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February 25, 2024
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Apple has one of the most dedicated and exclusive user bases in the world. So if are planning to launch an iOS mobile application, you have made a very smart decision.

As per data, the iOS market size is expected to reach by the end of 2028 and has currently 2.2 million users. Most of these users are ready for in-app purchases which makes it a lucrative opportunity.

How do you build an app that can entice these hard-to-impress iOS app users? Well, you need to hire iOS app developers who can help you deliver an app that can attract and hook these users to make your app an instant success.

Now the big question is, how do you hire iOS developers? We have made this guide to help you find and hire iOS developers in the most streamlined and effective way.


Factors To Consider For Hiring The Best iOS Developers


Hiring iOS app developers without any consideration and planning could be a waste of time. Therefore, we have compiled some factors you need to keep in mind before hiring iOS app developers:

Hiring iOS Developer

Key Technical Skills To Look For In iOS App Developers


You must thoroughly evaluate an iOS developer’s skill set before hiring them. The two different skill sets listed below will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the candidate’s suitability for the position, the challenges involved, and your business:


Hard Skills


You should be aware that hiring seasoned developers for iOS app development will come with a premium price tag that occasionally might exceed your budget.

However, it would be great if you don’t give up the decision of hiring experienced applicants only due to financial restrictions.

Since you are the one making the hiring decisions, you must thoroughly analyze potential candidates.

When you decide to find and hire iOS developers, you will come across many developers who lack certain areas of knowledge in iOS programming, such as complicated technologies.


Therefore, you should evaluate them according to how well they perform the hard skills listed below, which are :


1. They must be proficient in Swift as it is the most widely-used iOS app development programming language and it comes with easy-to-maintain APIs, cleaner codes, and multi-language support.

2. Proficiency in XCode, Apple’s code editor, to write, code, debug, and publish the apps on the App Store.

3. They must know how to use JSON and core data for storing and transporting data.

4. An ability to create exceptional UI/UX which becomes the face of your app.

5. They must follow robust security and testing guidelines as iOS apps are known for their seamless functionalities and high security.


Soft Skills


Possessing technical skills is not enough when you consider finding and hiring iOS developers. The reason is very simple, you have to work with the developer and therefore, you need to analyze their ability to fit into your business and teams.


Here are some soft skills you need to consider:


1. First and foremost communication skills. When you hire iOS developers, they need to communicate with multiple stakeholders such as designers, testers, project managers, and clients. It becomes even more crucial when you choose a freelancer or outsourcing option.

2. Time management skills are equally crucial since you need candidates who can deliver within deadlines.

3. Teamwork is essential in iOS app development because multiple professionals work on it and in its absence, issues may arise.

4. Problems are bound to arise in iOS app development so choose candidates with great problem-solving and cognitive skills who can identify and solve issues quickly.


Experience Of iOS App Developers


This is also a very crucial factor to consider when you are seeking to hire iOS developers. The simple logic behind this is that it determines their grade and thus, their suitability for iOS app development. iOS app developers can be divided into 3 grades depending on their experience.

Junior Grade – These developers are at the starting point of their careers and can be hired to assist your overburdened developers. They can handle less complex tasks under supervision and can easily adjust to your company’s culture.

Middle Grade – They have 2-4 years’ worth of experience under their belt and can handle development tasks individually. However, they are not the right for highly complex projects.

Senior Grade – They come with 5 or more years of experience in handling highly complex projects. They can also lead the team and coordinate with other concerned departments.

Looking to Hire iOS App Developer for your Project?

Reviews and Ratings


The best indicators of an iOS developer’s professionalism are their ratings and reviews. Thus, don’t forget to look at the reviews and ratings left by previous customers of your iOS app developer prospects.

If at all possible, get in touch with some of their previous clients to gain further insight into your iOS app developers.


Capability Of Working In Different Time Zones


This is an important consideration if you are hiring remote developers. Make sure to find out if the remote iOS developers you are hiring can work in multiple time zones by asking them this question.

Different Time Zones

Businesses frequently hire iOS developers who are unable to work in their desired time zone, which causes a breakdown in communication and delays in project completion.


Step By Step Guide On How To Find And Hire iOS Developers


Now that you are aware of the key considerations for hiring, it’s time to explore how to find and hire iOS developers through a step-by-step guide:


Step 1: Establish Your Needs


You must specify your needs for iOS app development before you can hire developers. The reason for this is that it will be simpler to employ the appropriate amount of iOS developers for your project if you already have an idea of what you want to produce.

Let’s take an example where you hire a team of 8 iOS app developers and then find out that you only need six of them to finish your project. Thus, before employing iOS developers, it is crucial to comprehend your needs.


