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    Leading-edge B2B eCommerce Solution built for Distributors, Whole Sellers, Brands, and Manufacturers

    Technocrats Horizons' revolutionary B2C eCommerce solution - made for distributors, whole sellers, brands, and manufacturers to empower their businesses to smartly connect with consumers and deliver personalized shopping experiences across all eCommerce channels — web, mobile, social, and even in-store.

    Our B2B eCommerce solution is well-engineered with cutting-edge functionality - helpful to expand your B2B store beyond limits. Its robust functionality and highly customizable features enable your B2B business to give the right things to the customers.

    We craft our B2B solution to encourage the business to provide a consistent, relevant, and personalized shopping experience to the customers.

    Let’s explore new possibilities and serve your customers with the best experience.

    It is the time to go beyond and do more
    than just an online business!

    Tap into more business opportunities

    Draw more potential clients and resellers on your turf by strengthening your online presence with an easily discoverable, SEO-optimized, and mobile-friendly B2B eCommerce solution.

    Flexible payment options

    Get the freedom to integrate with multiple payment processors, invoicing systems, and accounting software to deliver the flexible payment option to the customers to reduce the unnecessary friction for the client and grab the sale.

    Reduce costs

    Minimize the cost while expanding your revenue with a future-ready B2B eCommerce solution meant to efficiently handle the high-volume sales processes and eliminate unnecessary costs.

    Faster delivery

    Give fast, accurate and transparent delivery to deliver a satisfying shopping experience to your customers. Automating and streamlining the delivery process ultimately add benefits to your sales process too.


    Smoothly response to the complexities and the grown market demands with a highly scalable B2B eCommerce solution - designed to build trustable and long-term relationships with clients.

    Future-oriented functionality to
    boost sales and deliver a pleasing customer experience.

    B2B eCommerce is a dynamic and constantly changing aspect. Businesses need to work on the market's best B2B eCommerce solution that works efficiently with work with new and effective functionalities - focused on acquiring business clients.

    Volume Purchase And Bulk Discounts Volume Purchase And Bulk Discounts

    Volume Purchase and Bulk Discounts

    Handle your volume orders proficiently by giving your buyers ease with a form for a bundled order to accommodate quantity thresholds and provide bulk discounts based on the customer groups assigned to your client base.

    It helps you reward your customer for purchasing multiple units by offering them your product at a specific offer price.

    • Create customer segmentation for quantity discounts & offers
    • Easy set up of Tier discounts & Threshold discounts
    predefined-minimum-order-value predefined-minimum-order-value

    Predefined Minimum Order Value

    Set the minimum order quantity or value to specify the lowest quantity of certain products that the store is willing to sell. This indicates to the buyer that they need to reach a certain product quantity to place the order.

    Our B2B eCommerce solution gives the merchant a full hand to set minimum or maximum order quantities per product to sell the products in the right-required quantity.

    • Minimum or Maximum Order Amount to complete an order.
    • Specific quantity multiples for products sold in packs, cases, etc.
    customized-customer-catalog-image customized-customer-catalog-image

    Customized Customer Catalog and Pricing

    Easily set different base prices for any product based on the customer type or the customer group. Also, you can set special offers on product pricing to your more demanding clients.

    The ability to set client-group specific pricing of the products in the catalogs enables B2B businesses to serve the privileged customer in a more efficient way to gain more and more business revenue. It also allows the businesses to bestow products that are only available to specific customers.

    • Create customer segmentation to serve better offers, segment-wise
    • Enable B2B business to create a unique setup of products or a pricing structure i.e personalized product catalog for specific clients.
    One-click-to-Reorder-the-Previous-Purchase One-click-to-Reorder-the-Previous-Purchase

    One-click to Reorder the Previous Purchase

    The B2B product orders are often purchased in bulk amounts. Browsing and selecting the products every time of purchase can be hectic and lead to the chances of losing a sale.

    Delight your customers with ease to re-order the previously purchased order. A customer just needs to go to the previous purchases, no matter how old the order is, give them the option to re-order the purchase and also make edits if required. Also, a clear indication if any item is out of stock.

    • Check the history order to re-order the same products
    • Easy editing in the order to add or remove the item from the previously purchased order.
    live-chat live-chat live-chat

    Live customer support

    On-time customer responses are considered a central aspect of good brand identity. Giving customers the best resolutions on time, makes consumers feel important, valued, and importantly heard.

    We associate an advanced live customer support feature with our B2B solution to let the business engage with their inquisitive customers quickly and capture sales more effectively.

