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    Mobile apps for e-commerce businesses are surely an edge. The development of e-commerce business has shaped the online shopping behaviors of both customers and retailers. It has opened new prospects for business enlargement & growth with smooth client experience. Nowadays, almost every business is reigning with mobile apps, and it certainly assists in adding value to the brand. Apart from this, mobile apps bring more customers & connect the business with its only users. And the same thing goes for the e-commerce business. It is now possible to reach a vast number of potential customers and increase your sales, all with the help of developing a mobile app.

    Mobile apps are being used widely for every business. Studies have shown that up to 89% of users are using mobile retail applications rather than going to use mobile websites. E-commerce businesses are also showing that an average of two-thirds of all traffic to online stores is coming from mobile phones or tablets. This shows how dramatic the shift has been. Thus this has been seen how useful mobile apps are in everyday life and every business.


    The following are the benefits of Mobile App In e-commerce business.

    1.  Customers prefer mobile application

    We cannot neglect the superiority of the usage of mobile applications over browsers in the present day. The mobile application has become a trend and has made things more convenient for the customers to access your online store via their mobile phone.

    The mobile app has resulted in better user experience and overall pleasant experience.  It has been found that notifications, when addressed with a user name, can attract a high number of customers. This enhances the conversion rate and customer retention. In the most recent statistics, 38 percent of users returned to an application more than 10 times thanks to notifications. You can easily send push notifications to your app users to inform them about the latest offers, sales, discounts, etc.  According to Statistics, in 2020, mobile apps are projected to generate $2.87 billion in revenues.




    2- Mobile applications boost the loyalty of the customers.

    When a customer downloads an application it shows that a client is already much more interested in your business. Potential customers also tend to spend a lot more time in an application as compared to online sites.

    Why customer loyalty programs are important? 

    • 58% of all the respondents buy from these stores and brands whose loyalty programs they belong to at least once a month.
    • A 5% increase in customer’s loyalty would increase the average profit by the customer by 25%- 100%.
    • 64% of business says their loyalty program is the most excellent way to connect with consumers.
    • On average, loyal customers are more important than new ones.
    • 83% said loyalty program makes them more likely to continue doing business with certain companies.
    • 76% of customers think that loyalty programs are a part of their relationship with brands and lead to more benefits.
    • 74% of travel customers surveyed have made purchasing decisions based on travel reward programs, and many more.

    It’s time to form a real and sincere connection with your clients and making them a loyal lover of your product or service.


    3- A reduced response rate

    While using a web browser, users are generally concerned about how quickly the action will be performed. When it comes to a mobile app, the response time is much faster and the actions are completed way quicker than web browsers, thereby increasing the credibility of your business. Also, in a mobile application, users can set up their personal preferences making it easier for them to shop.

    The time required for a mobile app to complete an action is much lower than a website. Mobile applications store their data partially on a mobile device. Customers can set their choice in applications, which lets an app load only the content that the user wants. This allows users to be more proactive and save time.

    With options of commenting being available now, the users can also directly let the app owner know about their concerns and the following action can be taken accordingly. It cut short the time of improvement and thus the response rate is much higher.


    4- A better and enhanced UX

    The proper presentation of e-business also matters a lot & makes a great deal.How you present your business to potential customers can lead to the making or breaking of your sales. Mobile apps offer far better navigation and that they don’t incorporate any spare buttons keeping in mind the scale of mobile screens. Lack of any kind of unnecessary distraction, helps customers focus more on the products and thus offer more chances of sales.

    Also, with a better display of the products and the services, the sales volume is bound to swell at an exponential rate; as the user can take a look at all the services and take a smart decision.


    5- Increase in conversion rate



    The combination of satisfying UX, simple navigation and usability leads to higher conversation rates. Mobile apps increase the percentage of users that satisfy the desired action compared to desktop and mobile websites.

    E-commerce app conversion rates are three times higher than mobile websites and desktop sites.


    Final Takeaways

    • Design a complete e-commerce mobile app and keep upgrading it.
    • Reward the user for leaving feedback
    • Engage users with negative feedback.
    • Encourage the users to leave the negative comments in the customer support center.
    • Regularly come up with surveys to know user behavior.



    Here you have it; all the reasons why a mobile app helps boost your business. Take heed of this guide and start developing your mobile app for a successful e-commerce business today.

    Ready to bring your app idea to life?

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