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July 10, 2024
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Often, one question arises: Has AI left any industry? The answer is simply a big ‘NO,’ as it is true that AI has conquered every single industry. AI has revolutionized the healthcare and fitness industry, too. One of the best examples is FitnessAI. It is one of the best workout apps leveraging AI in the fitness world. 

FitnessAI allows you to perform all your workout activities from the comfort of your space without breaking the bank, from exercise and progress tracking to personalized workout plans to a virtual trainer. And that’s the sole reason for its immense popularity.

Moreover, seeing the amazing success of FitnessAI, numerous fitness firms have become interested in developing AI-based fitness apps. However, there are a few things that you need to look at before starting the development process, and cost estimation is one of them.

Seeing FitnessAI, you might wonder: How much does it cost to develop a fitness application with AI? Well, today, this blog will tell you the answer. 

Reasons Why You Should Develop an AI Fitness App Like FitnessAI

Why You Should Develop an AI Fitness App Like FitnessAI

Easy Tracking of Sets

During workouts, people often forget to track the exact number of exercises they need to perform, ultimately leading them to overworkout. People usually take the overworkout situation lightly. However, overworkout can lead to numerous health issues like fatigue and muscle soreness. With the power of AI, such situations can be prohibited. 

One of the significant benefits of leveraging AI in fitness apps is its ability to analyze and track. Using AI, you can easily track the number of exercises you have performed during a particular workout. Based on this data, you receive recommendations on how much rest you should take, thus saving you from overworkout.

Performance Tracking

Of course, your gym trainer keeps giving you workout recommendations. But are those recommendations accurate? Not. As a human, he cannot accurately conduct your body analysis and tell you what your body needs. However, AI can do it effectively. 

An AI fitness app monitors your performance daily and generates a detailed report. This report gives you detailed insights into your performance and recommends the necessary exercises you need to perform based on the report. Moreover, based on your performance, the fitness application gradually increases the difficulty level instead of increasing all of a sudden, thus allowing your body to get used to it.

Personalized Virtual Trainer

Of course, you will need a personal trainer to discuss your workout plans. However, having a personal trainer on your side would cost you some money. With an AI fitness app, you can have your virtual and personal assistant around the clock.

Whenever you face any issues related to your workout planning or need expert help urgently, the AI-powered virtual trainer will always be there to guide you and resolve your queries. Besides this, just like a human trainer, the virtual trainer always remains active in reminding you regarding your workouts, eliminating the possibility of you missing any workout.

Personalized Workout Recommendations

What if you have regular fitness updates and personalized recommendations from one location? You might wonder if it is possible. With AI-based fitness apps, it becomes feasible. Without AI, you might need to visit numerous fitness apps to get the latest fitness-based updates. Moreover, all generic applications fail to provide personalized workout recommendations as they must constantly analyze your progress and fitness level.

With AI, you get access to regular fitness updates at one stop. Besides this, you also get personalized workout recommendations that perfectly fit your fitness needs. 

Complete Cost Breakdown to Develop an AI-Based Fitness App

Cost Breakdown to Develop an AI-Based Fitness App

The fitness app development cost is estimated based on its numerous development stages. On average, developing an AI fitness application with simple features and functionality costs $40,000 to $60,000. Conversely, if you want a fitness application incorporating advanced features and functionalities, its development cost will be around $80,000 to $100,000. 

So, the cost of developing a fitness application depends completely on the features you want to include. It also depends on several other factors, such as the UI/UX interface, the expertise of the AI development team, the admin panel, and much more. 

If you want the perfect cost estimation for your fitness AI app, then knowing all the essential factors you should consider becomes utterly important. So, let’s break down the costs you must incur while developing an AI-based fitness application.

Features to be Embedded

The functioning of your fitness app largely depends on the type of features and functionalities you want to inhabit. Simple AI fitness apps include basic features like signup and login, fitness and performance tracking, and push notifications. Advanced features, on the other hand, include some high-end AI functionalities like a personal virtual trainer, personalized workout recommendations, and regular fitness updates.

So, if you consider having a fitness application like FitnessAI, you must leverage the AI features in your app. It might seem to be a simple process. However, it is not. The more advanced AI features you incorporate into your fitness app, the more development costs you will incur. 

UI/UX Design

Design is an integral part of your app. Even if you have leveraged advanced AI features in your fitness app, you will need a highly customized and interactive design capable enough to captivate user’s attention on the go. This is simply because your app users will first interact with your app’s UI/UX elements. If you have one bad experience, you will lose your app users quickly. So, it becomes utterly crucial for you to design a highly engaging and interactive user interface for your fitness app.

