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Gulshan Chandan

April 26, 2024
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According to stats, eCommerce revenue is expected to reach $5.78 trillion in 2026. It’s evident that the eCommerce market is growing exponentially year by year but so is the competition.

What makes your business stand out from others? For large-scale eCommerce businesses, standing out is even more difficult since they have to handle a large number of customers, orders, and scaling challenges.

More often than not, enterprise eCommerce businesses deal in B2B eCommerce or both B2B and normal customers, which makes it very complex.

You need powerful enterprise eCommerce solutions to overcome these challenges, integrate with your existing systems, and outdo your competition. There are many enterprise eCommerce solutions options in the market, so how do you choose the perfect fit?

Choose the solutions following the latest global eCommerce trends to stay ahead in this competitive era. This blog post will help you identify these global trends so you can invest in the most fitting enterprise eCommerce solutions for your business.

What Are Enterprise eCommerce Solutions?

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Enterprise eCommerce solutions are advanced software systems for handling the complex operations of large-scale businesses involved in online sales. However, they are not just simple online shops; instead, they provide a whole range of tools tailored to the specific requirements of big companies that need strong, scalable, and adaptable products to properly manage their online presence.
The ability to cater to huge product catalogs, handle a high number of visitors and transactions, and interface with other corporate applications like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or SCM (Supply Chain Management) makes these enterprise eCommerce solutions different from others. This integration allows free flow of data between systems leading to improved decision-making processes and streamlined operations.

Additionally, global functionalities such as local compliance capabilities, and multi-lingual support are included in enterprise eCommerce platforms. It is important for organizations seeking expansion into international markets.

To put it effectively, enterprise eCommerce solutions help you handle the complex, dynamic, and global nature of large-scale business operations.

Top 7 Trends Shaping Enterprise eCommerce Solutions Globally

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In the past few decades, technology has seen tremendous growth around the world. It has impacted everything and large-scale eCommerce businesses are no different. Most businesses have the same needs globally, therefore they need enterprise eCommerce solutions that fulfill those needs. To achieve that, enterprise eCommerce solutions must be packed with latest eCommerce trends, which we are going to discuss below-

Augmented Reality (AR) Shopping Experiences

Tread Lightly When Integrating Augmented Reality Into E-Commerce Sites | ARPost

The biggest drawback of online shopping is that businesses are not able to give the exact feel and look of products to their customers. Augmented Reality completely changed that. 

This is not exactly a new trend but it is one that large-scale businesses around the world have adapted to attract and engage more users. AR lets the users see the digital images of products they have chosen in their real-world environment. All they need is AR glasses or their smartphones.

AR is most crucial in industries like furniture and home decor since customers need to see how the product would look in a particular space of their home. If users can see how the cabinets would look in their kitchen or how a sofa would fit in their living home, it would boost their buying confidence.

Let’s explore the benefits AR offers-

  • AR leads to longer session times which means higher customer engagement.
  • When customers get a better sense of product fit and style, the conversion rates increase.
  • Enterprises can outperform their competitors as leaders in tech and innovation.
  • AR can also help you expand to new customer segments.

As we are progressing towards a more tech-driven world, AR in enterprise eCommerce solutions will become an expectation rather than an option.

Voice and Visual Search Integration in Enterprise eCommerce Solutions

Voice Search Optimization - Skynet Technologies

Compared to the past few years, customers of today have limited time to properly explore a platform or make an effort to find a particular product. You need to invest in enterprise eCommerce solutions that provide more intuitive ways to shop. Voice and visual search are currently two of the biggest intuitive eCommerce trends around the globe. They are the perfect fit for customers’ needs of speed, convenience, and efficiency.

Voice search allows people to search for something just by speaking. But this feature is becoming even more advanced. With advances in Natural Language Processing, people can navigate and complete the shopping process by talking to the site or the app.

Visual Search on the other hand has only started to gain traction in the world of eCommerce. It happens so often that we stumble upon something, for example, a nice pair of shoes with no idea where to look for them. With visual search, enterprise eCommerce solutions can let your customers find the same or similar product using images.

Voice and visual search change the way your customers interact with your brand. Soon, they will become indispensable tools for businesses looking to thrive in the digital marketplace. Investing in enterprise eCommerce solutions powered by these trends is all you need.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Devices

20 IOT Statistics Defining The Future of Internet Of Things (IOT) — Prompt Softech | by John Wilkins | Medium

Large-scale businesses involved in online selling have to take care of two worlds. They need to figure out both how to optimize customer experiences and be operationally efficient. The Internet of Things (IoT) connects physical devices to a broader network without human intervention.

