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November 9, 2022   (15 Min Read)
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“Ecommerce isn’t the cherry on the cake, it is the new cake!”

-Jean-Paul, CEO of L’Oreal 

We live in a digital era in which eCommerce has become the future of commerce. As a result of the covid pandemic, this industry saw rapid growth. 

Global eCommerce sales will reach $5.7 trillion worldwide by the end of 2022.

So, growing online businesses at such times is the most profitable thing to do. 


Does having an online store in the current competitive market pay off? 

Planning to launch a digital commerce website and practically doing it are two different things. An owner has to face countless eCommerce business problems while building a successful brand. 

Here are some eCommerce challenges that you need to be aware of along with their solutions: 

Problems faced by SMBs

1: Cut-Throat Market Competition

It is evident that the competition is very high in the digital commerce market. Giants like Amazon and Flipkart have taken over the market and have left very less room for other enterprises. 


To keep up with them, small and medium enterprise owners must build a brand image. Providing personalized recommendations and the utmost satisfaction to their online consumers can do so.

As Jeff Bezos, quotes:

“If you’re competitor-focused, you have to wait until there is a competitor doing something. Being customer-focused allows you to be more pioneering.” 

2: Poor Security

The most common eCommerce business problem is poor data security and vulnerability. It can negatively impact a business.

Running an online business involves retaining a large amount of confidential customer data.

So, technical glitches or data breaches can severely damage its reputation and customer base. 


Create a strong backup for your database and integrate powerful security plugins to prevent cyber attacks. A wide range of plugins in the market offers extra firewalls and two-factor authentication.

To avoid online fraud, look for promising activities. Use sign-on, one-time password, AI, and other elements for online identity verification. 

3: Negative User Experience 

The rapid digital transformation has created high standards in the minds of online shoppers.

Many online retail stores struggle to meet their expectations as they lack the skills to provide a seamless customer experience to buyers.

Ultimately, resulting in poor customer loyalty and eCommerce sales. 


The co-founder of Google, Larry Page, always believed in delivering more than expected which is the root of Google’s success. 

Some proven methods to enhance customer experience are:

  • Building a user-centric platform 
  • Analyzing trends 
  • Offering personalized recommendations

Is Your Website Having Poor User Experience?

4: Low Visibility

Low visibility acts as an obstacle to small and medium eCommerce enterprises.

Not being able to market your eCommerce store on the internet will limit your business to reach potential clients. 


eCommerce business owners must follow digital marketing best practices to enhance their visibility.

It helps online retailers to promote their websites and generate more leads. These practices include: 

  • Investing in search engine optimization practices.
  • Leveraging paid advertisement on various search engines and social media channels.
  • Incorporate influencer marketing and social commerce marketing.
  • Run email marketing campaigns, and more.

5: No Room for Adaptability 

Is your business keeping up with the latest industry trends?

Are you able to adapt the latest features to offer unique customer interaction?

In reality, most enterprises do not!

The outmoded technological solutions are rigid. It hampers the ability of enterprises to meet dynamic industry demands. 


To overcome this eCommerce business challenge, entrepreneurs must incorporate flexible technology. Agile solutions ease the process of incorporating internal and external changes quickly. 

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6: Absence of Omnichannel Strategy



Source: https://sm4lg.com/

According to statistics by v12data, a powerful omnichannel strategy can help online businesses to retain 83% of clients. Providing a unified shopping experience to buyers has many advantages:

  • It enhances brand image,
  • Builds Authenticity, and 
  • Increases customer satisfaction

The inability to do so may put your business on a backseat in the eCommerce market.


Omnichannel integration requires an advanced technological solution model.

So, entrepreneurs must implement an effective omnichannel strategy by getting professional assistance. Building the best logistics and easy optimization can be beneficial. 

An effective way to exceed customer expectations is: Integrating a one-step checkout facility, easy shipping, and refund process.

7: Capitalization of Stored Data

It is essential for eCommerce enterprises to manage KPIs and track data values across a myriad of channels.

