Why eCommerce Live Chat Must Have for Your Online Store
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Tarvinder Singh

June 8, 2022
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Retaining customers in your online store is the topmost priority of nearly every e-commerce store owner these days. Back in time, it was much easier to retain customers while working in a brick-and-mortar store as you can treat the customer like a VIP over there.

But technological advancement has made the same thing possible by way of mobile apps also. The e-commerce store owners can make their customers feel loved by way of personal live chat features in their apps.

The recent data indicates that the customer making use of the live chat feature is 2.8 times more likely to complete a purchase than the others. Consequently, there are plenty of ways in which a personal chat feature can help you uplift your sales.

Let’s have an insight into how the personal live chat feature in mobile app development/ecommerce development can help e-commerce owners increase their sales.

Benefit Of Live Chat For eCommerce

The option of live chat has proved to be a game-changer for many e-commerce owners as it helped them to increase their sales. It not only boosts sales but also improves the shopping experience and assists in retaining customers. 

Let’s throw some light on the major benefits of personal live chat features for e-commerce business owners in the post mentioned below. 

  • Aids in resolving queries

    Doing an online business is not an easy job. The multiple queries of the customers ask you to be available all the time and resolve their queries at the earliest. Practically business owners can’t be present all the time.
    Consequently, the personal chat feature has emerged as a powerful e-commerce solution. It is a simple and convenient way to solve the queries of your customers and make their shopping experience great. 

  • Medium of instant service

    Practicing patience while shopping is a hell lot of a difficult task. People don’t take much time to decide between buying and discarding your product. In such a case, your prompt and quick service can only make a difference.
    Be as quick as you can be in addressing their concerns and make them shop more and more from your e-commerce mobile app. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing around 57% of customers if you get delayed in addressing their concerns.
    Consequently take advantage of the live chat option to provide instant service to your customers. 

  • Allows you to handle multiple customers

    Brick-and-mortar stores make it difficult to handle numerous customers at the same time. Fortunately, this is not the case with e-commerce stores. The e-commerce mobile apps having the live chat feature can easily handle multiple customers and get the deal done.
    The live chat option enables the single agent to be available for multiple customers at the same time. Consequently, having the live chat feature is a must. 

  • Time-saving

    Valuing your customer’s time is one of the best things you can do being an e-commerce business owner. The personal chat feature in the app does the same. It not only saves the time of your customers but also the agents.
    With this, you can send automated messages to your customers, assist them in getting tracking information and respond quickly. Wondering how the feature works? It mainly works due to the repetitive nature of the queries.
    The queries usually hover around the order, payments, and returns which e-commerce development solutions can easily manage with mobile apps. 

  • Gets you leads

    The happiness of e-commerce owners knows no bounds when they see the leads coming in even when they are offline. All thanks to the personal chat feature which has made this possible. With the live chat feature, you can ask your customers to leave their crucial information so that you can get back to them once you are back.

    This way, you don’t lose your customers. Instead, this makes your loyal customer base and helps you in retaining them. 

  • Gets you the feedback

    Improving your business more than what it was in the past to boost your conversions, even more, is never a bad idea. By having the live chat feature in the app, you can get to know a great deal about your visitors, what they feel about your brand, their needs, frustrations, and whatever pleases them more.
    Based on all this feedback given to you by the live chat feature, you can look for ways to improve your business.

  • Insights into the team’s performance

    No doubt live chat automatically gives replies to the customers but it is always a great idea to improve the quality of support you provide. With the help of the reports and analytics live chat provides, you can easily track the performance of your team.
    Mostly, the live chat feature provides you with data concerning customer satisfaction scores, first response times, resolution rates, and many more to go. Based on these, you can see the areas which need improvement and work on the same. 


By now, e-commerce store owners must have gained familiarity with the importance of eCommerce live chat features in the apps. It is the conversation only that leads to conversions. Implementing this just needs a little planning and strategy and then there will be a flood of sales coming your way. Schedule your consultation with Technocrats Horizons and enjoy the conversions. 

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