How Much Does it Cost to Build a Mobile App Like Noon
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Gulshan Chandan

April 25, 2024
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eCommerce has been rising in the past two decades, but the pandemic pushed its popularity into the next dimension. More and more businesses are reaching customers where they spend the most time, which is their smartphones.

The eCommerce market is expected to reach almost $8.5 trillion by 2026. Most businesses, from the bigshots to the local vendors, everybody is selling online.

If you own a retail business without any presence in marketplace platforms or you don’t have a dedicated eCommerce app, chances are you will be left behind.

If this is inspiring your eCommerce app venture, let’s talk about Noon, an eCommerce app that is popular around the world for its user-friendly features and incredible shopping options. 

The good thing is, that you can also build an eCommerce app like Noon whether you’re in retail or not. It seems like a great idea, but you must be wondering about the cost to build an app like Noon.

In this blog post, we will discuss the average cost to build an app like Noon. We’ve also covered the range of variables affecting these expenses.

What is Noon?

Elevate Your Online Presence in the UAE with Noon, the Leading Marketplace! 🇦🇪

Noon is one of the leading eCommerce apps in Saudi Arabia and was founded in 2017 in Dubai. It follows a multi-vendor eCommerce approach where vendors with different product categories can register to sell their products through the platform. 

Even though the idea behind this platform is not new, debuted with great fanfare and quickly became the industry standard.

In contrast to a few major eCommerce players in North America and Europe, such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, works in a market that is barely more than a tenth the size of the United States in terms of value. 

Despite this, Noon has become a one-stop solution for customers looking for shopping, beauty and wellness products, electronics, home decor, etc. Its user-friendly interface, seamless navigation, competitive prices, eCommerce platform features, and extensive catalog make it famous. 

Let’s have a look at the x-factors that make Noon an easy-to-use eCommerce app –

  • Users can get a wide range of products from a single platform
  • Noon has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface which makes it the number one choice in the Middle East
  • Users get plenty of filters and sorting options to find their desired products
  • A very well-defined and categorized menu
  • It offers very secure payment methods and protects users’ data
  • It boasts of a very organized supply chain management system. It provides both standard and express delivery methods.

With these amazing features and USPs Noon made a name for itself very soon around the world. This has inspired many aspirational businesses to hire an eCommerce solutions company to build an app like Noon. 

Cost To Build an App Like Noon Based on Features and Functionalities

How Much Cost to Develop an E-Commerce App Like Noon


Features and functionalities form a major portion of the app. It is no secret that Noon has gained immense popularity based on its features. The complexity and number of features you provide decide the cost to build an app like Noon.

User Side Features

The user interface is the face of the app, which means it’s something users will see and interact with. You would want to incorporate as many user-friendly features as possible to make their shopping journey a breeze.


Android registration form - Stack Overflow

This is the first interaction customers have with the application and you would want to make a good first impression on your users. if you’ve used Noon, you’d know how flawless its registration process is. But it did not happen right away, Noon has taken its time perfecting it.  

You can go for a regular sign-up process where you ask users to fill in certain data and create a password. On the other hand, if you intend to build an app like Noon, you can go with a frictionless and highly convenient registration process by providing direct sign-up from other platforms like email IDs, mobile numbers, and social media platforms. The second method will definitely contribute more to the cost to build an app like Noon.

Interactive Home Page

The home page of Noon offers seamless navigation, a user-friendly interface, bright colors, and a categories-based menu. With a home screen as flawless as  Noon, users don’t have to struggle hard to find anything.

When you start to build an app like Noon, focus on providing all these factors to earn users’ loyalty and keep them coming back for more.

Feedback and Reviews

How to Collect In-App Feedback (Best Practices, Ways & Tools)

Customers can offer feedback through reviews and ratings after making a purchase. Customers can also express any concerns they may have had regarding the product’s quality or any other problems they may have encountered with the delivery person or the goods themselves. This will benefit other users while searching for the product and choosing what to buy.

Multiple Payment Options

An online shopping app like Noon has to include this functionality. Customers can choose the payment method they find the most suitable. There must be options for Internet banking, debit cards, credit cards, digital wallets, and other forms of payment. 

Loyalty Programs

One thing that the biggest eCommerce apps have in common is that they focus on building customer loyalty. They use loyalty programs that offer discounts, badges, deals, rewards, and many other privileges. It motivates the users to keep using it and make more purchases. These perks must convince you to include this feature in your app.

Push Notifications

The Benefits of Using Push Notifications | Intertech Media

This feature allows customers to stay updated about new deals, order status, wishlist reminders, and much more. However, you must remember that the main goal of building an app is to inform consumers of your latest information—not to annoy them.

View Order, Tracking, and Summary

After placing an order, it is typical for users to want to know the specifics of their orders. They might become concerned about the location, expected arrival time, and order status. This functionality also improves how the user interacts with the application. 

Hence, when you hire an eCommerce mobile app development company to build an app like Noon, you must emphasize incorporating all these essential user-side features.

Seller-side Features 

Just like the admin and the users, vendors get a separate panel where they can manage their activities. Depending on the number of vendor-side features and their complexity, the cost to build an app like Noon can increase-


Mobile app form design: best practices for happy users - Justinmind

In the Noon eCommerce, the first screen of the app gives you an option to sign up as a vendor. Whereas user sign-up requires very little data, on the other hand, vendors have to provide some extra information like shipping, order, and payment details.

