Amateur Mistakes That Drive Away Repeat Customers from Your eCommerce Store
Gulshan Chandan

Gulshan Chandan

January 12, 2023


  • Retaining old customers is one of the main problems that most eCommerce businesses encounter. It’s not that the problem is difficult to fix, but it is a battle, especially when you have to deal with ongoing changes in consumer shopping habits and e-commerce trends in 2023

    The smallest errors can cause customers to go elsewhere for products or services that meet their needs in a better way. Hence, it is imperative to pay attention to the factors that are causing you to lose repeat customers and fix those issues.

    What Are Repeat Customers?

    Customers who use your services repeatedly are known as repeat customers. They are regarded as loyal customers as well.

    You may identify customers who are already making repeat purchases from your online store by paying close attention to the data from repeat customers. Increasing the number of recurring customers generates more money. Retrieving customers can make a huge difference in your sales numbers and its impact on your business cannot be understated.

    New Customers vs. Repeat Customers

    Recurring customers are the ones who drive business development and customer acquisition, improve sales, and provide for customer referrals because new customers are expensive and existing customers are risky.

    The most prosperous organizations understand the worth of their current customers and put their requirements at the center of their operations, even if the majority of businesses place more focus on acquiring new consumers than keeping existing ones.

    A single new customer may result in a little increase in revenue, but the expenses associated with that acquisition will cancel out the seeming profitability. On the other side, a devoted existing customer could bring in hundreds of dollars over a few years.

    If your eCommerce store isn’t selling or converting as you desire, you have come to the right place. In this blog, you will discover the most significant causes of your eCommerce site’s lack of customer retention:

    Payment Gateways Troubles

    More than 45% of customers leave a website because they have concerns about payment security or payment gateways, which is another hassle for users. Most people are aware of hacking, cyber-attacks, using stolen card information, etc. 

    Give your customers various payment alternatives rather than relying solely on Cash on Delivery. Because your eCommerce website doesn’t give them the choice to checkout with their preferred payment method, hundreds of customers abandon their carts without hesitation. 

    Upgrade your online store's performance and design to the next level!

    No Value Proposition

    Customers are unsure of the reason they should choose your eCommerce store over those of your rivals. They won’t purchase if they don’t see the value. Just because you see the worth doesn’t mean others do, so keep that in mind.

    Online sales are entirely different from those made in traditional stores. You compete with the largest retail firms in the world when you have an online store. One-click will take you to Amazon, Walmart, and every other significant retailer. The more competitive your niche is, the harder it will be to succeed. Customers need to know why they should choose your platform over the others.

    Complicated Checkout Process

    Have you recently made an online purchase? Was there anything about the checkout process that you thought might have been better? Even when a customer is actively trying to buy from you, minor irritations in the eCommerce checkout process can ruin conversion rates.

    Your checkout procedure may aggravate a customer to the point that they give up and look for the product elsewhere. Common errors committed by eCommerce companies include having a poor layout for the page you use for checkout and unclear directions for finishing a transaction. 

    Hard to Navigate Website

    Customers may lose interest in your eCommerce store if the tabs are too cluttered, which makes it a clear sign that your online sales are being dropped due to outdated eCommerce technology.

    If your customers cannot find what they are looking for on navigational menus, they will not return to your websites. They would not reach the products they want to purchase if they are placed in a location that is difficult for them to find. They might make a one-time purchase but would not return for other requirements.

    Businesses invest a lot of money to determine how their website layout will look. Presentation is the key; therefore, if your company’s webpage has unnecessary buttons and confusing tabs unrelated to what visitors want, it could easily repel them.

    No Remedy for Abandoned Carts

    An unfinished purchase by a customer leaves behind an abandoned shopping cart. Often, individuals may want to revisit your website but cannot recall its name or have forgotten about the original things they added to their cart.

    Without the proper skills to connect with these customers, you can increase website clicks but cannot increase conversion rates. Consumer surveys reveal that people frequently browse websites and add goods to their virtual shopping carts. But they don’t purchase anything as they forget about it. If you do nothing to remind them, they might not repurchase from your eCommerce store.

    Lack of Customization

    Customization has become an inseparable part of the eCommerce business. Nowadays, there are so many options available that it is not difficult to locate someone better than you in a particular area.

    Lack of personalization can cause customers to leave your business or churn out. According to an American Express study, 89% of customers would switch to a rival platform if they experienced subpar customer experience.

    You are losing a significant amount of prospective business because you are not giving your consumers the individualized attention they require.                                                               

    Poor Customer Service

    One of the main reasons why customers continue to use a brand is because of the impressive customer service (or eCommerce experience). Your customer service represents your company to the customers. It is likely that a customer comes on your platform for the first time and gets dissatisfied with the services you are providing, but they do not receive prompt and effective customer service. 

    As a result, customers decide not to buy from the same eCommerce platform anymore. It might seem like an insignificant factor, but in an industry as competitive as eCommerce, it can prove to be a make-it-or-break-it factor for customer retention. For more details, you can read our blog post on how to improve your e-commerce experience.


    Since the issue of customer retention is deeper than that, focusing solely on marketing would not be sufficient. Your company’s top executives should endeavor to improve the value of their eCommerce platform and customer interactions.

    A successful website is essential for retaining consumers. No matter how great your offerings are, your customers will only buy them from your website if you provide a seamless shopping experience. You must ensure that the process of exploring and buying goes as easily as possible. Technocrats Horizons, a leading IT company with years of experience and expertise, can help you achieve maximum customer retention with our seamless e-commerce development solutions

    Ready to take your eCommerce to the next level?


    About The Author
    Mr. Gulshan Chandan, Customer Experience Head of Technocrats Horizons Compusoft Pvt. Ltd, is the driving force behind the company's success. With over a decade of experience in the industry, he is on a mission to redefine what it means to deliver exceptional customer service. Mr. Chandan is passionate about building lasting relationships with customers and is always looking for ways to go above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction.

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