Walcraft Cabinetry

Walcraft Cabinetry


Walcraft Cabinetry is a well-known company that offers pre-assembled and ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinet solutions customized as per customer demands. As the majority of their customers were wholesalers, Walcraft recognized a need to boost their eCommerce platform in order to improve order management, build a strong clientele, and automate their internal processes. For this requirement, they reached out to Technocrats Horizons. Their idea was to create an attractive and seamless website with an enhanced customer experience that will effectively capture the US market. The professionals at Technocrats Horizons evaluated their needs at once and elevated their eCommerce platform to match the impressive product portfolio with immaculate solutions.

Walcraft Cabinetry - An Insight

  • Founded in 2016 by Sean Walsh, Walcraft Cabinetry has morphed into an industry leader delivering top-of-the-state, customized, and affordable kitchen cabinets through their online cabinet company.
  • Their vision is to build a lasting relationship with their clients with a promise to enlighten, strategize, provide continuous support, deliver beyond expectations, and aim for excellence.

Sean Walsh

Sean, Walcraft Project Manager

8 Major Obstacles We Overcame

We evaluated all the major issues of the clients that were hampering their growth and crafted comprehensive solutions after extensive analysis and skillful solutions deployment.


Lack of visualization techniques to entice the customers’ mind


Virtual Design Tool: One of the main concerns of the consumer is making sure that specific product categories, like furniture, generally match their interior style flawlessly. Therefore, we integrated a virtual kitchen design tool, where customers are able to mix and match the cabinets, countertops, tiles, colors, and appliances according to their vision. This feature leaves a significant impact on a customer’s psyche and assists in convincing the customers to make their buying decision.


Persuading busy customers to make the buying decision


Employee Portal: It can be difficult to persuade customers to make a purchase while they are preoccupied. To help those clients and wholesalers who were too busy to physically supply the order details, we, therefore, developed an employee portal. We gave each employee a different set of responsibilities and powers, and a specialist was given the freedom to select the ideal kitchen layout for each client.


Customers facing troubles in making a one-time payment


Financing Gateway: Our team suggested a viable option to increase the customer range of the client. Some customers are skeptical to spend such a large amount on online purchases, hence we created an easy payment option for the customers where they would be able to pay in installments. We integrated Bread Financial gateway to simplify the installment payment system.


The time-consuming and complicated price modification process


Automated Price Management: The client had a difficult time keeping up with the changing price and updating it for the customers. In order to enable the client to quickly adjust the pricing for a certain product, brand, color, or type, we created a backend integration. Both the front end and the clients’ carts will reflect these improvements. To reduce the client’s computation time for checkouts and logistics, tools for easier pricing conversion and state-specific tax rate conversion were also incorporated.


Lack of client-building and referral initiatives


Procash Rewards: Having an expansive customer base largely depends upon word-of-the-mouth publicity. We used this technique to bolster their clientele` by creating a loyalty program. Discounts and commissions are offered to wholesalers who refer Walcraft Cabinetry to other wholesalers. A unique homeowner portal where the customers are encouraged to upload cabinet overviews, 3D outlines, and the final products to give the social media audience an insight into our proficiency and work portfolio. To reassure this, we introduced an exclusive offer where the clients would get a special discount for sharing the final results on social media.


Difficulty in managing bulk orders placed by wholesalers resulting in a time-consuming ordering process


Project Lists: Our team suggested integrating customized project lists to make it easier for wholesalers to choose each item when placing an order. By adding products just once and accessing them several times for reordering, these lists help distributors save time. Moreover, it really helped our client in managing bulk orders by saving the kitchen’s dimensions, product types, and preferences.


Low bounce rate due to hardships faced in convincing the customers as to why they should buy their products (over their competition)


Gideon: It is tricky to turn a potential customer into a buyer, so we did a full analysis of what motivates a customer to buy. For enhanced customer experience and conviction, we created an exclusive comparison tool. Gideon assists the customers in visualizing the dimension-specific price, features, and specifications differentiation in other brands to encourage informed decision-making.


Problems in effective and centralized lead management


Active Campaign: Having an unorganized internal system often leads to a loss in one form or the other. Our team of experts analyzed the operational structure of the client’s organization and suggested implementing a powerful CRM tool. We integrated Active Campaign as an automation tool to effectively manage and assign leads through the sales funnel. This API also assisted in simplifying the clustered follow-up process for the client’s staff.

Walcraft Cabinetry

Creating a seamless kitchen marketplace for
optimum customer satisfaction

Our team aspired to create a holistic solution that provides easy accessibility, smooth navigation, and a satisfying experience for the customers. Since the client had specific pain points with constructive ideas, we focused on bringing their conception to fruition. So, Walcraft collaborated with Technocrats Horizons to get their needs fulfilled with innovative technological solutions. Since our work ethics and professionalism were perfectly aligned with those of the clients, we were able to execute the job to their maximum satisfaction.

Wireframe 1


Frontend Designing 2

Frontend Designing

Add Custom Features 3

Add Custom Features

Functionality Development 4

Functionality Development



Debugging 6


Final Implementation 7

Final Implementation

Timely Upgradation 8

Timely Upgradation

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Outcome and Features

With the help of our custom-designed functionalities built with industry-leading features, the client was able to meet the emerging trends and transform into a user-centric kitchen marketplace platform. The client was able to project their ideas into reality thanks to our solutions like Gideon and project lists.

Innovative Features of Walcraft Cabinetry Website:

  • Varied login types specifically made for users, wholesalers, employees, and admin to save customers time.
  • Social media promotion option for the customers to generate leads
  • Wishlist and order history options to manage bulk orders and repeat customers
  • Project lists features that offer discounts and commissions for referrals.
  • Gideon: an exclusive comparison tool that allows buyers to compare brands and products depending on the size specifications
  • Streamlined leads management and task assignment
  • A virtual interface with effective visualization to attract customers
  • Installment and easy rates conversion features for smooth payments
  • One-click price change facility to keep up with market changes

Business Module

Driven by the aim to become the #1 Online Cabinet Company in the USA, Walcraft cabinetry’s online marketplace offers pre-assembled and ready-to-assemble products to premium kitchen lovers.

Our advanced website solutions that increased their business efficiency are built with:

Technology Used
Sean Walsh
Sean Walsh

Sean, Walcraft Project Manager

Technocrats has done a tremendous job taking our idea from conception to execution. They did more than build out our technical needs – they worked as if they were a critical part of the Walcraft Team


We provided an effective and cohesive website solution to meet the demands of Walcraft cabinetry and incorporated futuristic features to empower their eCommerce platform. Client satisfaction and maintaining long-term relations with our clients is our topmost priority.


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