Moreover, making interactive and engaging designs takes a lot of work. It’s a work of precision. So, it is undoubtedly going to take some time and effort. To build such a beautiful application, you must embed some attractive UI/UX elements whose design costs around $10,000 to $20,000. Also, the UI/UX design cost depends on the features you want to embed in your fitness app. So, while estimating the cost of UI/UX design, you need to consider your fitness app’s various features and functionalities.

Type of App Development

Type of App Development

While developing your fitness app, you should know which platform you will launch it on. The type of platform also contributes to the development cost of your AI fitness app. The cost of developing a native app is usually more than the cost of cross-platform development. The reason behind it is simple. In native app development, the developers must establish numerous code lines for different platforms(Android, iOS, and web).

In the case of cross-platform development, developers can use the same codebase on all platforms. This saves you a lot of time and effort. So, cross-platform development becomes an effective means of getting a highly qualitative app in less time.

AI Integration

To leverage different AI features like virtual trainers and performance tracking, you need to integrate AI into your app. Integrating AI might seem to be a simple process, but it is not. Firstly, based on the desired functionalities, you need to train the AI model by incorporating a large amount of data into it. Next, you need to perform rigorous testing of your AI model to eliminate the possibility of errors. Finally, you can integrate the AI model into your fitness application.

The cost of integrating AI into your fitness app depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the AI feature, the type of environment, and more. However, it usually costs around $30,000 to $70,000.

Backend Development

Backend development is often neglected when estimating costs. You might think that it does not play a crucial role in app development. However, if analyzed carefully, it is an integral part of your app. Where will all your user data be stored and managed? Of course, at the backend. Besides user data, the backend also includes servers, APIs, and databases that contribute to delivering a smooth interface to your app users.

The complexity of the backend depends on numerous factors, including the complexity of the app, the amount of data, and the types of features integrated. In the case of an AI-based fitness app, as the amount of data and functionality is going to be high, the backend development will require you to put in some great effort, which will consume your time. Based on the complexity, the backend development cost will be $20,000 to $50,000.

App Testing

Once your AI development process is completed, you will need to perform complete testing of your AI fitness app. Testing is essential for the success of your app. Many people often skip the testing process to save the development costs. But imagine your app users facing some difficulty while using your fitness app. It will lead to poor user experience, degrading the quality of your app.

So, skipping the testing process does not mean saving costs, but it means welcoming the possibility of errors, which will cost you a lot in the long run. Also, people think the testing process is costly. However, the cost of testing your fitness app will be only around $10,000 to $20,000.


Deploy your App either on Google Play Store or the App Store

Once your app is ready, you can deploy it on either a Google Play Store or the App Store. Of course, the deployment process is not free. It will include some significant charges based on the app platform. If your fitness app is Android, you will need to pay an initial fee of $25 to deploy the app, after which leveraging Google Play is completely free. 

To deploy an iOS app on the App Store, you will need to incur a yearly charge of $99$. If you develop a cross-platform fitness application, the cost of deployment will be $8,000 to $10,000.

Maintenance Costs

Your app will perform well for years if you maintain it at regular intervals. You need to update your fitness application regularly for its smooth performance. Regular updates also ensure your fitness app stays healthy and bug-free all the time. 

However, maintaining a fitness app requires a significant investment from your side. Some updates require license renewal, which incurs costs. Also, your app will not remain the same forever. You will need to embed additional features and functionalities in it over time to enhance its performance. Generally, the maintenance cost for an AI-based fitness app is around $10,000 to $30,000 per year.

Final Thoughts

You might have got to know that the development of an AI fitness app involves significant costs. From strategic planning to designing to AI integration to testing and deployment, every stage involves a substantial investment from your side. However, all these development costs benefit your fitness app in the long run. Also, regular updates and maintenance always keep your fitness app perfectly fit. Though it also involves a significant investment, it is necessary for the smooth functioning of your app.

Partnering with an experienced AI app development company becomes an advantage on its own for perfect fitness app development. The sole reason for this is that the AI app development company knows how to develop an AI fitness app that meets your vision affordably.

And when it comes to affordability, look no further than Technocrats Horizons. We design AI solutions that deliver effective results to startups and SMBs affordably.

Whether you need to develop a workout or fitness navigation app, Technocrats becomes your one-stop solution for all your AI development needs.

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