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May 23, 2024
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“Become a ChatGPT Expert in 4 Days”, or “Learn Node.Js From a Google Employee”; are a few examples of videos we come across on social media nowadays. A lot of independent educators, creators, and professionals are trying to sell their courses online. Is it effective? To an extent, yes but it also has many limitations. They need powerful online course platforms like a learning management system to create and sell courses online.

Your courses are very vulnerable online. It is hard to keep track of your learners and their growth. You need an entire team to create courses, sell them expertly across multiple social media platforms, and catch up with them regularly. All this and you earn a fraction of your costs from selling courses online.

This is specifically why you need an online course builder that lets you not only create online courses but also sell courses online from a centralized platform. This blog post will help you understand that a learning management system is not another software but it makes your life easier by helping you monetize your skills quickly and scalably.

What is a Learning Management system?

A Learning Management System is generally referred to by the acronym LMS. This platform helps in the creation and central organization of courses for corporations, educational institutions, and many other niches, as well as the tracking of trainees’ or students’ progress. Although e-learning is where the name “LMS” first appeared, learning management systems are far more user-friendly than typical e-learning platforms.

Although LMS serves a range of purposes, today we are going to discuss LMS in the context of independent educators, coaches, and skilled professionals. This online course platform allows them to create and sell online classes. On the other hand, their students or learners get to buy online courses easily from a centralized platform. 

But first, what are the benefits of using a learning management system? In the upcoming section, we will discuss what benefits a learning management system holds for educators and coaches and how it turns into a regular income stream for them.

What is a Learning Management system?

How a Learning Management System Benefits Educators & Creators Monetize Their Knowledge

A learning management system is not a standard e-learning, it’s a complete solution. If you’re struggling with selling courses online, then this all-in-one solution is just for you. Let’s discuss what is its biggest benefits: 

Simplified Course Creation

This is the biggest benefit it has to offer. Many creators spend months building the perfect course for their learners. You have to use multiple tools and resources to create online courses that appeal to the audience at large. A lot of effort and time goes into this. A lot of online course platforms allow you to build your course on their platform without requiring you to have extensive technical knowledge.

Choose an LMS with an inbuilt Gen-AI tool like ChatGPT. It helps you create online courses faster and in an error-free way. The faster you create courses, the faster you can sell courses online. In such a competitive world, this speed gives you the extra edge that you need. LMS platforms allow educators and creators to create and organize course content, add multimedia-rich elements, and structure them as per their style which is a huge plus.

Simplified Course Creation

Centralized Content Management

A big problem independent educators and creators face is that their courses are scattered around multiple online course platforms and social media platforms. This restrains you from offering your courses to all of your users. They might not even know that some of your courses even exist and this can be a huge revenue loss for you. 

An LMS solves this problem by providing a centralized platform to make all of your courses accessible to each learner without having to switch platforms. It allows educators to update, modify, or repurpose course materials as needed which makes content management simpler. Furthermore, centralized content management brings all of your dedicated learners on one platform which ultimately helps you sell courses online to a much larger audience.

More Impactful and Easier To Consume Courses

A learning management system increases the effect of online courses. Your learners can learn at their own pace and on their schedule by having access to their learning resources from anywhere with an LMS. This ease of use encourages a higher number of learners to complete their courses.

Furthermore, you can integrate several multimedia elements like audio, videos, PDFs, and presentations to make your courses more engaging. If the learners find the courses and the platform engaging, they tend to consume them more. An LMS comes with advanced analytics to help you make well-informed choices about whether to modify or delete less successful courses and upsell excellent ones. All of this results in greater ROI and more efficient use of your resources.

Revenue Generation

Every day, educators, skilled professionals, and creators alike struggle to make ends meet. Monetizing their knowledge is a crucial aspect of sustainability and in many cases, the sole breadwinner. However, when you sell courses online on platforms like YouTube, you barely get paid, and that too is dependent on external factors rather than your courses.

LMS takes this limitation out of the picture. When you utilize a learning management system to create and sell courses online, you get multiple monetization options. From one-time course purchases to subscriptions to course bundles, you can sell online courses in a way you feel is most beneficial for you. You can also use a tiered pricing system to maximize your revenue.

Revenue Generation

Built-in Marketing and Sales Tools

The ability to just create and sell courses online is not enough. You should be able to upsell or cross-sell all of your courses to create a regular revenue stream. A learning management system helps you in achieving this goal. 

Many LMSs come with built-in tools that enable you to upsell and cross-sell using course bundling features, advanced suggestions, retargeting and promotional campaigns, and affiliate marketing. It makes it easier for educators to market their courses and boost their sales.

High Efficiency

For both educators and students, an online learning course created using an LMS is by far the most effective option to sell and learn from. You can only go so far with ad hoc solutions like webinars, educational materials, and YouTube videos. 

Although you can share some material in this way, you will never be able to develop an organized learning program without the capabilities that an LMS offers. The efficiency and efficacy of your learning programs will significantly increase if you switch from in-person or unstructured online learning programs to a comprehensive online learning system where you can sell online courses to build a regular revenue stream.

Community Building and Engagement

As discussed earlier, when you sell courses online on social media platforms, your learners are scattered all over. It gets very difficult to get them all together, engage them, and evaluate their growth.

A centralized learning management system not only gathers all of them on a single platform but also provides a sense of community. With LMS, you build a community through live chats and student collaboration tools, and by allowing learners to share their feedback and comments. These features incite the feeling of community building and engagement, which can lead to higher loyalty and ultimately higher revenue.

Data-Driven Insights and Analytics

The key to running a successful business is to know what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. Most of the leading LMSs in the market are packed with built-in comprehensive analytics and reporting tools. These tools serve two major purposes.

When it comes to your learners, you can easily track their activity, performance, and progress. It helps you identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions. On the other hand, they also help you keep track of your revenue and course-related stats. This impactful data can help you optimize your courses, analyze what’s grabbing attention, and modify your marketing strategies. This way you don’t become another creator that’s selling courses online but you can actually grow as your own brand.

Data-Driven Insights and Analytics

Security and Intellectual Property Protection

When you sell courses online on social media, your content becomes vulnerable to threats. It is a free platform where anybody can steal your work, claim it as their own, and capture the market that could’ve ideally been yours. Nobody likes that!

What you need is exclusivity. Most of the LMSs in the market come with robust security features such as access controls, multi-layered authentication, and secure payment gateways, to protect your intellectual property. When the rights of your courses stay with you, nobody but your learners can access them in a secure environment.

No Commission Fees

Another problem independent educators and creators face is that when they register on third-party course marketplaces, they get charged substantial commission fees, every time they sell courses online. This has a big impact on their overall earnings. 

Unlike third-party course marketplaces that charge commission fees, you could keep 100% of your earnings by subscribing to an LMS that charges 0% commission fees, and trust us, there are many. For educators looking to maximize their revenue without sharing profits with a platform, you can do so by investing a nominal amount in an LMS.

A Comprehensive Learning Management System For Your Every Need

Learning Management Systems (LMS) have revolutionized the way educators and creators share knowledge and monetize their expertise. From simplified course creation to robust security features, LMS platforms offer a comprehensive solution for modern educators. By leveraging the benefits of an LMS, educators can not only expand their reach but also generate sustainable revenue streams.

Whether you’re an independent educator, trainer, coach, or content creator, our LMS allows you to create both custom and AI-generated courses. You can easily sell these courses to an exclusive audience. Not only that, you can scale and maximize your revenue by upselling and cross-selling your courses.

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