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Gulshan Chandan

February 25, 2022
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A growing number of people would rather travel around the city by taxi. We are among them. After all, public transport is an absolute pain as well as keeping your personal vehicle in good condition is time-consuming and expensive (not forgetting the requirement to continually search for parking spots that are free).

It’s true there is the demand for taxi apps is increasing exponentially in leaps and leaps. Entrepreneurs are trying their best to develop an app that is of high quality and shares in the earnings.

Most of the time, people learn from Uber however, it’s just so popular, it’s almost famous. What’s your opinion on Ola? This taxi booking service isn’t well-known however equally awesome. Additionally, developing an app similar to Ola is simpler and gives you a greater chance of success.


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Uber & OLA Taxi Booking Apps: Are They the Same?

There are many companies operating within the taxi reservation app market but one of the undisputed leaders is Uber. It has had a huge success and has set the bar that other businesses can follow (in final, everyone realizes that the plan to invest in developing taxi apps is a good one).

But, Uber is hardly the only instance. There are many others like Ola. At first, it was a solely Indian project However, the company is currently expanding west and conquering Europe (which is further discussed below).

What do taxis like Ola and Uber offer from a commercial perspective (or more precisely they’re not cabs in themselves and applications to book them)? Take a look at the top advantages startups can reap (if they tackle the issue correctly):

  • Offers the potential for simple earning

    All you need to do is create an application, draw in customers (drivers or passengers), and then begin to earn profits.

  • Minimum overhead expenses

    Sure, similar to Ola cost of developing apps won’t go anywhere (and you’ll have to come up with an advertising budget) However, once you’re done, unwind. There’s no need for the luxury of a fleet of vehicles or anything like that as you’re merely an intermediary between the passengers and drivers.

    We Know App Development and Business, Both. Let Us Help!
  • Development opportunity

    The market for digital services is growing and changing, which opens the door to a variety of exciting opportunities for your project.
    In terms of the benefits for users are concerned, the benefits for users are fairly clear: users can request taxis using only a few taps (and around the clock) and drivers get an electronic tool that can take orders in a more efficient manner.
    We’ve gone over the fundamentals and now we’ll talk about taxi mobile app development, such as Ola Costs, Benefits distinct features, and so on. We’ll then look at similar issues with Uber. When we’re done with this article, you’ll be able to see the full view.

OLA’s Story

The price of building an app similar to Ola is quite expensive. Therefore before you move forward with your venture You should look at the situation and decide whether your investment is worth the potential gains. We’d love to help you determine this by telling the story of your competition.

OLA began its journey into the Indian market about 10 years ago (in the year 2010). Its initial goal was to address the issue of the poor quality of public transport (which is typical of cities across India at least it was the case in the past). The people who created OLA were hoping that people would be able to reach their destination in comfort and security without any hassle. The development of an online booking system for cars seemed like a good idea.

In the beginning, the founders were forced to be thwacked in a single room, however, the times have changed. OLA services are offered across more than a dozen cities across India and elsewhere, but there’s even more. OLA, as we stated at the start of this article, has a huge impact on the Western market: Australians and New Zealanders have begun to take advantage of OLA in the year 2018 and later in the year, residents from the UK added to the list of fortunate OLA users as well (which really is an accomplishment! ).

The main point is If you’re looking to develop the OLA application do not be afraid to start with a smaller scale. Success is guaranteed If you focus on your goal with determination.

Today, numerous cool venture funds own an investment in the business (including Softbank), which shows its potential and financial viability.

New Markets & Services

As a company that is too smart to stay and watch, OLA continues to scale and expand in various directions, gaining the corresponding markets. In addition, the company acquired have had acquired Foodpanda a few years back. It is an Indian delivery service known as Foodpanda. In the following year, it purchased the operator of public transport tickets Ridlr. Additionally, Ola has partnered with Apple Music and a couple of other apps similar to it (like Sony liv). The above mobile app features are designed to draw many more customers (and it has attracted them to the point of attracting them).

The most important thing to remember is that you’re looking to make back the money you spent (and consequently make the investment to create a taxi app such as Ola an investment that is forward-looking which is not a risky decision) Develop your app continuously, and never stop working on it.

OLA Inspiring Statistics

  1. Ola’s value was over $ 6 Billion as of the fall of 2019.
  2. Ola has attracted investments of at least $ 4 Billion over the past 10 years.
  3. Ola receives more than 150,000 taxi orders per day in India alone. Its service also covers more than half the country’s market.
  4. It would be possible to arrange all OLA driver’s cars in one row. This would make the trip approximately 2,420 miles.

