Livestream Shopping: Make Your E-commerce Store Highly Engaging For Shoppers
Vivek Bhatia

Vivek Bhatia

June 24, 2022


  • Having a website and apps for your e-commerce business is great but what if it doesn’t engage the users? Living in the age of competition, engaging your target audience has become all the more crucial these days. 

    Having failed to do so, you might end up losing your customers and going into losses. Fortunately, no business owner likes to witness this sight and see itself losing. So what’s the solution now? 

    It is none other than Livestream shopping. Livestream shopping is a great way to engage your users and also boost your eCommerce sales. Let’s have an insight into the Livestream shopping and how employing this in the social media strategy can be an added advantage for e-commerce businesses. 

    About Livestream

    The e-commerce businesses struggling to connect with their audiences should opt for Livestream shopping as it is a powerful way to connect to your audiences. It is something that can bring you great results and that too in minimal time.

    Using Livestream to connect and engage your shoppers will give them a unique glimpse into your business. From $30 Billion in 2016, the Livestream market is expected to reach $184 Billion by 2027.

    Ways to engage shoppers with live streaming

    Livestream shopping is a great way to engage your audience and make them shop more and more from your e-commerce store. Wondering how Livestream shopping makes it happen? It is by giving in quality content to the customers.

    But before you go on to engage your audience, you must understand your audience like what problems are they facing, their queries, and other things. Once you have a thorough understanding of your audience, then it will become pretty easy for you to engage your shoppers and customers.

    Here are some of the ways mentioned below which can assist you in engaging the shoppers.

    • Create excitement

      Before commencing with the Livestream event, one should build up the excitement in the consumers. Begin with sending notifications, alerts, and reminders to your customers regarding the Livestream event.
      Building up excitement before starting with the Livestream shopping event will get you the maximum viewers and increase your popularity. It is the number of viewers only that will make or mar your Livestream shopping event. Consequently, create the excitement to engage more and more audiences with your e-commerce store.

    • Showcase best products

      Another popular way to engage your audience and shoppers with the Livestream shopping event is by showcasing your best products. Whether you run a fashion e-commerce store or anything else, ensure to lure the public by showcasing some of the best products.
      Doing so will keep the audience engaged and will persuade them to shop more and more from your e-commerce store.

    • Mobile app friendly

      Keeping in mind the increased number of mobile app users, ecommerce stores should prefer making their livestream shopping events mobile-friendly. By doing so, the customers can easily access your event on their mobile phones and shop easily.
      Making it mobile-friendly will also assist you in building strong relationships with your customers and customers can also shop directly this way.


    • Be prompt in answering their queries

      It is obvious thing that the shoppers will be having numerous queries and questions while attending the Livestream shopping event. Usually, the queries center around the prices of the products, shipping, quality, and other things.
      But by being prompt in answering all their queries, you can easily engage the audience and be responsive to them. This will also make your Livestream shopping event a huge success.

    • Giveaways and discounts

      Offering giveaways and discounts to your customers during your Livestream event is another great way of engaging the audience toward your e-commerce store. Such giveaways and discounts will increase the viewership of your event and also attract them.
      It is because no consumer would ever like to miss out on a good deal and save some money. Consequently, give them an attractive discount and create a sense of urgency by giving them a buy now option.

    • Choose the best platform

      Which platform you choose for hosting your Livestream shopping event also plays a great role in engaging the shoppers. When choosing the platform, the one thing you should see is where most of the business comes from.
      For instance, if you get most of your business from Facebook, then the best platform for organizing your Livestream event is Facebook. Above all, having an e-commerce website will give you more control over the entire shopping experience of your customers.

    • Use the best live-streaming tools

      Another way forward for you to make your Livestream event a huge success is by using the best live-streaming tools. But finding the right tool out of so many feels like a daunting task. By doing little research and finding the one that meets your requirements, you can find the best one for your e-commerce store.
      Some of the well-known and best live-streaming tools include restream, social pilot, Hootsuite, and the list goes on. All this can assist you in engaging the audience and taking your e-commerce business to great heights.

    • Broadcast your Livestream event

      Not everyone is available at the time when you are hosting a Livestream shopping event. So how to engage them? The answer is in broadcasting the Livestream event so that they can see it when they are available.
      But while broadcasting your event, you need to bear a few things in mind. Ensure make the broadcast is mobile-friendly and gets HD quality.

    Top Reasons to Use Livestream for your E-commerce Business

    The foremost reason to use live streaming is that it connects you with your target audience. Here are some other reasons stating why e-commerce businesses should opt for live streaming.

    • Loved by audiences

      The foremost reason for employing live streaming in your strategy is because the audience loves it. Instead of posting informative and marketing blogs for your audience, e-commerce businesses should choose live streaming to connect with them. Nearly 80% of the audience prefers live sessions.

    • Engages the audience

      The sole motive of e-commerce businesses is to engage the audience and attract more and more customers. And guess what? Live streams can make this happen for you. Such events will get you more likes, comments, and shares making it easy for you to engage your customers.

    Wrapping Up

    The e-commerce businesses looking to uplift their business should opt for live streaming shopping as it is growing in popularity and engages your target audience well. Besides this, it can also boat your sales and take your business to great heights. Reach out to Technocrats Horizons for customized eCommerce solutions and increase your sales.

    About The Author
    Mr. Vivek Bhatia is a skilled and seasoned sales professional and is currently positioned as the sales head of Technocrats Horizons Compusoft Pvt. Ltd. He is responsible for leading the sales team to success and driving growth for the organization. Mr. Vivek brings a wealth of strategic thinking, business acumen, and sales boosting skills to the table, inspiring his team to reach new heights and innovate in their approach to sales. He is committed to delivering exceptional sales metrics that make a measurable impact.

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