Why Every Business Needs a Mobile App: Top Benefits Explained

Tarvinder Singh

March 3, 2022


  • It’s not a fact that people prefer custom mobile app development because of an improved user experience as well as faster speeds and additional features. According to research that 61% of today’s people referred to as Millennials use retail apps and 58% purchase from these apps on a daily basis. Let’s look at the reasons why these apps have become so famous and discuss the advantages of creating an app that is mobile for your company.

    The most important business benefits of Mobile Apps

    Marketing professionals have listed a myriad of reasons why mobile apps are more beneficial. We’d like to highlight the following:

    Mobile adaptation.

    Do you often come on websites that do not have a mobile version that offers inconvenient interfaces and function improperly? At the present, there are plenty of these websites. Therefore, you must provide your customers with an easy-to-use application

    Modern marketing tools.

    Modern technology can simplify communication with clients. Push notifications let them stay informed while GPS can be extremely beneficial if you are looking to make certain promotions to the right group of people;

    Higher engagement.

    Users can view 4.2 times more content per session when using apps as than mobile sites. The reason for this is the improved user interface that improves the experience of users;


    Users can find information more quickly within applications. In addition, the speed of loading of apps is generally higher.

    Support is simple.

    The app can enhance customer loyalty by providing customers with live chat or chatbots that are available in popular messengers, in order to assist users with various issues or seek advice immediately;


    Utilizing a mobile application for business offers a great opportunity to learn about your customers’ wants and needs as well as the issues they are experiencing. Customers can give you a rating and provide short feedback;

    Less cart abandonment rate.

    Customers are often annoyed because they have to input their login credentials when ordering via their phones with small displays. In the end, the proportion of customers who refuse to purchase on mobile sites is significantly higher than that for computers. This is because of the reality that the mobile user count for the majority of websites exceeds 50-60 percent. Mobile apps keep all of the information about the user, making it easier to interact with.

    It is important to note that the launch of a mobile app is also a way to create a stronger brand. It has been proven that a branded app works better than traditional advertising on TV or in outdoor locations.

    What should you consider to make your app a success?

    Once you’ve realized the benefits of mobile apps to businesses now is the time to decide how to begin. We recommend first being attentive to the exploration stage during the implementation of your app. The process that is conducted by our experts allows you to identify your specific requirements, the necessary technology budget, as well as risk factors in your market.

    It is essential to evaluate your competition. In fact, it is part of the discovery process too. The analysis will reveal the features that should be developed at present, and which might be announced in the future.

    A lot of emphases must be put on the design of the user interface to provide the best experience for users. If you are limited on funds you might consider creating your own MVP (minimum viable product). This will enable you to evaluate the viability of your product and assess the need.

    Top Business Apps: A Few Inspiring Examples


    Seamless is a restaurant service that has brought together more than 35 000 restaurants across 90 cities around the world. The app offers a user-friendly interface as well as a wide range of catering establishments, meaning every person will be able to find the perfect spot for tea.

    Customers appreciate Seamless for its simple ordering procedure and the chance to sample delicious food that they truly love.

    Download: Google Play | App Store


    Airbnb was established in the year 2008. When it saw the potential of mobile apps for businesses and developed its own app, Airbnb showed sharp growth. It is now one of the most popular booking websites which are available in a variety of countries.

    Rooms, apartments, or even houses through Airbnb are quick and secure. More than 150 million users were able to find comfortable apartments through the platform.

    Download: Google Play | App Store

    Let’s summarize

    Therefore, the majority of people do not want to access websites via their phones. They prefer mobile apps. Statistics prove that:

    • 90% of the time is spent on apps, but only 10% of the time is spent viewing web-based content
    • Shopping on apps in the app takes an average of 201.8 minutes per month, whereas web users only spend 10.9 minutes per month;
    • On mobile devices, users browse through a greater number of products per session than desktop sites and 3 times more products than a mobile web browser.

    If you’ve already considered the advantages of developing a mobile app for your company, don’t be afraid to reach us. Together we’ll design an effective and affordable device that will surely speed up the growth of your business. The immediate plan is to employ an experienced and skilled team, which is what Technocrats is. Begin using a mobile app to run your businesses in the shortest time by working with Technocrats Horizons!

    About The Author
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