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A Logo is the first impression of your business , brand or product, it reflects user brand identification. Logos make it easier to identify your specific brand in a sea of Corporate Giants and Startup Companies. They instantly represent your Company’s Genre, Purpose and Mission through cleverly-designed visual properties. The Logo is going to be the face your brand. It is the first step of any brand creations, it must be an impressive or interactive logo design that should be remember-able to your entire customer and for rest of the world also.


  1.    1. Should be simple
  2.    2. Good use of colors
  3.    3. Lines and slogans
  4.    4. Should be unique
  5.    5. Should be remember-able

Technocrats Horizons is a community of Talented Professionals in Logo designing. They have made several logos that come in a variety of business genres with beautiful, vibrant colors, and creative design themes with Benefits as:-

  1.    1. Maximum impact for your customers
  2.    2. Choosing the Right type of Logo for your company
  3.    3. Designed in a way that is Aesthetically Pleasing (Color Palettes, Fonts)
  4.    4. Available in a range of formats and files types using quality Design software
  5.    5. Positive impression of your reputation and company
  6.    6. Low cost

We have a perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry, the best people formula for great logo designs. Our multifaceted team of Graphic Designers has great experience in Photoshop designing, Logo Designing, Print materials, Corel Draw, Illustrations, Infographic, Apps, Advertising, Flash and Gif Animations, Banners, 2D and 3D Graphics and Games. We are pretty much sure that we will deliver you a spectacular logo to you that will fulfill your all designing concepts.

Please visit our portfolio to see our amazing and appealing graphic designs:


Interested in getting Graphic designing innovations for your business?

Contact us at +91-9814068738 or Mail at [email protected].

For more updates, visit us at www.technocratshorizons.com


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