Why should you have an eCommerce Marketplace Fashion App or Website like Myntra?

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February 16, 2022


  • If you’re thinking about operating a successful Marketplace App or Web solution, it is possible to identify a number of steps that can get you a successful online app. The success of e-commerce apps can be determined by a straightforward formula. Reduce the expenditures and increase profits to make the different earnings on sale.

    If you’re a small business owner, there are greater chances of making your customers feel more connected to you instead of going the other way. The most recent methods of running an eCommerce business allow small-sized businesses to manage their operations with a minimal budget. They do not even need to maintain stocks (for those who run dropshipping businesses).

    Many global events around the world have brought about digital sales. The year of 2020 was marked by significant turmoil. However, it was also marked by an increase in online sales. Selling online is a thing you must not miss in the coming years.

    The small e-commerce stores reported a 96.5 percent (nearly twice) increase in online traffic in the last year. 33% of them are reporting almost the same amount of traffic, or even tripling it which is a 100 % up to 200% growth. The growth rate is expected to increase in the future.

    What is an eCommerce Marketplace App?

    The advancement in technology is working at the expansion in the structure of e-Commerce. Therefore, that is why the introduction of the Marketplace within the e-Commerce sector can be a path to advancement.

    It will permit customers to interact with sellers through a single platform. Therefore, The Multi-Vendor mobile application will have both a customer-centric and seller-centric feature. It will enable the efficient selling and purchasing of products.

    Apps such as Myntra can have an enormous impact on the fashion industry since they serve as a single platform for a variety of brands. Anyone who is awed by fashion and style must remain informed about the latest trends in the world market. Apps such as Myntra offer the chance for both the designers and the manufacturer designers to engage directly with the public.

    The popularity of Myntra in the marketplace has led investors to pursue a variety of mobile app development companies to build an app that is similar to Myntra. They understand users’ needs and are able to offer solutions that meet their needs. This blog shows how an app similar to Myntra can be made.

    What made Myntra the biggest online fashion marketplace in India?

    Their Customers, Website traffic as well as their brand network Myntra is an internet-based store for fashion that has more than 18 million active monthly customers and 44+ million users on its website. It has partnerships with over more than 7,000 brands, which include local and international brands. 

    Their most sought-after categories include ethnic and western clothing, men’s jeans and streetwear for men, casual footwear for men, and sports shoes.

    Their conversion-friendly marketplace app features

    • An image search function: Users search for similar products by simply uploading an image.
    • Filters and search bar: Users can easily locate any item by typing in their name or search category. From prices, discounts, size, colours, sizes, and colours to the pattern, and beyond the filters, this filter has users looking for information covered.
    • AI-powered feature for rating outfits: To get AI rating on their outfits users must take pictures and upload them to the application.
    • Instagram style feeds: The customers can make their own profile on Myntra. Myntra application and become part of the fashion community, where you can share your collection of clothes or outfits and follow fashion icons, fashion brands, and style brands.
    • Simple sharing of products: Share products via Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and Email to your family and friends for suggestions.
    • Try and buy option: If users are uncertain about the quality or size you can avail of this feature by choosing the option to buy and trial at the time of checkout.

    Essential Features For Launching An App Like Myntra

    Developing an app similar to Myntra or any other app for shopping is contingent on the functionalities and features of the app. The most essential features an app similar to Myntra should have include:

    App Design

    • Simple
    • Medium
    • Rich

    Advance Features

    • Geolocation
    • Data sync
    • Booking calendar
    • In App Camera
    • Push Notification

    Access Control

    • Using Email ID
    • Using Social Media
    • Using OTP

    App Interaction

    • Universal Linking
    • Social Sharing
    • Messaging/Chat


    • Third Party SDK

    External Features

    • OTP Reading
    • In-App Calling/Messaging
    • Secure Data Travel
    • Connecting To Third Party API

    Basic Features

    • Newsfeed/Activity Feed
    • Rating/Reviews
    • User Profile
    • Barcode/QR Code

    Admin Panel

    • User Data Control
    • Add/Block Feature
    • Usage Analytics
    • Intercom Support
    • Cash Report 
    • Reporting

    Development Process Of An eCommerce Mobile App Store

    The process of developing every mobile app store could differ from one another. While some may be created quickly and easily using a few steps, others could require several months to complete the development. It is entirely dependent on the capabilities and the content that the application offers. Here are a few easy steps to set up an app for shopping:

    1. Market Research

    Before you get in the development process you must conduct market research and be aware of what your customers are searching for in an application for your company. You must know what kind of products that they prefer to buy on the internet and whether they are loyal enough to search for you on google and purchase only from your company.

    2. Features

    Second, it is crucial to select the features people are looking for in your application. The addition of features that are of little value to users might be detrimental to your favour in certain instances. Therefore, only the important features should be included to ensure that the application appears clear and simple.

    3. Create MVP

    The third option is to consider making an MVP even if you’re in the beginning stage because it requires you to put in a minimal amount to develop the application.

    4. Implementing the Design

    Create a concept for the app that can be longevity for users. An unfinished and cluttered app that has a poor background may never see the light of day. Thus, selecting and constructing an appropriate design is difficult, yet it’s one of the most crucial stages of app development.

    5. Select a Platform

    It is essential to be aware of the platform that you intend to launch your application on. It’s for one platform such as Android or iOS or do you wish to use it on multiple platforms? The process for developing the app will alter in line with.

    6. App Management

    The app’s launch in the Play Store or the App Store isn’t the end of the procedure. Maintaining the application and making appropriate and timely updates is also important.

    How Technocrats Horizons Can Help You with Advanced App & Web Solutions?

    We provide a complete set of app design Integration, management solutions. No matter whether it’s a user-driven app or an enterprise-class application The company manages the whole process of providing mobile apps & Web Solutions from conception and design through delivery and continual assistance.

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