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Vivek Bhatia

February 19, 2024
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eCommerce has emerged as the most lucrative industry in recent years which makes it a great opportunity for retail businesses. It opens a lot of doors for selling businesses that get access to a larger audience and more sales opportunities. But to go digital, you need to invest in eCommerce development.

For this you have two choices- either to build your own eCommerce website or outsource eCommerce web development. Many businesses choose to build their own but outsourcing offers many advantages that make it a better choice.

Not just retail business owners but development companies with numerous projects can also outsource eCommerce web development. It helps them manage their workload and increase their capacity to onboard more clients.

In this blog post, we will discuss all of the reasons why you should invest in it to succeed in 2024.

This will help you to understand the impact of outsourcing eCommerce web development and make a profitable decision.

What is eCommerce Outsourcing?


eCommerce outsourcing is a calculated business strategy where either a retail business owner or a development company collaborates with an outside service provider to build and manage online stores.

Rather than handling every facet of the online business itself, businesses might assign particular tasks to specialized outsourcing providers.

These include, but are not limited to, inventory control, order processing and delivery, user interface design, eCommerce store web development and application maintenance, and data analytics.

eCommerce outsourcing comes in a variety of forms, from full end-to-end solutions to the selective outsourcing of particular operations. Depending on their particular requirements and goals, businesses can decide to outsource one or more functions.

The outsourcing partner functions as an extension of the organization, collaborating to guarantee a smooth integration that is in tune with the objectives and needs of the business.

Here’s what services you can expect when outsourcing eCommerce web development:

  • eCommerce web design
  • eCommerce web development
  • Migrations and API integrations
  • Custom features and functionalities development
  • Website Redesigning
  • eCommerce website testing
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

Top Reasons Why You Need To Outsource eCommerce Web Development


To some, outsourcing may look like an unnecessary process that is filled with multiple complications or might cost a lot. However, when done right, it can benefit your business a lot. Here are some reasons why you should invest in outsourcing eCommerce web development:

Outsource ecommerce development

Access to Skilled Developers


Through outsourcing, you can quickly and easily connect with a pool of skilled and knowledgeable developers who are experts at creating eCommerce platforms. These developers possess the skills and know-how required to produce an effective and superior digital selling platform. You can take advantage of their expertise through outsourcing without having to spend money on employee training or onboarding new hires.

Additionally, because of their industry knowledge, they can help you to maintain the competitiveness of your digital business. These professionals guarantee that your project benefits from the most recent industry insights and best practices since they have a deep awareness of the intricacies of online commerce.

Want to build an eCommerce website but don't have developers?

Lower Maintenance and Labor Costs


You can save money by outsourcing instead of hiring your in-house development team. You only pay for the services you need, and there are no overhead expenses like there are with internal teams. Furthermore, outsourcing saves companies money on the costs of recruiting, onboarding, and training new hires as well as continuing maintenance and support for eCommerce development projects.

For companies with limited resources, this might mean big labor and maintenance cost reductions. This low-cost tactic can be quite helpful for businesses trying to maximize their budget and helps you allocate resources more effectively.


Expand to the International Market


If you choose to outsource eCommerce web development then you can partner up with any company in the world. It opens up your horizons to different parts of the world and you can learn many things from their experience. They also bring something new to the table and give you a fresh perspective on your customers.

Expand International Market

India, Vietnam, Mexico, Brazil, the UK, and the USA are some of the most preferred countries to outsource eCommerce web development. Each country has different cost brackets for eCommerce web development. Just because companies from specific countries are charging low, it does not mean they are offering low-quality services.

For example, a vendor selling in the city of New York wants to expand its business to Asian countries. It would be advisable for them to outsource eCommerce web development to an Asian company as they understand that market better than American or European companies. Overall, choosing to outsource eCommerce web development can be a great decision and it also allows you to expand to a global market.


Less Hassles and Smoother Project Management


You can narrow down your search for offshore web programmers to simply those who have a strong background in the eCommerce platform of your choice. This will eliminate the requirement for new hires each time one of your team members faces a challenge.

As was already noted, the process of employing new internal staff members can be very time-consuming. The speed and caliber of your project will suffer if you are unable to support your team when they need it.

A successful eCommerce website will take a lot of time and work to manage and maintain. It takes more than just coders to make a stunning web solution, you would also need copywriters, graphic designers, and marketing experts.

Hiring all these experts can be very difficult and cost you a lot so the best option is to outsource eCommerce web development to a company that offers a full suite of development services along with marketing services.


