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March 16, 2022


  • Just Eat is the name you immediately think of when you think about a restaurant take-out app. Just Eat, with its catchy ads on radio and TV, has grown to be the market leader in restaurant and take-out markets in only 20 years.

    Although it holds the absolute market monopoly, you still have options to start your own restaurant app like Just Eat. Online food orders have increased dramatically since the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a greater market than ever, which makes it the ideal time to launch your mobile app.

    Why not create an app similar to Just Eat?

    It might seem strange to think about why you should create an app like Just Eat. But the truth is that it works, and there’s always room for more. Just Eat is the UK’s online food market leader, so it is a great model to follow.

    Just Eat reported that sales increased by more than 300% in the fourth quarter of 2020 compared to the previous year. This could have been due COVID-19 or to the continued growth of the food market.

    With more than 11,000,000 people ordering food online, the UK’s food delivery market is valued at over PS8.5 billion. There is plenty of food available, so why not focus your app on the Just Eat model instead?

    88% of respondents to a survey about food delivery companies said Just Eat. Comparing that to 38% who responded Uber Eats, it is clear that Just Eat’s marketing campaign and their app are a huge success. This combined with their PS779.5million revenue is enough to show that Just Eat is an excellent example to follow when building your own restaurant app.

    Restaurants can benefit from Just Eat’s success in terms of digital marketing help and exposure. If done right, your app could be considered an investment by brands.

    How a food delivery app helps restaurant owners?

    Here are a few most important reasons for the development of a mobile application to run your restaurant.

    1: Increased demand for online orders

    It’s a challenging and costly job to cook a favorite food or experiment with different dishes by ourselves. People find getting their most-loved or preferred foods delivered to their door is easier.

    In any case, the delivery on the doorstep is a secure option. This is why the demand for online purchases never stops!. Therefore making the investment in this market and creating a mobile app for it will not break the budget.

    2: Seamless payments and transactions!

    Companies can offer multiple methods of payment such as cash-on delivery (COD) credit cards, net banking and debit card.

    In addition, a wallet feature within the mobile app allows users to make a payment to buy food at your restaurant.

    In addition to facilitating seamless transactions to clients, your company will be able to control the transactions of all branches efficiently without hassle.

    3: Discounts & Offers offer the best of both worlds!

    Yes!. It is an ideal combination of the two. Customers will be drawn to your restaurant’s establishment and you are able to interact with them and advertise your company at the same time.

    4: You can build a strong customer base!

    People are enthralled by a variety of foods including Chinese, Italian, Thai and many other varieties of foods like a burger pizza, pizza, pasta and so on.

    It is possible to showcase your food options on your Food Delivery app with captivating photos. It lets customers of your app sample different dishes that you offer on the menu.

    In addition, other features, unique functions and features increase the number of visitors returning to your site.

    5: The best way to enhance customer service!

    The customers are impressed by the quality and prompt service. Order management software lets you offer customer support all over the place and meet their requirements in a timely manner.

    6: It is a source of the convenience and Transparency!

    With the aid of the app on mobile Users can make orders at any moment and from any place. They can also schedule times and delivery times.

    Additionally, both customers, as well as business owners, can track and manage their orders with just only a single click on the app for food delivery.

    7: Businesses should identify the right customers and interact with them!

    Create a custom mobile app that assists in identifying the correct audience for your service and business places.

    8: Excellent brand credibility!

    The better the services you offer the more clients you’ll gain. Like many customers, as you get the higher your brand is able to establish its presence.

    In addition, visitors are also willing to leave valuable feedback and comments. It can be very beneficial. This all results in an increase in the value of digital assets for your company.

    9: Restaurant Voice ordering powers your business!

    Order by voice in food establishments will become the new step in the field of food ordering. According to research that voice-based shopping is predicted to bring in $40 billion by 2022.

    As with millennia before, the older generation might not be literate or aren’t aware of how to use the phone, its capabilities and features.

    What can they do to order?.

    Alexa as well as Google Home helps!

    The most shocking thing is millennia use this feature more frequently than older generation that used to not type. It’s time-saving and comfortable for the customer.

    For those who run businesses, this feature can help in increasing brand engagement, customer engagement and customer loyalty.

    10: Increased returns!

    Food delivery apps save you money, time, and time. You can control all branches of your business within your reach. You can increase and generate profits without any hassles simply by being at your desk.

    Great benefits!.

    Incredible, right?

    It is, therefore, the perfect time to create software to manage restaurants!

    Let’s take a look at the list of its most basic and advanced functions.

    Basic characteristics:

    Each restaurant may not offer the same kind of service. The menus differ with respect to the menu and menu items. Your idea for an app could be different. You can ask your company that develops mobile apps firm you choose to create and design an app that is unique to you.

    These are, however, the essential features to be included in any online food Delivery app regardless of its size.

    In each application, there will be three panels: customer, restaurant owner, and System Admin.

    Customer Panel

    • Registration/Login/Sign Up
    • Advanced Search and filtering
    • Menu
    • Payment gateways

    Restaurant owner:

    • Login/Sign Up
    • Content management
    • Catalogue/Menu/Order Management
    • Profile management
    • Management of staff
    • Customer Reviews

    System Administration:

    • Administration Login
    • Restaurant Management
    • Courier/Delivery Management
    • Payment System Management
    • Tech Support

    How can Technocrats Horizons assist you?

    Finding the top mobile app development company can be a huge assistance. Your app should be distinctive and distinctive enough to stand out from the crowd.

    We are experienced and knowledgeable in developing various strong as well as on-demand food delivery applications. Our developers will design and develop your business plan.


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