How Customized Mobile Apps Can Help You Dominate Competitors
Tarvinder Singh

Tarvinder Singh

March 11, 2022


  • Mobile apps are more than just software that digitizes your business. Their essence transforms competitive pursuits in the digital age.

    Nearly every business sector has seen mobile apps outpace traditional marketing methods to increase profits. The global app market saw a significant increase in businesses looking to be the best in their industry by downloading apps in excess of 218 billion in 2019.

    The Top Dominating Features Of A Custom App That Will Make Your Business More Competitive

    Your business will always face competition, no matter how large or evolving your market is. Most startups and SMEs want to increase their brand presence in the market. Let’s discuss how you can dominate your competition with an app.

    • Use Of New-age Algorithms

      Modern custom mobile application development technologies and tools have led to the creation of new algorithms that solve common problems for humans. These algorithms have many applications and are crucial in deciding the best tech stack for digital startups.
      The world of algorithms offers a variety of ways to compete with established brands.
      Online dating apps offer many options to enhance mobile dating experiences. But why are only a few most popular online dating apps like Tinder leading the pack?
      The founder of Tinder’s rival i.e OkCupid admits that utilization of machine-learning-based algorithms served them a great competitive advantage for mobile apps. Businesses can capture large amounts of data matching their customers’ searches thanks to the constant evolution of cutting-edge algorithms and a solid knowledge of how AI-ML should be integrated into apps.

    • User Privacy for Security

      Businesses moving into the digital world must be aware of all kinds of cybersecurity issues. An app can help you dominate your competition by providing full-proof security for current-day customers.
      No matter what industry you are in, it is important to improve mobile app security and privacy in order to outperform your competitors. This is a great way to stand out from the rest!

    • Unique Value Proposition

      It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, being familiar with unique value propositions can make a difference in your ability to be competitive.
      Your secret weapon to outdo your competition is an app that focuses on customers’ pain points and provides clear guidance on how to solve them. Businesses can use future-ready mobile apps to stand out from the crowd and make their brand stand out amongst the rest.

    • Optimized Success Strategies

      The high potential to achieve business success is another factor that can help you understand the competitive advantage of mobile application technology & software.
      These parameters will help you accelerate your profit growth with your mobile application development strategy for business:

      • A network of mobile apps and promotional channels drives large customer reach, which is an essential tool to be able to outperform your competition with an app.
      • Over 78% of people are now using mobile apps to get their inquiries. Businesses should be ready to capitalize on mobile apps by implementing strategies to improve customer experience.
      • You can achieve brand recognition by taking steps to embrace digital mobility. This is not only to make more money but also to be able to outperform your competitors using an app.
      • A mobile app is a competitive advantage for any business. It offers multiple levels of digital marketing services that result in a variety of benefits.
    • Right Keyword Identification

      Apple App Store Statistics A recent Statista report mentions that the Google Play store has over 3.48 Million apps and around 3739 apps go live every day.
      How can you make sure your app stands out from the rest? The key to identifying keywords correctly opens up the door to easy ways to beat your competition with an app.
      Mobile app strategists work hard to find the best keyword to promote an application so it appears at the top of the search results in the respective app stores. Keyword identification is an important part of the strategy in the app store optimization guide to make your app visible amongst other business apps.

    • Enhanced Audience Accessibility

      With mobile apps, businesses can have a competitive advantage in their market niche and be easily accessible to customers. Your app’s ability to allow customers to purchase on their mobile devices is a sign that it can be a competitive advantage over other apps.
      This simply means customers love to interact with your brand and are eager to share their experiences with others. This is a good sign that your brand can compete with other well-known brands in the market.

    • Better Customer Service for Better CX

      A mobile application can be a powerful tool to improve customer service.
      Establishing a strong relationship with your customers will make your brand more real and credible to your audience.
      Apps can be used by companies to answer customer questions, offer discounts and create awareness about new products/services. efficiently. This is why most businesses use unique methods to increase UX and CX to outperform their competitors using an app.


    • Strong Customer Database

      A user will have to fill in the basic information when he/she downloads an app to inquire about a specific service or product.
      Once users give permission for your app to automatically detect your non-confidential information such as name and email address, contact details, and location, you will have enough data to gain a competitive advantage in your market.
      To store user data and target potential customers with ads & other marketing campaigns, you can incorporate a strong database from this list of most popular databases for a mobile app. It’s no surprise that organizations find it very profitable to use valuable data from existing and new users of mobile apps.

    Intelligent Mobile App Tips To Give A Competitive Edge To Your Business

    Mobile apps are a key driver of your business success once you realize how difficult it is to keep up with the market competition.

    These are some tips that every business enthusiast should follow to get the most out of their efforts and become one of those entrepreneurs who became rich from an app.

    • Use Out-of-the-Box Features to Make It Stand Out

      When choosing features and functionalities that you want to integrate into your mobile application, be selective. To ensure that your app is easy to use, you should focus on the most important mobile app features. Make sure your mobile application follows the top app UI design trends to make it intuitive and engaging enough for users to click.
      These are just a few of the best practices for mobile app development on cross-platform.

      • As it is a key source of survival, simplicity is the heart of any app. It’s designed to make it easier for new users to sign up and provide a seamless user experience.
      • If you want to be able to outperform your competition with apps that load quickly, this is another feature that you should prioritize. Learn how apps load faster before you start.
      • Every mobile app should have social media integration. This is essential for users who want to share and connect with others on social media. This is a great way to advertise your app on social media.
      • Integration of an in-app payment portal is essential to ensure that online transactions are processed faster, more securely, and without hassle.
      • To collect user feedback, always include review or feedback sections. This will help customers feel valued and increase customer loyalty.
    • Get a Mobile App Benchmarking Program

      Benchmarking refers to a thorough analysis of your competitors that focuses on various aspects of improving your app’s performance. These exclusive benefits can be used to help you beat your competition with a mobile benchmarking strategy:

      • To see where your app is in relation to existing competitors.
      • To create strategies that optimize results and implement them.
      • Find out the flaws in your process, and how to fix them.
      • You should be able to focus on the app’s purpose and not get bogged down in business processes.
      • To learn about the top mobile app competitors and their strategies in order to gain a competitive edge
    • Prioritize Cross-platform Compatibility

      Users prefer iOS and Android. Businesses should invest in cross-platform app design to gain a competitive advantage.
      It can be difficult for business owners to choose between iOS and Android as their first choice. Both platforms have large user bases and unique attributes that help retain users. 

    Create Your Business App With Technocrats Horizons To Beat Market Competition!

    In the constantly changing world of digital mobility, there is no way to predict. With the constant emergence of new technology innovations and digital transformations in mobile apps, things are constantly changing. Small businesses and SMEs will face many challenges in establishing their mobile presence in a competitive market.

    Many entrepreneurs are now looking to innovate and stay ahead of their competitors. Technocrats Horizons is proud to be a custom IT service provider for businesses that want to outperform their competition with apps. You might be tempted to create your own app to promote your brand. Our experts team can help you make it more affordable with solid solutions.

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