Planning To Build a Mobile App? Look for These Features

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January 19, 2017   (10 min Read)


  • Today in this ever-expanding app landscape it has become very difficult to stand out in the market. Till now if you see more than a million apps are available on the iPhone app and Google Play store. So it will not be surprising to know that the competition between the apps will be tauter than ever. Investing in mobile apps will be one of the best benefits from this trend. Thus a good mobile app can help you promote your work or business in the best way. However, before you decide on an app, you must consider all the features that will make your mobile app successful. Let’s have a look at some of the most important features:

    • 1. Useful

    Making an app just for the sake of the user has been a complete no, no! An app needs to do something unique or else it will be forgotten or canceled. There are many businesses those develop mobile apps which are just good as display products and services but non-beneficial for the customers and their needs. When you build a mobile app you need to ensure that it is purposeful. Your app should be able to solve your user’s problem or else they will delete it.
    Once you enhance your app to something that customers can rely on to manage some part of their daily life, it will be difficult for competitors prove themselves. Thus, if you are looking for an idea for your mobile application, start with this approach.

    • 2. Targeted

    In any field of business, it is very mandatory to know your audience as it will help you in building and marketing a better mobile application. Mobile app developers need to identify the correct target audience as they lack face-to-face sales opportunities. While you identify your mobile app’s target market, You should conduct thorough research before and after the actual development process. By knowing who your audience, you can plan the functionality and design according to their preferences.
    Although that may result in a comparatively small market, but the users who make up that market are more likely to download your app and interact on a regular basis. The users will stick around if the application is able to offer a unique value to those users. The App requires planning and a familiarity with an assortment of marketing mediums and techniques. These can range from marketing it via your existing ads to sponsor messages on social media platforms to pay-per-click marketing and beyond.

    • 3. Measure the impact on the overall business

    It is only through the use of the right formal metrics that you will be able to gauge the performance of the app in the market. Research has come to show that many companies never put in place such kind of measures. Without such, it is difficult to access the success of your mobile app and the higher leadership of the organization may just end, ignoring it the next time they are allocating the budget. Lacking the resources for your mobile app could end up hurting how you position yourself with your competitors and your ability to satisfy the mobile needs of your customers.

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