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Tarvinder Singh

July 8, 2024
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A few years back, businesses faced numerous challenges in terms of having high-end productivity and collaboration. And that was the COVID-19 time. Businesses were left with no other option than to allow employees to work from home. However, in the beginning, it was a challenging process as low employee productivity and inefficient team communication were the results of remote working.  

Moreover, employees often waste their precious time and effort in manual work processes that would hold them from focusing on more important and complex tasks. It would again lead to inefficiency as certain important tasks would get delayed. 

Inefficient work processes and lack of effective communication would, in the end, affect the overall growth and revenue of the organization. However, it was the only way at that time through which businesses would continue their work. However, employee productivity has always been a concern for companies before COVID also. 

Entered custom web portals for the businesses which were effective in managing client communication and employee communication.  

Moreover, employee productivity also improved a lot through collaboration tools and workflow automation. Businesses started having streamlined decision-making processes, which would help them make strategies in no time.

Now, you might wonder how custom web portals became effective in enhancing employee productivity. It’s solely because of its numerous features and functionality.  

Today, this blog will tell you how custom web portals can improve employee productivity and collaboration. 

What are Custom Web Portals?

What are Custom Web Portals?

A custom web portal is a centralized platform where all the important and relevant information is stored and managed. People often think of all web portals as being the same. However, this is not the reality.  

Web portals are customized to cater to different business needs. For instance, an eCommerce business will have a CRM web portal to manage all their customer communications in one place. Similarly, healthcare centers will have medical portals where patients can seamlessly interact with medical professionals. 

Thus, every web portal is uniquely designed to fulfill different business needs and goals. 

There are numerous types of web portals available, out of which CRM web portals, B2B web portals, and employee web portals are the most popular. 

A CRM portal or a web client portal is generally used for managing all the processes related to customers like storing customer data, collaborating with clients to seek important information, and much more. 

A business-to-business (B2B) web portal is a platform where businesses manage all their communication and processes with other companies. And, an employee-based portal, on the other side, helps companies to provide a seamless working experience for employees.

All the web portals do one thing in common and that is, managing the data and communication. 

Why do Businesses Need Custom Web Portals for Employee Management?

Why do Businesses Need Custom Web Portals for Employee Management

Imagine your business data is stored on different platforms. How cumbersome it would become for your employees to access. Instead, imagine your data stored at a centralized location. It would add a big sigh of relief for your employees as accessing and managing the data will become very easy. So, this is what web portals do for businesses.

Businesses often undersee the need for web portals. The reason behind it is the biggest myth revolving stating web portals are only meant for managing client communication. However, the reality is completely different. 

Web portals are more than just managing client communications. If leveraged properly, custom web portals can help businesses streamline their productivity which eventually boosts the ROI. 

Besides, when data is catered at different locations, it is prone to cyber threats. Losing such data is never going to be beneficial for the organization. Such things can be eliminated by leveraging a custom web portal. 

Moreover, custom web portals have become a useful medium for teams to have a seamless collaboration. Besides this, they play a significant role for businesses in boosting employee productivity.  

How Custom Web Portals Improve Employee Productivity and Collaboration?

How Custom Web Portals Improve Employee Productivity and Collaboration?

You might wonder how web portals would help businesses streamline employee productivity. Well, there are uncountable ways through which custom web portals become effective for businesses.

Here are the numerous ways in which businesses can leverage the maximum benefit of custom web portals for enhancing employee productivity and collaboration. 

Simplifies Team Communication

Effective communication is a necessity for the success of any project. Imagine the outcomes of a team lead not being able to communicate well with his team. It would surely compromise the quality of the overall project, thus leading to undesirable results.  

Moreover, when employees are working remotely, there are sure chances that they might face some challenges while accomplishing their desired tasks that would constantly build a need for team communication. Besides this, remote teams might even need a platform where they can share important documents and other media files instantly.  

In such situations, custom web portals prove to be a great boon with their collaboration tools. 

Through instant chat applications, teams get instant answers to their queries, which eliminates the need to wait for hours for simple questions. Besides, video conferencing allows teams to have virtual meetings where in-depth discussion of projects becomes very easy. 

The custom web portals also provide discussion forums, which become a huge platform for employees to resolve complex queries with the help of a large community. 

So, when it comes to team collaboration, a custom web portal becomes very effective in having team communication. 

Effortless Project Management

It is very well said that to achieve something, you should have an entire roadmap in your mind. Also, you should have a well-defined plan for achieving those goals. And same holds for your projects’ success. No matter what industry business you are having, a well-defined project management is a must. 

A well-defined project management would not only help you achieve your goals efficiently but it will also allow you to complete your project on time qualitatively. And for efficient project management, having a custom web portal is a must. 

