Mobile App Ideas To Invest in 2023-24
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September 19, 2023
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The global mobile app market is expected to reach $755.5 billion by 2027, up from $475.9 billion in 2022.

We all know that the tech market offers great opportunities for mobile apps. As the future heavily relies on them, it’s clear that the momentum will keep going strong. Every company is working on fantastic mobile app concepts to support future growth and digital opportunities.

However, there’s fierce competition in the app market, so your mobile app ideas may be already available in app stores. 

To rise to the top, you need a little luck and an original idea that efficiently addresses daily issues. Therefore, if you’re seeking motivational mobile app ideas to make money, read this very informative blog post.

Top Innovative Mobile App Ideas 2023

Top Innovative Mobile App Ideas 2023-24

According to Grand View Research, the size of the global mobile application market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.8% from 2023 to 2030.

With this valuable data, it’s evident that app development is continuously progressing, providing startups with an opportunity to establish new mobile app businesses.

1. Mentors App

As the nature of work evolves, people are increasingly seeking guidance from mentors. A mentor is someone experienced in a specific field who can help them avoid costly mistakes. However, finding the perfect mentor is like finding a needle in a haystack. Users of a mentor search app can easily find a mentor based on their needs, interests, and profession.

Research shows that individuals with mentors have a 5x higher chance of getting promoted at work compared to those without mentors. This is just the beginning.

According to Forbes, when compared to entrepreneurs without mentorship, 70% of small businesses that receive mentorship survive for five years or more.

Therefore, a mobile app that connects users with the right mentor based on their needs, interests, and industry could be incredibly valuable.

2. Local Sports App

Local Sports App

The global sports market is expected to reach $707.84 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 9%.

However, finding the perfect sports location and partner can be challenging, whether it’s for e-sports or physically demanding sports that make you sweat. Paying a hefty club membership fee may not be worth it for those who only play on weekends. Not to mention the difficulty of finding a compatible sports partner.

A sports booking app can help users find suitable participants based on their preferences and the nearest location for them to meet and start playing with their team—creating a sports booking software that allows users to find online or offline gamers based on their gaming and sporting preferences.

3. Gift Delivery App

The idea is to create a smartphone app enabling users to surprise their loved ones by delivering gifts to their doorsteps. Customers can choose from a wide array of products and services offered by nearby retailers. Store owners can establish their store profiles. Customers have the flexibility to select and customize the packaging for their chosen products. After the transaction, delivery employees will pick up the item and hand-deliver it to the recipient.

4. Book Sharing App

Imagine a social media platform exclusively for book enthusiasts. Libraries may be distant or limited, especially in rural areas and small towns where not everyone can afford an extensive book collection. This mobile app concept enhances the day for book enthusiasts.

For readers who love to gather and share books, this app serves as a sharing platform. Users can register the books they own, both online and offline. The app facilitates local readers to communicate, plan meetups, organize literary events, and more. It allows users to exchange printed books and build an online library of e-books.

5. Mental Health App

Mental Health App

In the first year after COVID-19, the prevalence of anxiety and sadness increased by 25% worldwide.

People are actively working to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health, and conversations about mental health are more common than ever.

The importance of maintaining good mental health should be as high as maintaining good physical health. However, many find it uncomfortable to express their feelings and openly discuss mental health issues. Providing a safe space for mental health support can help individuals realize they are not alone in their journey. 

Develop a peer-to-peer mental health mobile app where a community of people can communicate and share their challenges. Alternatively, you can create an app to help users find the best local therapists.

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6. Public Transportation App

Moved to a new place but have no idea about the public transport routes and timings? This mobile app idea can be a boon for these people.

The purpose of this smartphone app is to help users find the best route when using public transit. It notifies the user when it’s time to leave to catch the bus, train, or plane, helping them avoid missing it. The app keeps track of traffic, delays, and departure times, and considers rush hour.