How can this help your business? Well, enterprise eCommerce solutions with IoT capabilities can help you manage your online store by connecting it with everyday devices. From tracking inventory to personalizing shopping experiences, you can make online business easier with IoT.

– Smart sensors can alert you when your warehouse stock is low. With this, you can ensure popular items are always in stock.

– With IoT smart devices, you can predict what products people are buying in a particular area. It allows you to adjust prices accordingly.

– Devices like GPS and RFID tags can help you track product delivery from the warehouse to your doorstep.

This trend is most suitable for large-scale businesses so look for enterprise eCommerce solutions that come with IoT integration.

Advanced Customization and Personalization

Managing multiple platforms together can be troublesome even for large-scale businesses. Imagine selling your products online and taking all your data to a separate system. It would be great if you could perform all eCommerce-related actions on one platform, especially customer relationship management. 

CRM systems provide a centralized platform where you can track and analyze all customer interactions. You can get comprehensive insights into customer preferences, purchase history, revisits, and shopping patterns.

Using all this data, you can exceed all customer expectations by offering next-level personalization. When customers’ buying journey is customized end-to-end, it boosts their satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Business Intelligence Tools

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In enterprise eCommerce, making smart decisions depends on quickly analyzing lots of data. Business Intelligence (BI) tools, like Tableau and Microsoft Power BI, help with this. They turn raw data into useful insights.

These tools gather data from different sources, like sales and customer interactions. Decision-makers then make reports and visual dashboards from this information. For instance, BI tools can show you which products do well in certain markets and which groups of customers buy them.
Using BI tools can help you improve your eCommerce marketing. You can target specific consumer groups with tailored ads for better results. Also, these tools can help in managing stocks based on their popularity.

BI tools also help with forecasting and planning by predicting future trends from past data. This is vital for staying competitive in a fast-paced market.

In short, BI tools are crucial for making fast, wise decisions and your enterprise eCommerce solutions must capitalize on this trend. They help improve customer satisfaction, operations, and growth. Businesses that invest in these tools can make the most of their data and stay competitive in the digital world.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have completely taken over the Internet. Almost all businesses that work digitally are leveraging AI and ML to work faster and achieve higher efficiency. 

When it comes to enterprise eCommerce solutions, you can analyze vast amounts of data from customer interactions and sales trends. It helps you provide more personalized shopping experiences with predictive analysis. AI lets you know when and what customer is most expected to buy after analyzing their journey through each digital touchpoint.

 Other than customer experiences, AI and ML also boost your operational efficiency. For large corporations, several aspects of business have to work together. These technologies forecast the demand in advance which can help you manage your inventory more effectively.

With ML, you can easily handle customer inquiries through chatbots and automated response systems without hiring manpower. Resolving issues faster enhances overall satisfaction and improves brand perception.

Omnichannel Integration

AURES explains how your POS system fully integrates the omnichannel challenge

A business that is present at customers’ entire digital journey is more likely to succeed. To meet customers’ expectations, enterprise eCommerce businesses around the world are adopting an omnichannel approach.

For example, when a customer adds something to the shopping cart on their computer. They forget about it and shut it off. What happens then? Do you lose the sale? This does not happen when you have enterprise eCommerce solutions with an omnichannel presence. When customers open the website or app on any other device, they will still have the item in the cart.

Omnichannel Integration is getting even more advanced. Now when customers show interest in one product, you will see it on almost all digital platforms. More impressions mean customers are bound to notice your products more and ultimately make that buying decision.

This integration provides a cohesive brand experience and ensures consistent messaging, products, and customer service quality across all channels.

Choose Technocrats For Enterprise eCommerce Solutions

Our eCommerce development company specializes in developing custom enterprise eCommerce solutions for businesses across various niches and sizes. We can assist you with the design, development, and optimization of your online store using the top platforms and technologies for your enterprise eCommerce solutions.

We have vast knowledge and skill in working with several enterprise eCommerce solutions, including Adobe Commerce, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, and others. Our team can help you select the ideal option for your company and tailor it to your particular requirements and tastes.

If you want custom several enterprise eCommerce solutions, we can help build one for your business. It will not only help you sell online but it will also enable you to handle all eCommerce operations from one platform. If you’re interested in simplifying your large-scale eCommerce business with our enterprise eCommerce solutions, get in touch with our team.

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