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Establishing your business online has become a significant thing these days. Being familiar with this, many business owners have websites concerning their business that is doing quite well in the market. 

But having solely the website is not enough. The only way to succeed and be ahead of your competitors these days is to move to mobile apps. The recent statistics indicate that in the coming years, 54% of sales will be generated by way of mobile apps. 

It is the fashion e-commerce mobile app only which has changed the face of online shopping. It is high time that business owners should realize the significance of mobile apps for their business growth. 

But have you ever wondered what makes mobile apps extra special and profitable for business owners? It is none other than its advanced set of features that distinguish it from the websites and give you an edge over others. 

Let’s have an insight into some of the features of e-commerce mobile app development and how it can prove to be advantageous for you. 

Features of E-commerce Mobile Apps 

Customers making use of their mobile phones to purchase goods and services is the trend. The number of sales generated from mobile apps is bound to witness a great rise in the coming time. 

Consequently, every e-commerce business owner should accept this fact and get a mobile app for their e-commerce business. Here are some of the advanced features mobile apps possess. 


Omnichannel experience 

Selling your products on multiple channels has become a necessity and this is what mobile apps do. Keeping in mind the increased competition these days, e-commerce store owners should provide their customers with a seamless shopping experience and that too across multiple channels. 

This is what is widely known as the Omnichannel experience. While doing so, ensure that all your channels should sync with each other. There are about 80% of customers prefer to use mobile phones and apps for making a purchase rather than websites. 

The e-commerce owners should keep one thing in their mind while doing this and that is to make the customer experience consistent across all the platforms be it online or offline. 


Virtual try-on 

The next significant feature of e-commerce mobile apps is the virtual try-on facility. Despite being in trend, there are still some customers who fret at the name of online shopping and all due to the fear of whether they’ll get exactly what they shopped for or not. 

Fortunately, no more worrying over online shopping as the virtual try-on feature lets your customers decide how the item looks on them and allows them to take the upper hand. 


Smart Mobile chatbots 

Communicating with your customers irrespective of the time enhances their shopping experience and makes them feel great. Fortunately, you can also do the same for your customers by getting a mobile app for your e-commerce business. 

There are a host of benefits that come along with artificial intelligence-powered tools. With the help of mobile chatbots, you can come to know a great deal about the likes, dislikes, and shopping preferences of your customers. 

Besides this, being available for your customers and extending thorough support to them 24×7 makes them feel loved and they end up shopping more than before. It also saves your additional expenses in hiring a customer support executive. 


Voice shopping 

One of the latest trends doing rounds these days is the trend of voice shopping. The recent stats indicate that by the end of 2022, the voice shopping industry will touch $40 billion. This makes it all the more significant for you to incorporate this into your fashion e-commerce mobile app


Searching for a particular product is much easier and faster than typing it. In addition to this, it also adds to the convenience of the customers. More and more e-commerce owners add this feature to their app, and more will be the adaptability. 

But voice shopping does not end here and includes much more. By using voice technology, you can track a purchase, add items to the cart and also make payments. Consequently, adding voice shopping features to your mobile app is a must for taking your sales to the next level. 


Push notifications 

Another notable feature present in e-commerce mobile apps is push notifications. The number of sales that push notifications can bring for you is enormous and no seller should ever miss this out. 

Push notifications can concern the new arrivals, festive deals, sales, and other such offers as this goes a long way in enticing the customers to shop more. But do have a strategy for the same before going ahead with push notifications. 



No more asking your customers to manually add their locations for the delivery of their orders as the geolocation feature automatically gets their location. Not only this, but the customers can also track their order status from this. 

The main benefit of geolocation features in the e-commerce mobile app is the information acquisition from the customers. It also avoids your customers the hassle of doing it manually thereby adding to the enhanced customer experience. 


Social media integration 

With ever-increasing social media users, it has become pertinent to take advantage of social commerce and integrate your business with it. This sole feature will make your e-commerce business huge and also your customer base will grow. 

The research indicates that 43% of users end up purchasing from social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook than other ones. Consequently, you must power your business with social media and make it look competitive. 

It will also help in reaching a wider audience, promoting your brand, noticeable hike customer engagement, and bringing higher returns on investment. 


Vast payment options 

Providing your customers with multiple payment gateways for shopping acts as an added advantage for them and also aids in a better customer experience. At present, customers are using more online payment options than cash-on-delivery options. 

Mobile wallets such as PayPal, amazon pay, google pay, net banking, and others are being used while shopping. It is because these are safe and too quick. Try to add as many online payment options as you can. 

The e-commerce business owners should take note of this and win their customers because customers pay for convenience which in turn will bring in more conversions. 


Loyalty programs 

Nearly every e-commerce business owner has a loyal customer base who prefers doing shopping from their channels only. Keeping this in mind, it is your responsibility to reward your loyal customers and do something for them. 

Loyalty programs are the way to go for you. Loyalty programs mean rewarding your customers in terms of special discounts, earlier access to sales, coupons, membership, and many more to go. Practicing this will increase customer engagement. 


Final Thoughts 

The distinguishing set of features available in the e-commerce mobile apps will surely add to your profits and sales. Moreover, getting an e-commerce mobile app for those looking to expand their business further is a great idea and helps businesses reach a wider audience.

Get in touch with Technocrats Horizons to get your e-commerce mobile app and scale your business.


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