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Coco Leni

Coco Leni


COCO LENI is a premium eyewear brand that creates high-end glasses to fit their customers’ faces perfectly and is handcrafted with extreme delicacy and expertise to aspiring elegance and panache. They were doing perfectly fine at a regional level, but they desired to expand their business PAN India and Overseas. So they reached out to Technocrats Horizons with a project to move their business online. The expert team of Technocrats took the project hands-on and crafted an advanced and attractive website with immaculate precision to translate the client’s vision on a digital platform.

COCO LENI - An Insight

  • Founded in 2015 by Matthias Haase and Arjun Sagar to revive the handmade eyeglasses era of mid-1900s East Europe, they aspired to craft sustainable and eco-friendly eyewear to minimize their carbon footprint and for a cleaner, greener Earth.
  • Their main objective was to create personalized eyewear to fit different face shapes, eyes, and tastes. They aspire to craft unparalleled products rooted in tradition but also have a modern touch. With over 40 artisans crafting exclusive eyewear, COCO LENI sculpts pieces of art that last a lifetime.
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Arjun Sagar


Major Obstacles We Overcame

We carefully analyzed the client’s aspirations for brand extension and migrating to a digital platform while doing a thorough examination of their operations and product offerings. Our solution was specifically designed to address the significant problems our client was experiencing and surpass their expectations.


The client faced a lot of hassles in expanding his business beyond his native place and finding his core customers.


Exclusive Website:  Our team performed an extensive business analysis to explore its core customer range and its expectations from a premium website. We followed an agile development process to build an eCommerce website that would host flawless products and be accessible to customers across the globe. We focused on attractive and modern design with immaculate features to attract and retain more customers.

Problem & Solution


The client was facing trouble in managing large order volumes and creating the inventory-to-order balance.


Streamlined Order Management:  We built the website with keeping their internal processes and order management in mind. The website has been streamlined and automated to handle various quantities of orders from different locations. Our experts added functionalities that would auto-update the inventories and sort the order delivery time according to the availability of stock and distance of the delivery location.

Problem & Solution


The client was finding it difficult to retain customers due to a stagnant and generic shopping experience.


Advance Filters and Customization: After a thorough analysis of the products our client is selling and the different face shapes, tastes, and preferences of clients, we incorporated advanced filters and customization options into the website. The customers could choose eyewear’s shape, material, and color according to the front and arms. Additionally, to provide a tailored shopping experience, customers are offered multiple face shape options and standard measurements.

Problem & Solution


The client had a large number of SKUs and was facing problems changing the price list in one go.


Automated Rate list: It is essential to adjust the prices by various product features to offer a fully customized experience while maintaining the client’s revenue.We added functionalities where the customers could pick and choose the different components of their eyewear which are rated differently, and the total price of the end product would get updated in real-time according to the choices made or modified.

Problem & Solution


Lengthy ordering process was hampering client retention and adversely affecting the client’s business.


One-Tap Checkout: The most frustrating part of purchasing is the long and complicated checkout process. Keeping this in mind, we added a one-tap checkout option to minimize the ordering process effort of the customers. Customers were provided all the necessary options and payment methods on the same page for a simple checkout procedure; and only needed to enter their key information once, which would be AutoSaved.

Problem & Solution
Coco Leni

Providing a User-Centric, Customized Space for Customers to Pick Eyewear that Fits Like a Dream.

We laid down the project’s success on a solid foundation by conducting customer interviews, listening sessions, and prioritizing the features they wanted. After having a clear understanding of what we were building, we went on to design and develop the best solution to fulfill the requirements of our prestigious client. With the help of agile scrum, we created, tested, and provided the functionalities to the client’s website, working directly with the client to guarantee that we are providing what they and their users want. To give COCO LENI the best value, we continued the project after deploying the website by offering post-deployment assistance.


01. Wireframe

Gather user stories, sketch wireframe.

Frontend Designing

02. Frontend Designing

Create UI design prototypes.

Add Custom Features

03. Add Custom Features

Prioritize and add custom features.

Functionality Dev.

04. Functionality Dev.

Implement functionality incrementally.


05. CRM

Integrate CRM, test user flow.


06. Debugging

Continuously test and debug code.

Final Implementation

07. Final Implementation

Release minimum viable product on time.

Timely Upgradation

08. Timely Upgradation

Plan for and execute timely upgrades.

Want To Develop Your Own Solution?

We make full fledged customized strategies for the businesses planning to get started with the solutions and provide an excellent user experience to all your customers.

Outcome and Features

The client was able to adapt to changing trends and according to the tech-savvy customers with the aid of our custom-designed functions created with advanced technology and refined process. The client was able to reach a global audience through digital innovation with our seamless and sophisticated web solutions.

Outcome and Features

 COCO LENI Features That Are In League of Their Own

  • An exclusive website where customers can fulfill all of their luxurious eyewear needs.
  • Streamlined Ordering process to ensure there are no inventory issues for clients and convenience hazards for customers.
  • A fully-customized website where customers can have a store-like experience to get eyewear that fits them best.
Outcome and Features
  • Automated Rate-list feature to calculate the costs of the customized products in real-time.
  • Customers can complete the ordering process very conveniently with one-tap checkout.

Business Module

Our priority is to keep our technical toolbox up to date, and we use it to satisfy the consumers’ diverse demands and needs. Our web development tools include the following:

Our advanced website solutions that increased their business efficiency are built with:

Technology Used


Our innovative eCommerce website development solutions were able to realize the client’s vision and create a cutting-edge, optimized website for their online marketplace. Have a look at the exciting things clients had to say about us:

“Technocrats has been a great choice. They work professionally and have a skilled and efficient team of developers. You need not think twice before hiring them. Good work guys!”

Arjun Sagar


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