Importance of Landing Page Design to Skyrocket Your Conversions!
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      A first impression always matters a lot! For a thriving business – whether it’s an online or a physical store, how you engage first-time with the customer leads to a successful customer journey that slowly guides a prospect through the sales funnel or completely turns away a viable sales lead.

      • Its the initial point of interaction

      In this digital era, the major number of customers get interacted with a business by just making a quick online search on the internet. This is where a Landing page plays a vital role in the business. It gives an initial glimpse of what your brand is all about and how it is going to benefit a customer. A well-designed landing page clear, concise and holds the hands of visitors to set points.

      What exactly a Landing Page Is?

      A clear-cut explanation of a Landing Page is – its the initial point of interaction within a website and visitor. A visitor can enter from any link/Url of a website. From which URL, a user lands on a website is called the landing page for that user.

      There are two types of landing pages –

      1. Click-through landing page This type of landing page entice visitors to click through to another page. Such landing pages are mostly used for e-commerce sites.
      2. Lead generation landing pages – This type of landing page are highly crucial to generate a reliable business lead. This landing is designed to collect visitor’s information which allows a person to engage the market during the purchasing journey.


      A landing page may vary from user to user, it may be “Home page”, “Service page”, “About us” page or any other page. Some folks may differentiate between a landing page and homepages. And some will say – a webpage with contact fill form embedded in it, is a landing page.

      In actual, if you go for a simple landing page, it can be any page of the website. But if you are running a campaign and want high conversions from it then you need to better optimize a landing page by considering some specific factors such as –

      • Attention Ratio
      • Direction and Flow of Landing Page
      • Highlighting
      • Proximity of Elements and much more.

      These factors help a business to create more qualified leads and result in higher conversion rates. Thus, the landing page becomes a very crucial aspect of any marketing campaign of a business.

      How a Landing Page Help a Business To Skyrocket their Conversions?

        1. Render Clarity & Purpose – Landing page used for sales, are always precise with clear information in short-length to merge user’s focus toward the product. It simplifies the information for the users to figure out what that product is, how it will benefit them and why its a good deal for them. These factors available on the landing page will push users to take a specific action. It also makes it clear for the user that you want them to purchase, to contact you, to sign up, or to download.
        2. Generate Accurate Data & Insights – A specific landing page for a specific campaign will help you identify the interest of the audience and get details about the user for future sales. The insights of this collected data will help you identify and refine users for each campaign and make the right targeting.
        3. Boosts SEO of website – a search engine always aimed to render highly relevant content to the user and a landing page is always specifically designed for an audience with a specific interest. This will indicate the search engine that website is containing good quality & relevant content and rank that page in search engine. This boosts the SEO of the website.
      1. Excite Visitors to Make a Purchase – An effective landing is comprised of impressive and user-friendly design so that a visitor will not be confused about what to do. The landing page design will itself attracts the user’s focus by eliminating all other distraction and excite the user to make an action for purchase.
      2. Brand Awareness & Credibility – A consumer will only recognize a brand that provides the best client experience with easy navigation toward their exact requirements. A landing page for a marketing campaign is specially designed to make it clear for the users that their course of action is clear and landing page is helping them to achieve it. With this, the user will recognize that your brand better understands their problem and provide a quick & easy resolution for it. This builds a great brand image with accurate awareness and credibility.
      3. Refine Potential Customers – A well-optimized landing page that comprises optimized CTAs and internal links help you better refine wheat from the chaff that means it will separate the potential customers from just interested customers. This allows a business to target all the interested users and collect highly reliable data of potential customers from it.

      Here, all the above-mentioned factors make it clear that, if your business got a good landing page for visitors, you’ll surely drive potential customers for your business. This will increase organic search traffic, increase conversions and capture more qualified leads.

      Are you up to get a well-optimized Landing Page for your business and try it in your next campaign & see for yourself?

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