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With smart phones in our pockets these days we have easy and quick access to information. Checking email and social networks are probably among the top activities on a smart phone but the ability to keep track of news and current affairs on the go is changing how we consume news.

Technocrats Horizons announces the launch of its new developed Mobile App for Leading Newspaper of J&K – Daily EXCELSIOR

The Daily Excelisor app brings blogs, recent happenings, social posts and daily news to one place about Jammu & Kashmir in a beautiful magazine format.
Followings are the main features of this app:-
1) The App has been designed keeping in mind that navigation is easy and natural for every user.
2) Besides, offering the top stories of the day, this app also keep readers abreast with various sections including Fashion, Politics, Sports, Financial from J&K and around the world.
3) This app also allows user to set notifications to get daily updates.
4) For those interested in a conventional approach, there is also a sidebar menu with all the sections as well as the e-paper link for easy navigation.
6) The user interface is well designed and properly categorized to define each and every section.
7) It has a Highlight feature of sharing and commenting on different news/articles with friends via Social Media, Email, Message, etc.
8) This app is also compatible with offline mode so that user can read news/articles without an internet connection.

This App is available for both IOS and Android devices.

Interested in getting a similar project built for your business, contact us @  [email protected]


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