You’re probably now curious about the cost of creating an app like Ola. Keep reading to learn more. We still have much to share with our readers.

How does the Ola App work?

OLA is a very intuitive application. This is its undisputed advantage. It is easy to use.

Simply indicate the location you want to go to (your location will be determined automatically), and then ask for the service for a car. After the process is complete, you can view the driver’s rating and his car brand as well as the estimated time of arrival. Do you feel satisfied with the results? Fine! You are welcome to wait for the taxi cab.

You’ll be notified when the driver is close to your home or where you are currently located. The payment can be made in cash or cashless.

When the trip has been completed successfully, you can rate your driver (and keep in mind that he also rates you).

This is the entire process of OLA. It’s that simple.

We Know App Development and Business, Both. Let Us Help!

How to create an app like Ola/Uber

We would like to concentrate on the OLA taxi app creation process. After all, it is much easier to replicate the OLA’s success. If you are more interested in Uber, the development steps will be the same.

  • Comprehensive analysis

    It is not a good idea to start any project without having the right data. To get the data you need, conduct a market analysis.

    What does market analysis mean?First, you need to assess mobile app market trends. Then, you need to determine what your potential customer (the modern consumer) wants. Lastly, analyze your major competitors.
    You can create a plausible concept for your service using this information, not just what you make up but how it is collected and processed.

  • Technological planning

    Let’s say that the analysis was completed and that the team has been identified (the experts who can create an app similar to OLA). They must first outline the project’s goals and take the necessary steps to get started with the actual development.
    This is technological planning. It includes:

    1. Creating a diagram showing the internal hierarchy of its parts and determining the architecture for the future mobile service. The application structure must be developed by your development team. It is important to make the program run as smoothly as possible.
    2. Thinking about the functionality of Ola. This is mainly about creating a list that meets the needs of your project.
    3. Calculating the maximum load for your project. This should be done by you and your team. Why is this important? Let’s take an example to illustrate the importance of this feature. Imagine you only expect to have a few thousand users… but in reality, you get one million! Sounds good, huh? However, there is no guarantee that your system can withstand an unplanned influx of users unless you take the appropriate precautions at the beginning of your project.
    4. A selection of development technologies. There is a variety of ways to implement your project and create the app you desire. While some of these options allow for a more customized result, others require a more skilled approach. This increases the app’s final Ola-like development cost. Some others are built on pre-made templates and solutions (which are cheaper but do not provide uniqueness). Depending on your project goals and budget, which one you choose will be most important.

This stage leads to the creation of an application prototype. It will show how the service should work and include the screens that it should have.

  • UI/UX

    After the prototype has been approved, the IT team begins building the core element of your mobile service: UI/UX. It is important to design an interface (UI), that provides the best user experience (UX).
    When designing an interface, there are many nuances to take into account. In particular, certain trends are inherent in apps such as Ola cab or Uber. Experienced UI/UX specialists can help you achieve great results.

  • Development

    A prototype interactive will not be able to move, and a well-drawn UI/UX design won’t become a reality unless a coding expert is involved.
    It is difficult to explain the development in detail. Let’s just say that you need to be patient and rely on the professionalism of your team.
    Apart from the above, Ola’s app development costs are often quite high due to the complexity of the dev process. It is said that nothing is easy and therefore expensive.

  • Testing and Release

    Make sure your application is fully functional before publishing it on Google Play or App Store. Although you won’t be able to check the performance of your application, QA engineers will. All IT companies should have this department. To prove that your Uber/Ola clone is bug-free, they’ll run several tests.

What To Consider After Launch

Are you sure that the completion of the development is the end of your work on the project? It is not, we hate to say it. If the owner is willing to give it constant attention, update it, respond to user feedback, etc., a digital product will be profitable. If you are not up for the challenge, why even create an OLA app?

This is a rough outline of the development process. IT teams don’t follow the waterfall principle if one stage is not followed by another. Agile is the most popular approach. An Agile approach is a way to break down large-scale products into smaller parts. This allows for repeatable development cycles (the so-called sprints). This allows for greater flexibility.

Our experience in the development market is more than 10 years. This proves our expertise, if not only because our customers love the results of our cooperation. Our portfolio also includes Many projects, which shows that we know how to make an app like Ola.


We Know App Development and Business, Both. Let Us Help!

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