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Vivek Bhatia

February 16, 2024
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Do you know how many Android smartphone users are there in the world? As, per a recent report, there are approximately 3.3 Billion Android smartphone users worldwide and as of now, Android occupies 71.74% of the global market share of mobile operating systems.

This makes Android the leading mobile operating system around the world. What makes it so famous is its scalability and support for users’ favorite apps like Files by Google and WhatsApp. Furthermore, Android apps are more cost-effective to build compared to iOS.

Not only are Android apps affordable, but they are also highly functional and accessible. So naturally, it becomes the first choice of many business owners. But to build an Android app, you need to hire Android app developers.

Many clients often need help with problems when they are looking to hire Android developers. In this blog post, we have outlined for you all the do’s and don’t when you want to hire Android developers. You will get to know the hiring process, skills needed, and common mistakes to avoid when you hire Android developers.

Hire Android App Developer for Your Project!!

Why You Need To Hire Android Developers?


Android apps have enormous market potential ready to be explored and they will only grow with time. When you hire Android app developers, you get to build cutting-edge Android-based products for devices like smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and smartwatches. It gives you exposure to a larger market.

Hire Android Developer

Here are some of the many reasons to hire Android developers:


  • When you hire Android developers who have high expertise, they take care of your project leaving you to focus on your core business operations.
  • Professional Android app developers are well-versed with market trends so they are the best choice if you are looking to build scalable and future-ready apps. 
  • If you build an in-house development team, it can cost you a lot of money and time. That’s why it is most suitable to hire Android app developers who are professionals in building apps faster and cost-effectively.
  • A mobile app needs consistent maintenance, support, and bug fixing for seamless performance. You get support and maintenance services when you hire Android developers.
  • Professional Android app developers deliver flawless apps by performing rigorous testing, something you can’t do by yourself.
  • One of the biggest advantages of hiring Android app developers is that you can ask for APIs, databases, or third-party services integration since they possess the tech capacity to do so.
  • Mobile apps are the identity of your business and to highlight it, you need to hire Android developers who can help you build customized app solutions.
  • A professional team of app developers has a lot of experience in understanding users’ needs so they are better suited for building user-friendly, visually stunning, and interactive interfaces. 

To transform your idea into apps, you can hire an Android developer or go for a team of highly skilled developers. You have even more options, like building an in-house Android app developers team or simply hiring offshore Android app developers.

Hire Dedicated Android App Developer

Types of Android App Developers You Can Hire


Business owners often wonder about the types of app developers to hire. If you are facing the same question, don’t worry, you can hire three main categories of app developers.


1. Hiring a Freelancer


The first and most popular choice is hiring a freelance mobile app developer. There are many online platforms out there with thousands of freelancers and are the best source to hire Android developers online.

The biggest benefit of hiring a freelancer is you don’t have to pay employee benefits such as casual leaves or paid holidays. Owners just need to pay freelancer app developers when the project is finished, or on an hourly basis.

You’ll notice that many of those independent Android app developers lack formal training, which is one of the key causes of their non-employment in large companies.

Because they lack the necessary skills, business owners can easily employ independent app developers at a fair price. Since startups have a limited budget, they frequently choose to work with freelancers.


2. Hiring an Outsourced Team


Essentially, business owners hire Android app developers under contract when they hire an outsourced team and this is one of the most widely used and effective ways of app development.

Although hiring an outsourced team is preferable to hiring a lone freelancer, it may be slightly more expensive than hiring a freelancer, but the owner may get a superior mobile app.

Hiring an outsourced team gives you a lot of flexibility because you can scale up or down the app development team based on your project’s needs. An outsourced team takes no risks and will deliver high-quality service, owners with a respectable app budget may consider working with them.

Businesses that have expanded from startups and are still in the early stages of development may want to consider employing an external team, as they can offer the most effective solution for increasing your company’s or business’s visibility through mobile applications.


3. Hiring In-House Developers


One of the best options is to hire an in-house team which is the most trustworthy and dependable way to hire Android developers.

