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Tarvinder Singh

February 8, 2022
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Everyone is talking about Clubhouse today. This application is being discussed by users, who argue about it and try to get into the elite club.

The clubhouse was also ranked as one of the Unicorn startups, following Uber and Airbnb. Its capitalization was over $1 billion which is worthy of admiration and respect.

Clubhouse is a voice-based service that relies on high-quality sound to function properly. The app’s audio component was therefore a top priority for its owners.

Let’s suppose you are looking to create a chat app similar to Clubhouse, and copy your competitors’ experience. What should you consider to make it a success?

  • You need to ensure that your server can deliver uninterrupted and reliable audio to your users. The server does not need to store conversations so it is not required to have any special storage.

What is the Clubhouse app?

Clubhouse is a special social network that focuses on audio chats. It is a combination of podcasts, conference calls, talk radio and podcasts. It allows us to listen to and participate in engaging conversations.

Clubhouse is the answer to the greatest challenge of our time, the pandemic. The application allows us to diversify our remote communication and improve it.

Clubhouse’s Main Theme

  • You will need an invitation from another user to become a Clubhouse full member.
  • Clubhouse conversations are live streamed and cannot be recorded. Breaking this rule will result in your account being blocked.
  • The users must provide their real names and prove that they are of legal age. The service owners are still learning how to manage it.
  • Discrimination and insults of any kind are not allowed. Every user can also complain about any violation of these rules if they notice one. Clubhouse must investigate the complaint and if necessary take appropriate action.
  • Clubhouse is a sort of TikTok antipode. Clubhouse features, unlike TikTok, are focused on clip thinking. They instead focus on real relationships and emotional communication.

Why is Clubhouse in high demand?

  • A unique novelty. Although there are many people who want to create an app like Clubhouse today, it was initially unique and highly sought-after.
  • Feeling selected. Imagine a club where you can join only by recommendation or invitation. It is an honour to be a member of this club! Users were and are eager to be part of the lucky few.
  • Launch time. People looking for real, live communication. Pandemia made us all reluctant hermits. The right time has come for a new form of interaction between users.
  • A strong technical component. It’s not an easy task to develop a podcast platform. A strong team of experts is required to create a Clubhouse-like app, and ensure it runs to its full potential. 
  • Minimalistic app design. This interface design is simple and focuses on the use of emojis. These UI/UX trends have become very popular.
  • No formalities. Although video conferencing can be a great way for friends and colleagues to communicate remotely, we need to make sure that we are ready to go before we turn on the camera. The clubhouse is completely different. The user can join any club or room in Clubhouse from any location in the world, regardless of their appearance. After all, no one sees you!
  • A great example of celebrities. We’ve already listed a few famous names. Hypothetically, anyone can chat with someone famous if they are in the right place at the right moment.

Clubhouse Features You should Consider For Your Corporate Communication APP

You could create an app like Clubhouse as the owner of your company to manage it remotely.

  • Hosting business meetings. You can use Zoom or similar apps to communicate with remote employees. However, audio-based social media platforms have many undisputed advantages (which we discussed above).
  • Improve workflows. Have an urgent need to speak with an employee? You can call him but it’s sometimes easier to use the voice functionality on the audio-focused social media network (Like Clubhouse).
  • Enhancing employees’ skills. This app also offers endless possibilities for employee training.
  • Professional expertise demonstration. Clubhouse is a great way to showcase your professional expertise. To improve the utility of the content, it is a good idea to invite experts from related fields to join the discussion. It is possible to discuss topics that might be of interest to your customers.
  • Make new and useful connections. Clubhouse helps you to make valuable contacts. This is a reason enough to use the audio-based social network app on a regular basis.
  • Customer loyalty will increase. Don’t overlook the possibility of increasing customer loyalty. It’s easy to set up a Clubhouse that focuses on customer needs and host events. Events are rooms in the Clubhouse. An automobile brand can draw car enthusiasts to hear expert vehicle reviews.
  • You can do it! Clubhouse is a way to engage a high-quality, potentially monetized audience.
  • Time-saving. Every minute is worth a lot of money. Clubhouse offers a way to communicate with colleagues and discuss important topics. Nobody sees you, right? You are only being heard!
  • Training. Obviously, every app, website, and social network serves a purpose. Instagram entertains and inspires us, Facebook keeps us up to date with events, and so forth. Clubhouse, a social media platform, is designed to improve people’s professional skills and knowledge, as well as share their experiences with others.
  • Promotions of services. Smartly acting will allow you to offer valuable advice and promote your company. Simply mention your services and tell the audience why they are so great and why they should be chosen.

