Shipping and Delivery Policy

Technocrats Horizons Compusoft Pvt. Ltd provides software products and services which include online website development, customized website designing, and a host of other services. We request you to convey your needs to us before placing any orders for the software product. 

We take in customer requirements before delivering our software services and products. We look after every precaution while delivering the software, still, if the product is not meeting your needs, then you can reach out to us via an email to [email protected]

Not every product or software has the same price and cost as it differs greatly depending on the software or application you have chosen. You’ll be showcased the breakdown of the prices of the software before you confirm your order with us. If you need the software on an urgent basis, do get in touch with us to communicate your requirements and ensure that the software gets delivered to you at the right time. 


Technocrats Horizons have a record of delivering the software and applications on time as mentioned by our customers. Generally, we stick to our commitments and words made during the contract but there are a few occasions where we might get late in deliveries. It is a rare case but if it happens, then we will not be held responsible for the same. 

Reach out to us if you face any issues while using our products and applications. Our team will get in touch with you to discuss the further course of action. 

Technocrats Horizons is adept at providing downloadable software which involves no shipping. We fulfill the software deliveries by sending a confirmation mail to the customers. The mail will include the download links and the related instructions to it. 

The purchase of some software might require us to get a license key from you. If this happens, then we’ll reach out to you to collect some information regarding the license key. Once we have all the required information with us, we’ll generate your license key and send it to you.