Step 2: Start Looking For iOS App Developers


The real challenge begins here. There are thousands of iOS app developers out there so how do you find the best fit for your iOS app development project? We have compiled a list of a few things you could do to find and hire iOS developers:

Recruitment Websites: There are platforms like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn where you can find some of the best developers. Go through these platforms where you can go through their profiles and see if they fit your needs.

Freelancing Platforms: If you are not looking to build a team, then you can simply hire freelancers who provide their services to different clients. You can find some of the best iOS app developers on Upwork, Toptal, and Freelancer.

Social Media Groups: There are many Facebook groups and communities out there where you can easily find reliable and interested iOS app developers. However, hiring from social media can be a bit risky so take proper caution before doing so.

Events and Meetups: You can find and hire iOS developers by attending events like Hackathon. You can even hire iOS developers by taking part in meet-ups where skilled engineers meet to discuss various trends, developments, and experiences.


Want to Leverage the Best iOS Developer?


Step 3: Analyze And Shortlist


After scanning multiple resources to find iOS developers, it’s time to study and analyze their profiles. You should look for app developers who have built apps similar to what you want. Don’t forget to check their past work, education, and technical skills. After analyzing everything, make a shortlist of the top candidates who you would like to interview in the next round.


Step 4: Take Interviews To Hire iOS Developers


Once you have shortlisted the candidates, it’s time to interview them. It gives you a chance to assess their personality, mindset, work style, and communication skills. Ask about their work approach, expertise, and experience to see if they can fit in your company.

For iOS app developers, just a normal interview is not enough. You need to give them small tasks or a small project to check their proficiency in iOS app development. It gives you an idea about the candidate’s technical and problem-solving skills.


Step 5: Complete The Hiring Process


After interviews and tests, you will get the most suitable candidates for your iOS app development project. The next step is to reach an agreement and finalize all the details such as project requirements, deadlines, and costs.

The final step of the hiring process is onboarding. Sign a non-disclosure agreement that clearly states the agreed-upon terms and conditions, and who will own the code after completion to avoid any future disagreements and clashes.


How Much Does It Cost To Hire iOS Developers?


Cost is one of the most important factors to consider when hiring an experienced iOS developer. Whenever you are planning a project, always include the question, “How much does it cost to hire iOS developers or a team?”.

Cost To Hire iOS Developer

The cost of hiring iOS app developers varies depending upon their experience, skillset, and the country they live in. To help you plan your app’s budget, learn more about the factors that determine the cost of developing a mobile app.

If you are going to build an app by outsourcing, consider the region of your business and the partner you’re hiring.

For instance, Silicon Valley and London have some of the most expensive iOS developers, charging around $80-100 per hour. Whereas, in a country like India, you can find highly skilled iOS developers at a budget-friendly range of $20-40 per hour.

Know How Much Does it Cost to Hire iOS Developer?

How To Hire iOS Developers – Hiring Models


There are multiple ways you can hire iOS app developers depending on your needs and resources. So if you are worried about low budget or in-house resources, do not worry. Here are the top three models to hire iOS developers:


Hire A Freelancer


Another method to find someone to build your app is to hire a freelance iOS developer. There are many freelance marketplaces where you can easily find professionals at lower costs.

However, choosing low-cost iOS app development services isn’t always the best course of action, particularly if you want a scalable app that lives up to customer expectations.


Hire An In-house Developer


If you want to review and monitor the entire process, then the best option is to find and hire iOS developers who are ready to work from your office.

Also, if you want a long-term project with a permanent position, hiring a programmer to develop an app from your office is a terrific option.

However, if you hire an in-house app programmer for a one-time iOS app development job, it can cost you a lot, and relieving the developer can become a stressful situation.


Outsourcing iOS App Development


For both large organizations and startups, it is a great choice to hire iOS developers through outsourcing. One benefit of outsourcing is that you can get work with a cross-tech stack development team that has the expertise to build your application.

The agency will immediately assemble a team consisting of a project manager, app designers, developers, quality analysts, etc. because iOS app development is not a one-person job.


Wrapping Up


It can be challenging to find and hire iOS developers if you want your app to be highly user-friendly and match end-user requirements.

While there are a few hiring options available hire iOS developers, choosing the one that understands both your needs and user expectations would be a smart decision.

If you require an experienced partner to work on your project with you, we are here to help. Why go with Technocrats? We offer a team of certified app developers, including iOS app developers, who can build highly functional and engaging apps.

It will also save you a lot of time and effort in searching for and hiring the best iOS app developers. Share your app idea with us and let’s start your dream app project.

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