Privacy Policy

Technocrats Horizons values your privacy. Our privacy policy depicts how personal information is collected, used, and protected by Technocrats Horizons. 


Information collected 

There are multiple ways of collecting information in various ways when you use our sites and services. The kinds of information collected by us include personal information and aggregate data. The term personal information means the information pertaining to a specific individual such as name, email address, and others when identifying an individual. 

Personal information does not include aggregate data. The aggregate data refers to the information about a particular group or users out of which, the individuals have been removed. The aggregate data does not include any personal information. The main purpose of aggregate data is that it assists us in understanding trends to consider new features and customize our services accordingly. 

Here’s an insight into the kind of information we require and collect from you. 

The foremost is the information which you give us. We obtain this information when you register on our website and opt for our services. Some of the examples include: 

Registration and profile information- Upon registering to our website and our services, the kind of information we collect from you includes your name, email address, title, company, demographic information, and the information you upload such as images, files, and documents. 

Contact Information- In contact information, we collect your email address which you provide on our contacts page. In addition to this, we also collect email addresses that you provide to email invitations to the individuals when you share files with others. 

Payment information- In addition to the information mentioned above, we also collect your credit card and billing address information. 

Cookies- Technocrats Horizons also uses cookies to collect such information. With the help of the cookies, we get a chance to improve our websites and emails by seeing which areas are trending, counting the number of computers accessing our website, personalizing the experience, and recording your preferences so that you can visit our website without entering the ID or password credentials. It is a small amount of data stored on the hard drive of your computer. The browsers automatically accept the cookies due to the default settings. 

Use of personal information 

Your personal information obtained by us is used for processing requests and transactions so that we can provide you with the service or inform you about the products or services that might interest you. For instance, we may use your personal information for: 

  • To request feedback and accordingly improve our website, products, and services. 
  • To conduct marketing analysis, send you surveys and reach out to you about the services, products, or special events from Technocrats Horizons for marketing and promotional purposes. 
  • To send you a welcome email and to respond to your requests, complaints, comments, and emails to perform post-sales services. 
  • To resolve problems with our service and act to customer support inquiries concerning our product or service. 
  • To inform you about the updates about our products or services that meet your needs. 
  • To keep a record of your contacts for private usage and viewing purposes. 
  • To communicate, collaborate, and share files with the users, and for other reasons about which we need to notify you. 


Sharing of personal information 

Technocrats Horizons does not give, sell or share any of your personal information or data to any third party which is outside the organization without your consent. Unless we have a court order, we will not disclose your information to any third party. 

Network and information security 

Technocrats Horizons recognizes all the desired steps to protect the data security information to prevent misuse, disclosure, or unauthorized access. Not only this, we protect highly confidential personal information such as passwords, and credit card numbers, and also your client’s data is end-to-end encrypted such as a secured socket layer. 

The servers for storing the information are kept in a controlled environment with limited access. We, on our part, make every possible effort to guard your personal information but no security system is impenetrable. 

Your account information can only be accessed with the use of an individual user ID and password. Keep your password confidential and do not disclose it to anyone to protect the confidentiality of personal information. If you believe that your password has been misused, then you can advise and reach out to us immediately. Besides this, always close your session when done with the session and log out. Technocrats Horizons will never ask you to disclose your password in a phone call or email. 

Updating and accessing personal information 

If there is any change in your personal information, we invite you to update the information as soon as possible. Simply log into your account any time and make updates to your profile information. You can also request us to make changes by dropping us an email. 


Technocrats Horizons might send you data concerning our website or services including but not limited to:

  • Notices specifying your use of our websites and services including the violations of use. 
  • Updates
  • Promotional information regarding our products or services. 


By following the opt-out instructions provided in the email, you can opt-out of promotional emails anytime. You can also drop us an email with your request if you want to opt out of promotional emails and other communications from us. The opt-out requests will not apply to usual service messages such as security alerts and notices pertaining to your current account. 


You can contact us directly if you have any questions concerning our privacy policy. 

Contacting us 

Feel free to ask any questions you might have concerning the policy.