Why Live stream shopping is considered to be a hot eCommerce trend? Expert opinion!

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June 15, 2022


  • Livestream shopping has got immense popularity in recent years and it is increasing rapidly. This technology and business concept have enabled businesses, influencers, and celebrities to advertise and sell products while also allowing customers to engage by asking questions and buying during the live stream event.

    How Live Stream shopping has become a vital need of today’s eCommerce businesses?


    If we talk about satisfying customer service, physical retailers are great in this as they listen to the specific needs of the handful of shoppers at a time, answering their questions and providing bespoke recommendations until shoppers are ready to buy.

    However on the other hand, as technology is incorporated into every aspect of our lives, businesses are also associated with the technology. Here in brick-and-mortar shops, technology participated as eCommerce technology, where a business set their shops on the internet to get a much broader reach than its brick-and-mortar peers. 

    In an eCommerce store, there’s no limit to the number of people they can serve at once, and those people can be anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection.

    But still, eCommerce businesses are lacking somewhere in providing a one-on-one shopping experience to the customers. 


    How does Live Stream Shopping resolve this issue?


    Here, both eCommerce stores and the traditional brick-and-mortar shops are lacking in providing a one-on-one shopping experience and broader audience reach respectively. 

    Livestream shopping effectively combines these two problems and came forward with the solution by putting digital retailers in front of a vast online audience while still allowing them to respond to customers on a one-on-one level.


    What is Livestream Shopping and How Does it Work in eCommerce businesses?


    Livestream shopping (LSS), also known as live eCommerce, live shopping, and live selling. It is an online shopping event in which customers can make real-time purchases as a video showing products in the live stream where customers can ask questions related to products and make a purchase. The event might happen on a third-party platform like social media, a mobile app, or your business domain.

    The live shopping session is usually hosted by a popular public figure such as an influencer, a celebrity, or even the presenter of the company, who demonstrates the qualities of the product and answers users’ questions. 



    During the time of the live stream event, customers can interact with the host, make various requests and ask questions regarding the products, and can directly purchase what they like. 

    The purchase depends on the platform where the streaming happens. It could be a social media in-app checkout, the customers can be redirected to the seller’s eCommerce product page checkout. 


    The best option available is to add the live steam feature to your eCommerce app and website where a customer can buy directly and it also helps you build a stronger relationship with your customers. 

    The practice of Livestream shopping is often associated with social commerce, but it is not limited to social networks, it can also be integrated with eCommerce websites and mobile apps.


    Why Do Experts Say Live Stream Shopping is Going to Be Big?


    Livestream shopping is currently a huge trend in China that flourished even further with the outburst of the 2020 pandemic. The eCommerce market in the country is enormous and this has become the most beneficial online shopping technology trend for the business. Consumers love Livestream shopping.

    The Chinese live eCommerce market has reached USD 305 billion in 2021, which is a 384% growth compared to 2019. To put it in other words, live online shopping has account for 15% of all eCommerce purchases in the country in 2021, and the predictions are that the number will reach more than 20% in 2023.


    History witnesses that the innovative nature and fast evolution of the Chinese market later enter the American market and reaps success – like social commerce, in-app payments, and group shopping. 

    Giant platforms like Facebook, Amazon, and TikTok (which is the US twin of the Chinese Douyin) have already given Livestream shopping a try, and the trend’s popularity is growing immensely.

    So without any doubt, incorporating the Live Stream shopping experience with your eCommerce platform can be a great benefit for you to get a higher sales graph and stronger customer relationship bond.


    Some key Benefits of Live Stream Shopping!


    • Better Engagement – The increasing popularity of live stream shopping ascertains that if nothing else, consumers are hungry for new experiences. 

    Besides, video content has higher engagement rates than most forms of content. Moreover, live shopping enables your viewers to engage with the seller in real-time.

    All of these factors pave the way for higher engagement rates, and thus, more sales.


    • Quick Generation of Massive Sales – In a live stream shopping event, you can market a product to thousands of live and active customers. Once your viewers are having fun, they might invite others to join in.

    And as you are interacting live with the customer’s queries, customers are more likely to make a purchase more quickly. This leads to the massive sales generation in between the video or just after the live streaming ends.


    • Builds Brand Awareness – Live stream shopping help businesses to get in front of their target audience and engage with them actively. This is what eCommerce was lacking earlier and customers are demanding this aggressively. 

    Besides, the interactive nature of live streams largely increases the likelihood of your audience remembering you as a brand. 

    And if you are having an influencer or a celebrity host your live streaming event can go a long way in making your business popular among customers and improving brand recall.


    • Encourages Impulse Buying – Live shopping is different from eCommerce in that it makes the customer feel like they’re a part of something significant. To make this feeling of belonging last, customers often end up purchasing something they didn’t think they would.


    Here are some ways live stream shopping activates the FOMO in viewers:

    • They see many others on the live broadcast buying a product.
    • The product may only be discounted until the live event lasts.
    • A person they really look up to is promoting it.

    Long story short, live shopping is extremely rooted in feelings of quickness and excitement, which paves the way for a fun shopping experience, and thus, more sales.


    • Boost the sale of Underperforming Products – Live stream videos help the businesses to highlight the products that are simply sitting in their storage room for longer as the customer is more aware of these products.


    Live shopping sessions hold the potential to transform underperforming products into top-performers. Saying that the products aren’t popular yet and that the viewers online could be amongst the first ones to use them, may also help boost sales. After all, this will make potential buyers see themselves as trendsetters.



    So without any doubt, Live Stream shopping is a hot e-commerce trend that going to be in high demand by eCommerce shoppers. 

    It gives the businesses a chance to capitalize on a new approach to digital commerce that prioritizes audience engagement and fosters trust in a way that traditional online retail simply can’t match.

    Are you planning to incorporate Livestream shopping into your e-commerce strategy? Get in touch with an experience Live Stream shopping solution developer at Technocrats Horizons.

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