Easy Management of several Storefronts with Our Revolutionary Multi-Store Ecommerce Solutions!

Technocrats Horizons' Multi Store eCommerce Solution allows you to launch your own chain of online stores with easy management and for better plus faster conversions.


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    Powerful Multi-Store eCommerce Solution- Made to adapt any eCommerce strategy efficiently!

    Technocrats Horizons deliver cutting-edge Multi Store eCommerce solutions - well-engineered to adapt your personalized eCommerce business strategy hassle-free.

    Our innovative eCommerce solution involves one powerful database to handle multiple revenue sources, multiple catalogs, and multiple eCommerce stores efficiently.

    Creating multiple store-fronts online - managed with a single database or admin panel gives business owners full access to control all of the store-fronts from one location.

    Let’s explore new possibilities and serve your customers with the best experience.

    Faster and reliable conversion with
    Multi-store eCommerce Solution

    Expand into international markets

    Leverage the multi-store eCommerce benefits your business to several new regions and countries for exponential business growth. This helps you fulfill the different demands of different audiences belonging to different regions.

    Niche stores for Better Branding

    Multi-store eCommerce solution allows businesses to create niche-based stores to appropriately fulfill the unique needs of customers. Multi-store eCommerce empowers you to better target and tailor your marketing skills while expanding your reach cost-effectively.

    Simplified Shopping Experience

    Eliminate the inconvenience of customers to check out purchases from each section separately with a future-ready multi-store eCommerce solution that allows customers to put shopping items from all of a company’s stores into one shopping cart and go through a single checkout process.

    Higher ROI

    Get full hand to implement smart marketing to maximize your business ROI at the top with a multi-store solution setup. Multi Store setup encourages businesses with tremendous flexibility to experiment and explore.

    Save Bigger

    Multi-store gives your business the liberty to manage all the stores of multi store eCommerce solutions with a single code and database. Thus, you need to spend extra on development to write unique code for each store. One solution for all stores with fully customizable functionality.

    Establish a Thriving Brand Presence Globally!

    Our Multi-store eCommerce solution gives business owners the leverage to simplify the buying experience of their broader audience by giving them multiple store-fronts that the audience can choose as per their comfort.

    Dashboard Dashboard

    Single Dashboard

    Single Dashboard - Handle multiple stores efficiently with a single yet full-fledged dashboard that displays whole commands in one frame - making it convenient to handle all stores hassle-free.

    A single database enables you to allocate products, deals, and discounts with one click to all the sub-stores. Also, the same dashboard is used to handle all payment gateways used on each sub-store.

    • A few clicks to allocate deals and discounts to all sub-store at the same time.
    • One dashboard to preview or compare the inventory, orders, and shipments between multiple stores.

    Unique Store URLs

    Multi-store eCommerce solutions enable you to create multiple subdomains or domains for your stores - making it the best & easy fit for online marketing. Different URLs make it easy to optimize your storefronts for SEO and appear on the top of SERP.

    Each store with a unique store URL empowers the SEO strategy by giving the liberty to add unique content - well-optimized with high-searched keywords to each store.

    • Unique plus SEO-friendly URLs to implement the best marketing approach.
    • A unique address for each store for better user navigation.
    • paypal
    • razorpay
    • stripe
    • braintree
    • authorize
    • cc-avenue
    Different Payment Gateways

    Different Payment Gateways

    Give your multi-location users a seamless shopping experience with a multi-store eCommerce solution that offers unique payment gateways options based on geographical location.

    Giving your customers diverse options of payment gateways eliminates the payment downtime and enables the business to never miss the opportunity to convert a potential sale.

    • International Payment Gateways and reaching Global Customers.
    • Full support for COD and Offline Payment modes to cover all customer needs.
    Diverse Currency And Language Diverse Currency And Language

    Diverse Currency and Language

    Set the unique language and currency for the specific targeted audience based on the geographical location that you are targeting for each store.

    Also, to give a hassle-free shopping experience to the users, we associate the auto-language suggestion feature that captures the geo-location of the user where she/he opens the site and suggests the language based on the user’s Geography.

    • Multiple Language & Currency Support to interact with the audience globally
    • Automatic translation to create a Multilingual website in just a few clicks.
    Hyperlocal stores Hyperlocal stores

    Hyperlocal Stores

    Serve customers directly and/or through your affiliate partners by creating sub-stores for different localities on your multi-store eCommerce platform. This will give your audience more comfort in making a purchase from the sub-store nearest to their geolocation for faster delivery.

    Also, they can experience more familiarity as the local hyper-stores are featured with language and currency based on the geo-location of that particular store.

    • Localized store for reach audience in their locations
    • Serve your audience with a more familiar shopping environment.
    Headless Commerce Headless Commerce

    Headless Commerce

    Modify your sub-stores based on your brand image using API-based headless commerce architecture that enables you to enhance your customers’ digital buying journey across devices.

    This gives the business liberty to render a personalized buying experience to the customers with highly customizable store-fronts - empower your business with a more proficient conversion rate and order value.