App features for Clubhouse-like App

Clubhouse advocates simplicity and minimalism in all things. This includes functionality. Clubhouse features only include the most essential options. Nothing distracts from the primary application task of voice communication.

Voice Chat App

Check-in. A registration option is the first feature that every application must have. Clubhouse requires that the user has an invitation from an elite club member to register. However, even if the user does have the invitation, registration is not possible.

  • Clubhouse asks users to access their contacts when they register. Although it seems that there is nothing wrong in asking for this information, others believe Clubhouse is negligent about keeping phone numbers safe (or even making money by selling them to third parties). Clubhouse is an example of an app that you should be paying more attention to security.
  • Customizable personal profile. Now you are done with the first step. You now have the option to tell the world about yourself, your interests and follow people or clubs.
  • Please be careful when describing your interests. The application will suggest content based on these.
  • Search system. Search bars are essential for any program to be successful. Clubhouse is a unique feature that allows you to search for people and clubs. These are the only filters available.
  • Audio feature. This social network relies on voice communication or voice chats. Therefore microphone access is necessary. We’ll discuss the audio component more in detail when we talk about podcast app development.
  • Rooms. The Clubhouse voice chat app needs a feature that manages the communication space (the so-called rooms).
  • Clubs. Members have the option to search for and wander in clubs that are near their interests and hobbies.
  • Feed. This feed contains a list of scheduled discussions, topics, and other things of the exact type (with all details).
  • Invites. Since we’ve already talked about the issue, everything should be crystal clear.
  • Push notifications. Clubhouse, like any other app, sends notifications to its users reminding them that a new discussion is about to start and letting them know about other exciting events.
  • Clubhouse members can choose how often they receive notifications.

App Architecture

Architecture is another important aspect to consider. To create an audio chat app like Clubhouse, we recommend using a multilevel client/server approach.

You can take advantage of more development options if you follow our guidelines. The process of creating an audio-based social network app would be easier.

The following are some other benefits of a client/server architecture:

  • Ability to divide the project into three parts: client (mobile application), server (business logic), and database
  • Security and reliability of user data
  • Good scalability.

However, this approach has its cons. One of these is the need for servers with high performance.

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Clubhouse App?

Start by creating an MVP (which was mentioned earlier) if your budget is tight. You’ll be able to add new features and expand the functionality of your program later.

You can only choose one platform to support if you want to create an app similar to Clubhouse. Clubhouse users have chosen Apple’s OS. However, you can also choose Android depending on the devices that your users prefer.

A minimum of features application (for one platform) can be developed in between 1,200 and 1,500 hours. Add this time to the developer’s rate to get your project cost.

Why Can We Help You To Build An App ( Expertise & Speciality)

Technocrats Horizons has a wealth of experience in creating social media apps that work. We will integrate the app with Advanced features that will help in digitalising Corporate Communication.

  • The solution you receive is custom-built that is of top quality and performance against your competition.
  • The team has a unique value proposition that is based on extensive study of the market and personal business needs.
  • Experience is what users pay for and Technocrats Horizons provides an exclusive set of options and an amazing interactive design that creates the most enjoyable experience for users to come back.
  • Our custom-built solutions accelerate the expansion of the business by allowing you to upgrade and improve applications more quickly.

With over 10 years of experience on the market, we’re creating solid relationships with our clients placing their goals and values as our top priority. Our business analytics will help you identify the distinctive business opportunities, providing expert tech help to extract the highest potential of your company.

About The Author

Introducing Mr. Tarvinder Singh, the CEO of Technocrats Horizons Compusoft Pvt. Ltd. With his dynamic leadership and innovative thinking, Mr. Tarvinder Singh has built a reputation for himself as a visionary and a clients’ person through and through. Under his guidance, Technocrats Horizons has grown to become a powerhouse in the tech world, providing cutting-edge solutions that have helped countless businesses thrive. When he's not leading the charge at Technocrats Horizons, Mr. Tarvinder enjoys spending time with his family, traveling the world, singing, and mentoring young entrepreneurs.

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