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Cabinet Warehouses


Cabinet Warehouses, a prominent manufacturer of kitchen cabinets, was having trouble with taking the business online due to a large product catalog. They wanted to deliver a seamless online shopping experience for customers. Cabinet Warehouses turned to our expertise to craft an eCommerce solution that would flawlessly present their extensive product catalog and streamline the shopping process in a simplified manner.

Cabinet Warehouses: An Introduction

Cabinet Warehouses stands at the forefront of kitchen cabinet manufacturing, committed to delivering top-notch cabinetry solutions to customers. Their vision is to create an expanded digital presence while delivering a real-life shopping experience online.

With Technocrats’ digital transformation and ease-of-business solutions, they are now delivering customers with easy access to their wide range of kitchen cabinets through an efficient eCommerce solution.

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Kyle Fei


Major Obstacles We Overcame

In this section, we delve into the core challenges faced by Cabinet Warehouses and the innovative solutions we devised to address them. Each problem statement is met with a tailored, technical solution designed to simplify the cabinet business through eCommerce solutions for our client.


Cabinet Warehouses lacked a dedicated platform for showcasing their products, leading to untapped sales opportunities.


To address this challenge, we designed and developed a comprehensive eCommerce website that provided Cabinet Warehouses with a digital platform to sell their products online and expand their reach to a larger customer base. We took inspiration from government service portals known for their user-friendly experiences. This included features such as:

  • Simplified navigation so customers can browse easily.
  • User-friendly shopping experience.
  • This website provides a simplified, interactive, and customized shopping experience.
Problem & Solution


Displaying a vast product portfolio without overwhelming the website turned out to be very challenging for Cabinet Warehouses.


We restructured the product catalog, dividing it into distinct modules based on style, color, type of cabinets, and specifications. This organization ensured a more efficient browsing experience for customers with:

  • A visually appealing and clutter-free product presentation.
  • Streamlined product categorization to display a large product catalog.
  • Advanced search functionality for quick access to products.
  • A responsive design that maintained performance even with extensive product listings.
Problem & Solution


The client felt that customers might get lost in navigating the website and leave without making the final purchase due to lack of direction.


We built a kitchen design page to provide a digital walkthrough to the client’s customers to make their shopping journey easier. This customer-centric solution features:

  • A dedicated ‘Kitchen Design’ page so customers get access to everything at a central place.
  • Comprehensive product descriptions to assist customer decision-making.
  • Direct links to shopping pages for swift selection.
  • A ‘Free Kitchen Design’ tool to empower customers.
Problem & Solution


The client was worried about the major drawback of online shopping which lacks in comparison to real-life shopping experiences.


To cater to this need, we provided special customization features to bridge the gap between online and real-life shopping. We introduced advanced filters that allowed customers to personalize their cabinet choices. This included:

  • Mix and match options for colors, dimensions, and styles.
  • Real-time product customization and 3D preview.
  • Enhanced filtering capabilities for precise selections.
  • A seamless and user-friendly customization experience.
Problem & Solution


Managing accurate product pricing for customized orders was challenging for Cabinet Warehouses.


 We implemented a one-click rate change system to ensure precise and flexible pricing. This system offered:

  • Accurate pricing for custom orders based on chosen specifications.
  • Real-time adaptation to market rates.
  • The ability to introduce promotional offers and discounts effortlessly.
  • Transparent pricing information for customers.
Problem & Solution


The client’s focus was on both regular customers and wholesalers but he did not know how to make the platform desirable for wholesalers.


We built a separate section for wholesalers where they can create an account and get multiple privileges and advantages. We created a tier system to provide different privileges to different wholesalers. With this wholesaler program, they get-

  • Tier-specific pricing with discounts compared to retail.
  • Tailored offers and promotions for wholesale customers.
  • Advanced order customization and management.
  • Streamlined bulk ordering processes.
  • A different and dedicated section to manage their orders easily.
Problem & Solution


The client struggled in attracting and retaining customers.


We introduced a special pro-program and financing program, allowing customers to get exclusive services and pay for products over a specified period. This program included:

  • Get priority orders delivered easily.
  • Pre-sales assistance and dedicated support.
  • User-friendly financing application and approval process.
  • Flexible payment options to suit different customer needs.
Problem & Solution
Cabinet Warehouses

Our Approach (Process)

From Vision to Reality: A Look into Our Development Process

We achieved these remarkable results by understanding the client’s business and following a well-structured process that included thorough requirements gathering, collaborative development, rigorous testing, and on-time delivery.


01. Wireframe

Frontend Designing

02. Frontend Designing

Add Custom Features

03. Add Custom Features

Functionality Development

04. Functionality Development


05. CRM


06. Debugging

Final Implementation

07. Final Implementation

Timely Upgradation

08. Timely Upgradation

Want To Develop Your Own Solution?

We make full fledged customized strategies for the businesses planning to get started with the solutions and provide an excellent user experience to all your customers.

Results We Delivered

In this section, we showcase the measurable results of our solutions for Cabinet Warehouses. Discover how our approach elevated revenue, enhanced user satisfaction, and transformed the online shopping experience.

Results We Delivered
  • By effortlessly showcasing our client’s diverse kitchen cabinetry range, we broadened their market reach, leading to a significant increase in sales.
  • We made shopping interactive for our client’s customers with tools like 3D visualizer, resulting in a substantial boost in conversion rates.
  • Our streamlined approach to complex product management, including updates and additions, freed up valuable time for our client. This allowed them to focus on business growth and strategic initiatives.
  • We successfully supported both retail and wholesale markets, expanding our client’s customer base and fostering significant growth in wholesale transactions and revenue.
  • The ability to offer customized furniture options heightened customer satisfaction, leading to increased repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals for our client.
Results We Delivered
  • Our responsive design enhanced the client’s ability to sell on multiple devices which facilitated a surge in sales from multiple mediums.
  • Improvements in CRM and targeted marketing strategies significantly boosted customer retention for our client, creating lasting loyalty and positive customer relationships.
  • Through custom and dynamic pricing optimization, we enabled the client to provide real-time price updation which resulted in low abandoned cart rates and faster checkout.
  • Our integrated management tools streamlined operations for our client, resulting in a reduction in operational costs and optimized resources for improved profitability.
  • We used digital marketing strategies that powered our client’s online visibility, leading to increased website traffic and a corresponding rise in online sales.

Business Module

Our team leveraged a versatile technology stack, utilizing industry-standard technologies and frameworks to create an efficient and reliable eCommerce solution for Cabinet Warehouses.

Our advanced website solutions that increased their business efficiency are built with:

Technology Used


Cabinet Warehouses was exceedingly satisfied with our services. Here is what they had to say about our collaboration.

“Technocrats exceeded my expectations in taking our cabinet business online. The eCommerce website they designed is very user-friendly and attractive. Highly recommend Technocrats for their exceptional services!”

Kyle Fei


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