If your company already works in the tech field, adding new Android app developers to the team will only require a few interviews and selecting the top candidate.

An in-house team gives you a chance to focus on your work and leave the app development to them. If you choose to build an in-house team, you will find that they are consistently motivated and devoted to your business.

It helps you take complete control over the development team and avoids unnecessary communication issues. Although hiring in-house developers is considered to be more expensive, it can also be quite beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses looking to build an impression.


8 Steps To Hire Android App Developers


After you have decided to go ahead with your app idea, you need to hire Android app developers to follow up the process. There are multiple hiring options available when you go down that path.

However, these options involve a lengthy and complex hiring process. But, we have made this hiring process easier for you. Have a look at our step-by-step guide on how to hire Android developers:

Hire Android App Developers Steps

Step 1: Establish Your Objectives


Start by thoroughly researching your app concept before determining how to hire Android app developers.

This step addresses the app’s purpose and revenue model (free or paid). Free applications are always free, and paid ones offer premium users access to exclusive features.

Build a free app if you’re just getting started and want to build rapport with your audience. But as soon as you receive encouraging feedback from users, prepare to add in-app purchases and start making money.

Once you’ve decided what you want to achieve from your app, how you are going to earn revenue from it, or simply use it for your internal processes, you can move to the next step of the hiring process.


Step 2: Analyzing Your Budget


The future of creating an application for your company depends on your available funds, which also cover the cost of hiring Android app developers. Also, you need to do a complete ROI analysis to determine how much you can spend on Android app development.

When you hire Android developers, their skills and experience decide the cost of their services. As a responsible business owner, you should be more aware of the production costs of your application.

Estimating your expenses is essential as it enables you to know how much you can spend on business expansion and how much is needed to invest in app development.

To determine the budget for your application, you must be certain of the requirements, the type of application, the application’s design, and a host of other factors. It’s important to have a flexible budget since occasionally, expenses may exceed initial projections.


Step 3: Go Through Hiring Platforms


As suggested earlier, you can find and hire Android developers from multiple online hiring platforms. You can find many by typing a normal search query on Google. Toptal and Upwork are among the most famous hiring platforms and they host a large number of qualified experts.

These platforms also provide you with their basic information, professional experience, past projects, etc. This allows you to analyze their entire profile and the costs they are demanding before taking the next step.


Step 4: Examine the Portfolios and Reviews of Potential Partners


This step is very crucial as it gives you a chance to know whether the Android app developers are trustworthy and qualified for your app project.

A deep analysis of portfolios gives you insight into the ability, creativity, and results the developers were able to achieve. You can also see if they fit your organizational needs and vision based on their existing projects.


You can have a look at their problem-solving skills, customization abilities, and design aesthetics which are much needed just beyond their tech abilities.

For business owners, it is also very crucial for business owners to examine client reviews as they tell you a lot about their professional, communication skills and their ability to turn ideas into real apps.


Step 5: Analyze Their Tech Skills


Since Android app development is a very technical process, you would want to hire Android developers with advanced technological know-how. For this step, you need to update yourself with the latest technologies so you can better assess a developer’s skills and communicate with them effectively.


Here are some of the tech skills Android app developers must have:


  • Hire Android app developers with strong skills in programming languages such as C#, JavaScript, Kotlin, and Android Studio. Having skills in multiple languages helps them build user-friendly and trendy apps.
  • They need to be a master in backend development. Since most apps are interactive, they need to possess a powerful database and in many cases, a powerful admin panel.
  • If you ever decide to change your mind and offer your app to iOS users too, you need to hire Android developers with cross-platform development skills.
  • App security is non-negotiable so hire Android app developers that build secure apps, fix any vulnerabilities, and keep user data protected from external threats.
  • The modern world demands apps that can operate equally well on multiple devices so consider IoT development skills too.
  • Prefer Android app developers that follow agile development methodology. They break projects into bits, keep you updated, and complete projects more quickly and efficiently.
Looking for a Team of Highly Skilled Android App Developers

Step 6: Soft Skills


Technical skills alone are not enough to hire Android app developers. More often than not, professional Android app developers are only judged on their Android knowledge and their existing portfolio. They will, however, require more than technical know-how and expertise as your team members.