Custom web portals provide task management tools that allow you to access and manage all your assigned tasks from a centralized location. Not only this, but custom web portals give you a simplified way through which you can perform numerous task-management operations like defining and assigning the project, tracking the project progress, setting deadlines, and resource allocation with ease. 

Easy Access and Management of Business Resources

Easy Access and Management of Business Resources

One of the biggest challenges employees find while working is finding useful company resources like portfolios, product details, project information, and more. Though it might not seem to be a hectic task for old employees. However, new employees will surely encounter numerous challenges while accessing important data, especially if they have to access it from different locations. 

Such challenges in resource allocation will surely affect employee productivity as they would consume a lot of time in searching for the required data. So, resource access might seem to be a small business process, but you can imagine the outcome if it is not carried out smoothly. 

Custom web portals have become a great helping medium as they provide a centralized location to store all your business data in one place. That means your employees can access all the important company-specific documents from a single location. This would not only ease their research process but would also save them a lot of time and effort, which would eventually boost their productivity. 

Enhanced and Quick Decision-Making Process

Business processes involve some tasks that need employees to make important decisions. For simple processes, the decision-making process is not hectic. However, for complex processes like projects and sales, the decision-making process becomes a bit tough. In such scenarios, employees need to perform detailed analysis of business processes and prepare detailed reports. 

Now, you might think the task of preparing business reports to be simple. However, it is not. It involves a detailed process involving numerous steps like collecting data from various resources, analyzing them, and finally making decisions, which becomes a bit time-consuming. 

The reporting and analytics tools of custom web portals give a big sigh of relief to your employees in terms of the decision-making process.  

Employees can perform detailed analysis of complex processes through graphs and visuals which streamlines their decision-making process. Besides this, employees can even prepare tailor-made reports with high-end customizations in no time.

Moreover, detailed analysis also helps employees identify the root cause of the problem and resolve them accordingly. 

So, you can imagine how custom web portals ease the complex and time-consuming decision-making process for your employees. 

Seamless Workflow Automation

Have you ever wondered how much time your employees are taking in performing manual work processes? As per recent stats, employees waste approximately 40% of their precious time performing routine work processes per day.  

So, you can imagine how much time your employees are going to waste per month or year. Of course, it is not going to benefit the business as employees will not get enough time to focus on more important tasks. 

This not only affects the overall employee productivity but will also affect the sales and revenue of the company. However, with a custom web portal in your hand, you get the power to control such inefficiencies by leveraging its automation tools. 

Employees can automate the basic routine tasks like task assignment and data entry. This will save them a lot of their precious time and effort, which they can use to focus on other important and complex processes. 

Besides, employees can even set reminders for project deadlines that would allow them to complete their assigned projects on time, which would help them.  

So, custom employee portals open up great opportunities for businesses to increase employee productivity through workflow automation. 

Boosts Employee Motivation

It is rightly said that employees’ happiness and comfort contribute a lot to the success of any organization. However, numerous organizations believe that employees become happy by providing benefits in terms of medical insurance and provident funds. However, it is only 20% correct.  

Term insurance and provident funds help in the betterment of employees. But, these measures don’t make them happy in terms of working.  

Employees can become happy working with an organization when they are provided with a seamless working experience. They do not face any trouble in navigating the company resources and easily achieve their targets with efficient project management and automation. Moreover, their life becomes easy when they can make smart decisions with perfection in no time. And the list goes on.

And custom web portal development becomes a perfect way to achieve it. 

Such smoothness will always keep your employees motivated to work, thus eventually helping your business achieve high-end productivity effortlessly. High productivity means high sales and ROI.

Final Thoughts

With modernization, just like people have changed their way of living, businesses have changed their way of operating.

Custom web portals give a perfect new way to business operation due to which employee productivity never hinders the business growth.

However, real success is achieved when you have a perfectly developed custom web portal. To achieve this, it becomes a necessity to partner with a highly experienced and skillful custom web development company. And, Technocrats Horizons becomes your perfect custom web portal development partner.

With 12+ years of expertise and highly skilled custom web professionals, we deliver solutions that create a major impact on organizational growth. In these many years, we have perfectly understood all the ins and outs of custom web portals. That’s the reason why our designed custom web portals adorn all the needed features and functionalities with ultimate perfection. 

We do not believe in delivering mere results. Instead, we are the technology beacons who believe in custom web portals that help businesses grow in every possible way. 

Whether you need a website with a client portal or an employee web portal, Technocrats Horizons becomes your perfect partner for all your custom web development needs.

Are employee productivity and collaboration becoming a concern for your business growth? A fully customized web portal becomes the answer.

Contact us today to boost your employee productivity through a custom web portal.

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