    • Live chat with quick resolutions.
    • Analytics to be prepared for surges in chat volume.

    Multiple Shopping Lists

    Giving B2B buyers the ability to create more than one shopping list helps the business to sell more than usual. Our B2B eCommerce solution has packed with time-saving features of creating multiple lists - giving buyers the ability to perform actions in bulk.

    This selling environment is made especially to support B2B bulk sale environments - giving buyers the liberty to avail more than one shopping cart for different purchasing needs.

    • Multi Shopping List to order for multiple venues
    • Allow buyers to add, remove, duplicate lists.

    World-class features to make your B2B eCommerce
    platform a Seller-friendly Solution

    Leverage the B2B eCommerce success by choosing the features - prominent to make your business profit-driven and growth-centric.

    Personalized B2B Catalog Management

    Our quality B2B eCommerce solution includes a personalization option for sellers to customize product catalogs to specific corporations, divisions, business units, and even individual buyers or customers.

    Real-Time Inventory Updates

    Entertain your customers with the most accurate and up-to-date information with a real-time inventory feature. Also, the admin will get a vivid image of your entire inventory - supports streamlining your sales operations.

    User-oriented Searches bar

    User-friendly search functionality to give ease to the customer for conveniently reaching the right product available on your B2B eCommerce platform. Search filters, Long-haul searches, and Auto-entry make it more than just a search bar on your platform.

    Multi-address delivery

    Our B2B eCommerce solution provides buyers an innovative feature of placing a single order for delivery to multiple locations, ideal for central purchasing offices with remote localities.

    Advanced Order Tracking

    It's the time to step forward from just providing an email with a tracking number to your customers. Give a magnificent shopping experience to your B2B customers with our online order tracker feature that shows each step of the order process - best for business transactions.

    Simplified VAT Calculation

    Give corporate buyers a satisfactory buying experience with a simple yet effective toggle in the header of your B2B eCommerce platform. This feature conquers the risk of your visitors forsaking your site to go and discover a VAT calculator elsewhere.

    Let’s explore new possibilities and serve your customers with the best experience.

    Ensuring Your B2B Business Success with Crucial eCommerce Core Features!

    Advanced B2B eCommerce solution - comprised of world-class features that empower B2B merchants to connect their business with consumers and deliver personalized shopping experiences across all commerce channels

    Designed to support millions of product categories and products

    Our B2B eCommerce solution is tailored with superior functionality to proficiently support millions of product categories and products. This makes businesses able to handle large-volume product orders of customers.

    Mobile responsiveness

    We create quality B2B eCommerce solutions - geared up to serve mobile users prominently by allowing them to interact and buy with the same experience as on desktop.

    Flexible checkout

    Our future-ready B2B eCommerce solution is designed to cut off the risk of cart abandonment. We render an easy and user-friendly check-out experience - focusing on smooth guest checkout, flexible payment options, retrieving address information, and more.

    Detailed product information

    Listing name, image, and a short description of the specification are not to give your buyer a push to make the purchase. We enable B2B owners to add a compelling array of product data, whether that’s dimensions, MPNs, or spec-sheets can all help to convert customers better.

    360 product images

    Our B2B eCommerce solution allows businesses to add 360-view of their products, HD product close-ups, or even a video to make their product more appealing to the buyers.

    Easy Edit & Cancel Order

    We remove the hassle of making any changes in the order or canceling a certain order. With easy edit and cancel, buyers can prominently update or cancel the order. Order cannot be done after the order has been dispatched.

    Popular B2B eCommerce
    Platforms We Support!


    BigCommerce empowers the B2B business to modernize their sales process and manage everything effectively on one platform. We craft innovative B2B solutions for B2B merchants of all types and sizes


    We partner with the Shopify platform to create the cutting-edge B2B eCommerce solution that delivers an unparalleled business experience to your buyers.


    Our expertly crafted Wix B2B eCommerce bestows an intuitive interface and cutting-edge features - making it a prime lead generation tool for your business. It includes over 250 marketing, analytics, and other business tools.


    Our rich-featured WooCommerce B2B eCommerce solution is all set with top-notch features that allow you to cater to your business buyers and their unique requirements.


    Our X-Cart B2B eCommerce solution is flexibly built to seamlessly scale with your online business, so you can stay focused on your customers' needs.


    Our MERN B2B eCommerce solution is designed to appropriately handle high-volume transactions and give better performance, high security, cloud compatibility, and high Scalability.