Integrating a setup that captures the stored data and helps to analyze the data will definitely improve eCommerce business management


The eCommerce stores have now partnered with payment gateways and other platforms. So, the data should be synced at every customer touchpoint to form short-term and long-term strategies.

An easy way of capitalizing the data is to use a POS system that tracks payments across all channels and helps in analysis.

8: High Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

According to data collected by Baymard Institute, the eCommerce cart abandonment rate was recorded to be 69.99% in 2022. Eventually, eCommerce stores lose a lot of revenue. 

Reasons of card abondonment and their distribution

Source: https://www.drip.com/

Customers may leave carts because of:

  • Hidden shipping costs.
  • Forceful account creation.
  • Payment security concerns, other reasons.

Ultimately, it leads to stagnant business growth.


Providing a one-step checkout process makes order placement easy. Highlighting shipping costs will help online shoppers to make quick decisions.

Additionally, give your customers variable delivery options to reduce the cart abandonment rate.

9: Attracting and Retaining Customers

Is your eCommerce business attracting potential clients?

Are you able to convert browsers into your customers?

Generating valuable traffic and retaining buyers are crucial to building an eCommerce business. Yet, most business owners fail to target the right audience and keep them engaged. 


attracting and retaining ecommerce customers

Source: https://www.truppglobal.com/

The simplest solution to attract potential clients is through good word of mouth. As highlighted by Jeff Bezos

“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.” 

Moreover, a business can increase its reach by: 

  • Optimizing the website according to relevant search terms.
  • Building a trendy mobile app.
  • Including FAQs, quizzes, and interactive games.

10: Poor Customer Support

We live in a century where human attention span and patience are gradually decreasing. As a result, offering sloppy customer service hampers business growth.

Most online businesses are shifting to artificial chatbots to provide 24/7 service and amplify revenue. 


Enabling an AI chatbot can help you to provide instant customer support.

But not all customers like artificial intelligence support, so it is vital to: 

  • Offer a combination of artificial chatbot and person-oriented customer service
  • Get regular feedback on your service quality from the users.
  • Build a holistic approach towards assisting the client at every step touchpoint.

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11: Complex Payment and Refund Processes

The most common eCommerce business problem is the complex checkout process.

A long or hard payment and refund process may even force the client to leave in anger.

It’s a hard truth that 28% of clients don’t place an order due to the time-consuming checkout process


Being transparent in the process is the solution. It will make the buyers trust your website.

Easy checkout and a flexible return policy will improve buyer satisfaction and amplify your sales. In other words, it will help you build authenticity and a good brand image.

Bonus: Tips to Grow Your eCommerce Business

Now that you know the major eCommerce business problems and their solutions, let us take a step ahead. 

To empower your business strategy, here are some insights into the latest eCommerce trends that you should know: 

1: Across Border Commerce

What is cross border commerce

Source: https://ecommerce-platforms.com/

As the name suggests, the eCommerce industry is leading toward taking businesses worldwide.

Small and medium eCommerce businesses must reach customers in all geographical areas. Only then they will be able to compete in the digital commerce market. 

Accommodating diverse languages in digital platforms will allow budding enterprises to grow exponentially.

2: New Innovative Technology

Benefits of AR and VR in ecommerce

Source: https://www.objectedge.com/


It is no secret that Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the future of our digital world. These technological innovations will uncover a new era of endless possibilities. 

They will enhance the online purchasing experience with visualization, personalization, and other features

Thus, digital commerce owners need to adapt such features as they will transform how the eCommerce industry operates.

Conclusion – eCommerce Business Problems

Small and medium enterprise owners have to face several eCommerce business challenges. Entrepreneurs must overcome these challenges with the help of advanced eCommerce solutions. These solutions will help them to grow their businesses. 

They must be far-sighted and incorporate the latest technology trends to stay ahead in the competitive market. If you are looking for the right partner to assist you in upgrading your eCommerce enterprise, then do not look any further. 

Technocrats Horizons is a reputed name in eCommerce development solutions providers. Our team will help you with highly curated solutions and efficient assistance at every step of your journey.


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