Enhanced output from your in-house team


When you outsource eCommerce web development, you can reduce the burden of your internal team. When your managers aren’t juggling an entire web development department, they will have more time to concentrate on other crucial duties. The entire team is impacted by how well you manage.

Aside from that, having no additional burden on your team means they can work more efficiently and give more productive outputs. All in all, outsourcing web development is a fantastic method to boost output at work. It is a long-term investment that will undoubtedly pay off and provide you an advantage over your competitors.


Managing Risks Effectively


When your business takes on new projects or objectives, your internal workforce may lack experience. Not every employee is proficient in every technology. In this scenario, it would be a wise choice to outsource eCommerce web development to a more experienced offshore team.

Skill sets are essential in web development, and outsourcing lowers the possibility of error. More importantly, your internal team might not be aware of the latest web development technologies. A more experienced team tends to handle crises better and come up with a robust eCommerce solution.


Quicker Time to Market


If businesses outsource eCommerce web development, they could reduce the time it takes to launch a product.

Quicker Time Markett

Experienced vendors and outsourcing web development companies can manage projects more effectively since they have established development strategies, workflows, and successful methods over the years. As a result, businesses gain a competitive edge through faster product launches and delivery times.


Key Considerations That It’s Time To Outsource eCommerce Web Development


Having an in-house team comes with many advantages but there are certain drawbacks as well and these drawbacks can lead you to outsource some of your services. We have listed the most commonly faced challenges that can lead you to outsource eCommerce web development:

1. Your in-house employees may be too occupied with their core responsibilities so much so that they cannot take on more tasks.

2. You want to launch your digital platform to a new audience or country but you don’t have enough knowledge about their demographics.

3. You could be planning to scale your business without wanting to expand your team, offices, or new technologies.

4. The cost of in-house development teams and the benefits you have to offer to them might be too overwhelming for some people.

5. Companies often face bottlenecks or inefficiencies and that can lead them to outsource eCommerce web development for better UI/UX, slow website, or poor data management.


Planning to outsource your eCommerce development?


Outsourcing eCommerce Web Development: How it Works?


Now that you are aware of all the perks of outsourcing eCommerce web development, the next step is to understand how the entire process works. This will help you manage the project properly and minimize unnecessary hiccups.

Decide Your Project Details


Everything begins here. Before you outsource eCommerce web development, you need to finalize your project details. Consider what kind of eCommerce website you want, what users you are going to target, and what will be the complexity level of your eCommerce platform.


There are many other factors to consider you need to consider before moving forward : 

– Decide on one- single vendor or multi-vendor
– Choose your demographics
– Budget and requirements of your project
– Determine what output you expect from your project
– Decide what features you want in your eCommerce website

Search for Potential Partners


Next what you need to do is look for the most ideal partner to outsource eCommerce web development. There are multiple options out there, some in your location and some even internationally.

Suppose you want to focus on a specific locale. In that case, it’s advisable to hire an outsourcing partner from that country only and if you’re okay working in different timezones, then the world is open for you.

There are multiple platforms online where you can look for ideal partners such as GoodFirms, DesignRush, and even social media platforms like LinkedIn. Check their profiles and past projects to see if they fulfill your criteria. There are companies with huge portfolios but it is necessary to check their reviews and testimonials.

Also, see if they fit in your budget. Keep your budget flexible as there is always room for negotiations and sometimes, the project costs can go up and down.

Finalize Details and Sign The Contract


After shortlisting the candidates, you can start the interview process. Choose the company that ticks all the boxes and agree on the project conditions.

To make sure, your project stays on track and the company you choose to outsource eCommerce web development is following all the requirements, it is advisable to lay out all the requirements in a contract. Here’s what you should agree upon beforehand:

  • Establish your project requirements i.e. scale, features, and functionalities
  • Mention agreed deadlines and costs to avoid unnecessary delays and hikes
  • Establish communication guidelines and channels you will use to keep up with the project’s progress
  • Testing, maintenance, and support conditions for flawless operations
  • Mention all the services and features you will be getting from them.




In this blog post, you got to learn about the top reasons why you should outsource eCommerce web development and how to do it. If you are convinced that outsourcing eCommerce web development will give your business more benefits than building an in-house team, then we have got your back.

Technocrats Horizons has a team of experienced and skilled eCommerce developers who can build your eCommerce website for several platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.

And what is the best thing about us? You won’t have to burden yourself with anything. When you outsource to us, you get web designers, developers, testers, and project managers all under one roof. Get in touch with us and get ready for an impressive eCommerce solution.

So If you have any questions about outsourcing eCommerce web development for your project, please contact us. We take great pride in helping you build and expand your online store.

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