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    eCommerce has remodeled the entire

    eCommerce has remodeled the entire industry. Whether it is the fashion, pharmaceutical, travel, or education sector, eCommerce has been involved with everything. This tremendous growth in e-commerce has reduced consumer’s interest in retail stores that are not involved with the online market. The number of consumers buying online has grown gradually with the increased use of the internet.

    It is expected that eCommerce will become the largest retail channel in the world by 2024, beating sales of supermarkets, grocery stores, clothing stores, and footwear. Specialists believe that eCommerce will counter alone to 14% of the world’s retail.

    To stand ahead in this remarkably growing market, high-volume stores need powerful infrastructure to run their online stores. Today, it is crucial for fast-growing businesses to build a website or an app on a platform that can manage millions of shoppers and huge amounts of web traffic.

    We serve top-notch business solutions to every sector of the eCommerce industry. Whether it’s eCommerce solutions for enterprises or eCommerce solutions for startups, we have got you covered!

    Technocrats Horizons have helped struggling businesses find new success and double their revenue. Today’s entrepreneurs want to be innovative to stand out among the rest. We help them with innovative and customized e-commerce standard solutions that enable them to achieve their goals. Some of the businesses we have helped grow exponentially.

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    Tailored eCommerce Development solutions to propel your business ahead of the competition.

    Our expert development team has the hands-on experience to craft a quality solution for different eCommerce models. We are a one-stop-shop for B2B eCommerce Solutions, B2C eCommerce Solutions, C2C eCommerce Solutions, C2B eCommerce Solutions, and Custom eCommerce Solutions.

    Technocrats Horizons have come across to serve innovative solutions in the market. We deliver futuristic solutions for every sector of eCommerce – making your business ready for future challenges and growth.

    The best eCommerce solutions for Business that we deliver to all our clients are:

    eCommerce Mobile App Development

    eCommerce Website Development

    Retail eCommerce Solutions

    Multi-vendor eCommerce Solutions

    eCommerce Inventory Management Solutions

    eCommerce Marketing Solutions

    eCommerce Applications Support & Maintenance

    eCommerce Payment Gateway Solutions

    Let’s explore new possibilities and serve your customers with the best experience.

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    Enterprise eCommerce Solutions

    Today’s customer demands a convenient path to reach the desired product that they want to buy. Rendering a hassle-free and realistic shopping experience to the shoppers is highly required to lead the Enterprise eCommerce game. Consumers are expecting a more fast and appealing customer experience by the day.

    Our Enterprise eCommerce platform has features like:

    • Managing various product categories from diverse stores for customers in multiple locations.
    • Integration with other operations throughout the business such as accounting, inventory, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.
    • Reports and analytics enable a business to track a buyer’s previous purchases and suggest other items based on their purchasing history.

    If your business fails to keep it up today, just think of how far behind your brand will fall tomorrow in the eCommerce industry.

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    B2B eCommerce Solutions

    The Business-to-Business (B2B) Sector is evolving madly! This evolution has urged tons of B2B companies to make a shift to the eCommerce industry. It is expected that B2B eCommerce transactions will reach $1.8 trillion by 2023 in the USA. This would account for approximately 17% of all B2B sales in the country.

    To streamline sales productivity, your B2B eCommerce should have features that render a promising customer experience to the businesses that purchase from you.

    Here are some trending B2B eCommerce features we offer –

    • Segmentation with Customer Groups and Profiles.
    • Customer Specific Catalog and Pricing.
    • Ability to Reorder Previously Purchased Products.
    • Volume Purchase and Bulk Discounts.

    Explore more what you will get in our B2b eCommerce Platform –

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    Multistore eCommerce Solutions

    The explosion of technology has irrevocably changed the face of business. Today, whether you have a brick-and-mortar shop or are going to open one, keep in your mind that customers are demanding hassle-free shopping. Once you lack, you will lose your customer.

    It is reported that 39% of customers visited a brand’s website before they made a purchase in a physical store. Today, if you dream to transform your small business into a brand, eCommerce is the key! The time of COVID-19 has witnessed a huge shift of consumers towards online shopping.

    Transforming your Multi store to an eCommerce store will associate several benefits to your business such as –

    • Increased Presence – global access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Inexpensive, Laser-Focused Marketing
    • Flexibility for customers
    • Decreased Costs and Increased Productivity
    • Product and price comparison
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    ECommerce Subscription Solutions

    Are you selling products that must be refilled on an ongoing, predictable basis? Customers need to purchase the same products over and again, including pet food, domestic supplies, toiletries, and disposable items, as well as kitchen and other household goods, cooking ingredients, and nutritional supplements. You can offer your customers convenience by offering a subscription to their products. You can also create a subscription box with randomly selected merchandise or samples from other products.

    Technocrats Horizons provides the Subscription Solution you need to let your customers sign up for repeat deliveries. Your customers can choose from a 30-, 60, 90, 90, 180, or 180-day subscription period.

    Some of the Features of our Solution includes: –

    • Subscription management and customer self-service
    • Multiple subscription plans
    • Multiple payment gateways
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    Popular eCommerce Platforms We Support


    Technocrats Horizons, a top WooCommerce Solutions Agency, has all the experience and know-how to build e-stores that encourage customers to click the "Buy!" button. We have assisted companies from all walks of business to turn their websites into profitable sales platforms over the years.


    Technocrats Horizons is Shopify Solutions Agency and provides great results for the world's best eCommerce solutions. There are plenty of eCommerce solutions available, but there is a reason we specifically choose to work with Shopify. We know that your eCommerce store is a vital part of your business and you need something that is secure, reliable and gives you full control.


    Technocrats Horizons is a leading Wix Ecommerce Solutions Provider that delivers professional, secure and highly customizable solutions that your business needs. We place a strong emphasis on automating the process so that you can focus on the important aspects of your business. Technocrats Horizons partners with you to offer the following benefits.

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    We Have Answers for all your Queries and Here are some frequently asked questions

    The Most Important eCommerce Features Your Website Needs:

    • Capabilities for managing content
    • Tools for Promoting and Discount Codes
    • An easy-to-use check-out
    • Optimized code for search engines and layout
    • Tools for reporting and custom report features
    • Build your brand awareness.
    • Build email lists and use email marketing to stay engaged
    • Meet your customers where they are on social media
    • Optimizing your online store and marketing channels for increasing conversion rates.
    • Use data analysis to improve your strategy

    There are a lot of statistics on eCommerce that demonstrate the immense potential to make profits selling products online that should provide you with all the confidence you need to get your business started.

    Here are the steps you need to take to establish an online business to sell your products online:

    • Pick an eCommerce Platform like BigCommerce, Shopify, X Cart etc.
    • Determine your target audience, look at your prospective customers.
    • Choose What to Sell Online.

    Yes of course you will get a Seo friendly ecommerce website that helps web retailers rank higher in search engine results. A well-designed and optimized website with high-quality content will rank better in search engines such as Google, increasing your store’s visibility and driving traffic. In other words, SEO friendly ecommerce websites concentrate on optimizing your Seo score, which makes it easier to get leads and conversions.