development process to ensure the best possible outcomes. Moreover, we value clear, concise, and consistent communication with our clients.

How do you ensure the best communication with your clients?

A successful partnership is based on open communication, and an outstaffing company is no exception. We provide clear and frequent communication, like video conferencing and zoom calls, to ensure that everyone is on the same page. We provide a dedicated project manager or business analyst to ensure clients’ inputs are rightfully followed and they are kept in the loop with the development status.

Are my data and intellectual property protected during IT outsourcing services?

Working with a reputed custom software development company provides you with a lot of peace of mind. You don’t need to worry about the security of your data and confidential information because our software outsourcing company provides reliable outsourced It services backed by non-disclosure agreements and passing on full ownership to our clients. 

What if I don’t have enough idea clarity to proceed with the development?

We do our best to comprehend your needs before we start working together. We start by having a rough consultation. Here is where we decide what your idea should look like and what that vision can accomplish. Our recommendations for specific requirements, technology, and—most importantly—budget for custom software development are based on our experiences. Even IT companies with considerable expertise can outsource web development or outsource app development if they are facing unclarity issues.

What Are The Best Methods For Selecting the Appropriate Technology? Alternatively, may I request my technology stack?

We are fully updated with the latest technologies to fulfill your needs. After examining your business, we develop the system’s architecture. When it comes to cost-effectively developing specialized software, we can offer the most objective and comprehensive range of technologies. We provide top-notch offshore development services and we also let you choose your preferred technology stack for maximum assurance.