    • Easy customization to prepare a store for a new market.
    • Seamless integrations option to personalize the business processes.

    Comprehensive Features to help businesses
    reach customers of niche markets!

    Our multi-store eCommerce solution gives your business flexibility - helpful to target global markets, increase ROI, and render an exceptional shopping experience to your customers.

    Price Overrides by Store

    Enhance your profit by leveraging the differential pricing feature of our advanced multi-store eCommerce solution. We allow the store owners to freely utilize the price override feature to prices based on stores and list the same products at different amounts depending on the region or the deal offered at each store.

    Store Selection

    Give your customer absolute comfort by allowing them to choose the store based on their preference as per the location, needs, and offers with the customer-friendly store selection feature of our multi-store eCommerce solution.

    Store Specific Discounts

    Attract more customers to each store of your multi-store eCommerce solution by offering your audience store-specific discounts. A store-specific discount feature is created to bestow unique discount offers for each store and track different discounts easily to get the exact sales insights.

    Store Specific Coupon Codes

    Utilize coupon code generator feature to craft flash sales for the unique period for each coupon code of each store and double your sales for greater profit and trustable relationship with your customers.

    Store Specific Catalog

    Set specific catalog for the specific audience segments that want to target with easy use store-specific catalog features. This unique gives you leverage to allot different products to each storefront by choosing and adding the products to the store inventory.

    Store-specific Shipping Rates:

    Stay ahead of the competition and deliver always the best by optimizing your shipping cost based on area, discounts added or other offers, differently on different store-fronts of your multi-store eCommerce solution with the feature for optimizing store-specific shipping rates.

    Performance and Analytics Tools

    Get a live dashboard of performance and analytics - where you can see proper reports of your sales and other customer insights to decide future offers and other plans. Our analytics tool gives you the option to get top customers to report, top-selling products report, conversion rate, category wise, and Collections performance reports, performance comparison based upon dates/months/year, and so on.

    Let’s explore new possibilities and serve your customers with the best experience.

    Core Features to Manage Everything you need in a Future-Ready Multi-Store eCommerce Solution!

    We offer a full package of innovative features in our multi-store eCommerce solution that enables the business to manage, run and maintain the multiple storefronts smoothly in-line with client necessities.

    Products Management

    Our quality multi-store eCommerce has efficient products management giving you the option to add unlimited product variants (color, size, et,c), categories, and collections with minimum & maximum order quantity filter along with description & attributes of products with other custom fields and much more.

    Order Management

    We craft our order management process highly client-friendly giving your users the ease of Single Page Checkout, Abandoned Cart Recovery, Guest Checkout, Product update on the order page, Custom checkout opt fields, and so on to make our multi-store solution best for the users.


    Double your customer reach and conversion rate by giving accurate and timely deliveries to the buyers with our advanced logistics management features. This gives admins a full hand to get proper information of every order and other information needed.

    Marketing, Discounts & Promotions

    Our multi-store eCommerce solution is designed to empower your marketing strategy. Our solution works best-integrated marketing tools such as Email marketing tool, and Google Adwords that you can run with our in-built features of live Chat and notifications to engage customers in real-time, coupon code creation, and expiry date, Affiliate & remarketing tracking code integration, and so on

    SEO Ready solution

    Our multi-store eCommerce solution is designed to be best optimized with standard SEO guidelines. We give inbuilt features to automate and simplify digital marketing, SEO optimized themes for better brand presence, an inbuilt blog feature to allow blogging even before you start selling, and so on.

    Technologies that empower
    our Multistore eCommerce Solution

    Our WooCommerce multi-store solution is designed for businesses that want to manage several shops efficiently. You can use a single inventory to manage all of your sub-stores inventory and distribute the same products to multiple stores. Products can be managed and displayed across multiple storefronts with the same or distinct domains and subdomains.

    Our innovative Shopify-powered multi-store eCommerce solution helps you create and manage different sub-stores efficiently. We make a highly user-friendly store that enables a business to manage everything without any hassle


    Wix gives you the option to create a powerful yet alluring multi-store for your business - managed with a single database to give customers a unique and memorable shopping experience. We create a highly customizable Wix multi-store eCommerce solution - enable you to personalize storefronts, carts, and express checkouts, and so on.


    Our BigCommerce multi-store eCommerce solution is packed with features for running a regular eCommerce store for small, mid-sized as well as large enterprises. You can also avail BigCommerce's inbuilt marketing solutions - helpful to add different marketing strategies for your multiple stores.

    Our X-cart multi

    Our X-cart multi store eCommerce business solution is a flexible, scalable, and affordable solution - created to serve multi-region customers in a personalized way with multiple storefronts from a single admin panel.

    Turn your existing eCommerce store into a multi-vendor store with our Multi-store eCommerce solution - created using the powerful MERN Stack framework. Our multi-store eCommerce solution is equipped with cutting-edge features - required to efficiently manage multiple store fronts.

    We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients.

    We are ready to enlarge your profit with our quality Multi-store eCommerce solution!

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