Go for experienced app developers as their working experience helps in building essential soft skills. First and foremost comes communication, as they need to understand your business needs, and users, and update you on the development process in a way even a non-technical person understands.

Secondly, they need to have great critical thinking skills to be able to solve unexpected issues without hampering the project. Third, they must be open to new additions, possibilities, and development approaches. They need to have superior time management skills and a collaborative approach to producing high-quality outcomes.


Step 7: Conduct Screening and Interviews


Screening, commonly referred to as filtering, is the process by which business owners must decide which prospective app developers to hire.

Shortlist candidates that fit your ideal description and have previously worked on similar projects. See if they fit your timeline and budget as these steps allow you to narrow down the list of potential candidates to be interviewed.

Screening and Interviews

Then start with the interview process. Start by giving them a task on a deadline and see if they can produce impressive results in that time frame.

Call them in for face-to-face or remote interviews to analyze their technical and communication skills. Also, see if they are on board with your vision and fit in your business’s culture.


Step 8: Hire Android Developers and Sign a Contract


Once the entire interview process is completed and you are satisfied with the experience, costs, and skillsets of the select candidates, you can complete the hiring process. Decide upon the exact requirements, deadlines, project costs, and communication to avoid future clashes.

The next step is to sign a mutually agreed upon contract that lists all the terms and conditions regarding the entire development process. Especially if you are outsourcing Android app development, a contract becomes pivotal.

Depending upon the number of Android app developers, project managers, designers, and testers you hire, you would have to make multiple contracts. Overall, it is a crucial process and requires due diligence from your end.


Mistakes To Avoid When You Hire Android App Developers


The success of a mobile app depends upon multiple factors such as poor planning, mishandling, or lack of a budget. Many of them are unavoidable, however, one can be avoid and that is hiring an app developer that adds no value to your project. Here are some mistakes you should never make when you want to hire Android developers:

  • Don’t go for the cheapest option. Choosing the least expensive option can hamper the app’s quality and you are more prone to run into fraudulent developers.
  • Doing just the opposite is also a very bad move. Most expensive does not mean the best quality or best fit for your project. Go for skillsets and experience that fit your app requirements.
  • Do not hire Android app developers who lack a basic understanding of your project and technological knowledge on how to develop a scalable solution.
  • Always verify if the projects they are claiming to be theirs were actually developed by them or not. You can also test those apps and if they don’t work properly, then reject those developers.
  • Follow proper paperwork. Those who do not write everything from project requirements to costs to deadlines in a contract are bound to face multiple issues.
  • Do not hire Android developers who do not provide comprehensive testing, maintenance, and post-launch support.


Why Hire Android App Developers From Technocrats?


Well after going through this blog you must have realized how crucial it is to hire Android app developers that understand your vision and can help you launch a successful app in 2024.

We also simplified the entire hiring process for you so that when you decide on your app idea, you have a roadmap to follow for hiring the best Android app developers.

To make it even better for you, we have the best Android app development partner for you. Technocrats is the first choice of prominent businesses as we are dedicate to delivering top-notch quality apps and the highest level of client satisfaction.

Our Android app development team is equip with high-end technologies and understands the flexibility and functionalities the Android platform offers. We have a full-house app development team so we are also an ideal choice for project outsourcing.

If you’re looking to hire a trustworthy, skilled, results-focused Android app development team, then look no further. Get in touch with our experts now.

About The Author

Mr. Vivek Bhatia is a skilled and seasoned sales professional and is currently positioned as the sales head of Technocrats Horizons Compusoft Pvt. Ltd. He is responsible for leading the sales team to success and driving growth for the organization. Mr. Vivek brings a wealth of strategic thinking, business acumen, and sales boosting skills to the table, inspiring his team to reach new heights and innovate in their approach to sales. He is committed to delivering exceptional sales metrics that make a measurable impact.

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