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The potential for Artificial Intelligence in the mobile industry is currently enormous. Nowadays, mobile apps are a valuable tool for navigating everyday life. Your app may be doing the same, but what are we doing to incorporate the power of artificial intelligence (AI) into current or future apps? Mobile applications are continually improving, & artificial intelligence is powering this evolution as more intuitive apps. With new apps being introduced to the market, products must stand apart from competitors by meeting the rising standards of consumers.
AI becomes a business advantage once used as a method & a strategy. Companies already perceive its worth with 75% of business leaders citing AI as a bonus. Its impact is far-reaching. It’s a key aspect of both building apps and improving user interactions.

Let’s look at how AI is revamping the world of mobile app development.

App Development

AI enhances the user experience and retains engagement.

AI has become a trustworthy aid to keep users engaged based on their own behavior. When place into action, a mobile app that’s AI-infused will extract tons of user data. Then it analyzes the info for behavior patterns, which may be valuable in improving & raising the app. AI can also document location and transfer the information that once more helps you higher perceive the user expertise and improve it.
The user experience is further improved by the ability of AI bots to interact with the user when there is a problem. The bots appear to be doing it higher than common client service.
So much so that it’s predicted that interactions will be AI-driven by the year 2025. Apps don’t fail as a result of there are awful ideas behind them. Instead, apps fail because they don’t continue to engage or interact with users.  AI is essential to monitor the choices and trends of that user and feeding that data into an algorithm. This results in relevant, timely messaging being sent to your user. It keeps users interested, which means they’ll keep your app longer.

AI delivers automation

One popular misconception about AI is that it completely replaces the need for human design or analysis. Rather, AI enables people to make better decisions. What it replaces is what can be automated. Automated reasoning can be established to solve some problems. For example, rideshare apps use automated reasoning to determine the best routes based on all the existing data it has for the area — it doesn’t drive the car for you (at least not yet).

AI enables personalization

Personalization is an important trend in mobile app development. Users want a unique experience based on their needs. AI makes this possible, boosting user engagement. AI takes the personal user experience to a new level. Anyone using an app built with AI will receive a personalized experience with recommendations based on past behaviors and other factors.
When thinking about examples of intelligent apps, some of the best examples are the My Starbucks Barista or Amazon Go. These apps pay attention to the behaviors of users and anticipate what they will want to do, like asking if you’d like to place the same order as your most recent order.

AI allows app developers to code creatively

AI is making changes based on the foundation of the app as well — allowing for more creative ways to code. App developers that understand how to leverage AI will be able to deploy more unique code in a more adaptable setting. It also speeds up development time, eliminating some manual, time-consuming practices.

AI facilitates natural language

Did you know that mobile applications and computers can communicate ideas? It’s already a part of mobile app development, mostly in the realm of customer service reports. The full process results in AI creating text from obtained data. Your apps want to talk; so, let them share what they know.

AI keeps you relevant

AI-enabled apps will become the new norm for businesses, which means your app must be in the business of funneling data. Data is the goldmine here for any brand to understand how their apps are used. This goes way beyond standard algorithms, as they can’t provide insights into the user experience.
Apps built upon an AI structure will also allow businesses to expand into new products and new markets. When you have technology that can do this, it’s obvious this is an investment that will be sure to have significant returns.
eBay has been able to use this philosophy to ensure the adoption of its mobile app, which sits on the devices of hundreds of millions. The eBay app uses structured data influenced by AI to present a one-of-a-kind homepage based on a particular user’s activity.

Where will AI take your app?

The importance of building apps with AI is undisputed, so it’s time to take a look at how you’re current and future apps can be focused on AI.

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