Inventory Management 

Since Noon is a marketplace app, numerous vendors are selling their stocks through the app which means each vendor manages their own stock. When you build an app like Noon, vendors must get the inventory management feature so they can buy, sell, and store the stock.

Payment Analysis

This is another feature where the vendors can see the price of the products, offers and promotions, payments by customers, installment payments, and total revenue earned. It is a great feature to have to attract more vendors to your eCommerce app.

Admin-Side Features

The admin panel serves as the app’s management panel and is in charge of several crucial tasks. Crucial functions like managing vendors and customers, having comprehensive data on app analytics, and more must be included.

Analytics and Reports

The Role of Mobile App Analytics To Build Successful Apps

The reports that condense the app data into comprehensible formats allow an administrator to monitor the status of marketing campaigns and other operations. This results in enhanced decision-making, omnichannel engagement, and marketing campaigns.

User Administration

An integrated CRM system that makes gathering and organizing user data easier is essential for managing a big user base. User segmentation not only lowers complaints but also facilitates the transmission of offers and promotions.

Offers and Deals Handling 

Admin should be able to manage promotions and rewards. Sometimes, it could be crucial for the admin to quickly approve unique promotional discounts or loyalty plans for particular users. Such a feature would be quite useful in that situation. Accordingly, these real-time features raise the cost to build an app like Noon.

Management Dashboard

Mobile Dashboards - Explore Examples & Phone Designs

All app activity is displayed on the admin dashboard. This gives the administrator access to vital app information including income, traffic, sales figures, and product demand.

How Much Does It Cost To Build an App Like Noon?

How Much Does It Cost To Build your Own Mobile App In 2020?

The cost to build an app like Noon depends on multiple factors. What eCommerce app development options and processes you choose play a major role in it.

Have a look at each of the following factors to determine how much it would cost to build an app as successful as Noon.

App Platform

You should select a platform for your app based on who your target user base is. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of platforms: iOS and Android. These two platforms control 98% of the market.

A cross-platform approach to app development allows you to develop your app for both platforms. You can reduce your eCommerce app development costs by 40% by doing this.

App Size

As discussed earlier, Noon hosts an extensive range of products and the number keeps rising every day. How does it happen? Well, it’s because the Noon app is built on a scalable architecture and its eCommerce platform features are endless. So if you’re figuring out the cost to build an app like Noon, the size of your app will be considerably large. You would need high-capacity databases, advanced features, and continuous maintenance, and all of them could lead to higher eCommerce app development costs. 

App Design

How to Design an App: The Ultimate Guide

According to the survey, the first thing users notice about an app when deciding whether or not to use it is its design. A crucial component of developing eCommerce software is creating an interface that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. 

You have multiple options when it comes to design. You can go for a pre-built theme or a custom, it totally depends on your budget. Therefore, the design you select for your app will determine how much it costs to build an eCommerce app like Noon.

Also, the entire user experience can be improved by investing in professional UI/UX design, however, the costs associated with design skills may increase. 

Development Team

An Effective Team Structure for Mobile App Development | by Trienpont International | Medium

The cost to build an eCommerce app like Noon depends highly on the development stage and the team that you hire. First, the app designer creates a prototype for the kind of app that you want. In the next stage, the developers take the wireframe and prototype design to build an app like Noon. All the features, functionalities, and APIs are integrated at this stage and the design is made responsive.

The degree of customization you have in mind for your app is a major factor in pricing. More development work and resources will be required for a fully customized solution with distinctive features, design components, and functionalities. 

Furthermore, you also need an eCommerce mobile app development company with an expert team to build your eCommerce app. Generally, a full-fledged team consists of project managers, designers, front-end developers, back-end developers, and quality testers.

Overall, everything comes together here. The caliber of the chosen eCommerce solutions company and the size of the development team play a huge role in deciding the cost to build an eCommerce app like Noon.

API Integrations

What Is an API for Mobile Apps?

Noon is known to be very secure and if you want to replicate this quality, the eCommerce app development costs will go up. The integration requirements of various payment gateways may differ, impacting development time and costs. 

You might also need to integrate external services or APIs to provide features like shipping, inventory control, or marketing tools. The complexity and scale of the integrations can also affect the overall cost of building an app like Noon.

The aforementioned considerations can significantly affect the cost to build an app for Noon. However, it is reasonable to estimate that a basic app might cost around $8,000 to $15,000, and a moderate version can cost around $20,000 to $25,000. 

But, if you intend to build an app that is equipped for the future by incorporating features like an AI chatbot, a voice search functionality, real-time analytics powered by machine learning, personalized shopping suggestions, an augmented reality try-on filter, and more, the development can go upto $35,000.

Choose Technocrats To Build an App like Noon

As you can see, there is a lot of possibility in the world of eCommerce app development. Now is the perfect time to build an app like noon for your business if you’re looking to create a marketplace app.

To create an eCommerce app similar to Noon by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and frameworks, you must collaborate with an eCommerce solutions company that can understand and justify your app concept.

With its extensive client lists, seasoned app development, and reliable track record, Technocrats has established itself as a trustworthy and skilled eCommerce mobile app development company.

Our portfolio is rich with profitable eCommerce apps with sizable user bases. Having previous experience in building marketplace apps, we are the right choice to build an app like Noon for you.

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