7. IoT Device Management App

IoT Device Management App

Every device we use nowadays can be connected to each other with IoT. That creates a lot of scope for an app that can track and manage all of them in one place. IoT device management is a powerful concept in retail, healthcare, or service sectors. 

Users can secure their devices using a PIN, preventing unauthorized access by others. For added security of sensitive data, users can remotely wipe data from their devices if lost or stolen. Devices can also be remotely activated through the app.

8. Shopping Budgeting App

This app proposes a supermarket budget planner that allows consumers to track their expenses, especially those related to grocery shopping. It provides users with a better understanding of their consumption and grocery spending. Users can input their purchase data daily, weekly, or monthly, and the app provides insights to assist with future budgeting.

9. Carpooling App

Carpooling App

Carpooling is gaining popularity due to congested traffic, increasing petrol prices, an aging population responsible for caring for grandchildren, a growing demand for fuel-efficient vehicles, and users starting their daily commutes earlier to meet job requirements or reduce time at work. 

Moreover, the shift from private to public car use presents numerous opportunities for innovative mobile app ideas. Firstly, users need to find nearby individuals willing to share rides. To identify potential matches and estimate travel times, users can share their job timings, residence, and meeting places.

10. Virtual Study Room App

Since the pandemic, people have come out with amazing concepts that save space, time, and resources, and one such concept is the virtual study rooms. An app can create virtual study spaces where students can share notes and discuss what they’ve learned. This app is especially beneficial for students who may feel hesitant to ask their instructors questions.

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11. Skill Sharing App

Many talented individuals struggle to find opportunities in our world. With the advancement of mobile technology, education is undergoing a significant revolution. Companies today understand that individual talent often outweighs formal credentials and official endorsements.

This app is ideal for lively and proactive individuals. Some may be seeking a mentor or another qualified expert, while others might be eager to share their knowledge. Users can interact with expert teachers from various disciplines through the app and schedule lessons. Simultaneously, the app enhances skills and prospects for employment.

12. Smart Cooking App

Smart Cooking App

“What should I make for dinner tonight?” This common question finds an answer in this app. Users simply input the ingredients they have in their kitchen, and the app provides a selection of recipes they can make using those ingredients. This app encourages users to come up with exciting cooking ideas they might not have thought of before.

13. Fuel Delivery App

Ever wished for a fuel delivery app? We’ve all probably experienced times when we ran out of fuel during a trip and got stuck. It’s a frustrating situation that can derail plans, especially for urgent trips. Finding the nearest fuel station and refilling the tank takes time and effort.

Fuel delivery apps offer a simple solution to this problem. They allow individuals to schedule fuel delivery to any location they prefer using their smartphones. If you’re interested, creating a fuel delivery app is an excellent idea because there’s substantial room for growth and limited competition.

14. Organic Food App

Organic Food App

With the changing world, people are getting more and more inclined towards healthy and organic food. You can grasp this market before the big shots! Explore nearby organic farmers and their produce offerings, all within the convenience of a mobile app. Personalize your profile based on your preferences and location. 

Then, engage directly with farmers—ask questions, negotiate prices, and tailor your orders. It’s like having a farmer’s market right at your fingertips! Moreover, you can learn about sustainable farming and share your organic food journey with a community that’s just as passionate as you are. 

15. Resume Builder App

Did you know that over 77% of human resources professionals reject applications due to poorly written resumes?

Create an app to assist users in generating resumes that are visually appealing and well-written to address this issue. Offer them a variety of templates to choose from and allow them to modify the sentence structure while being mindful of grammatical errors.

Ensure the resume can be saved in appropriate formats, whether it’s a Word file or a PDF, considering the specific audience you are targeting.


We believe these innovative app ideas will undoubtedly give your new business in 2023-2024 a boost. You can invest in these app ideas to launch your business or consider them as an additional revenue stream with significant growth potential in the future. If you have any other popular mobile app ideas, please share them with us so we can evaluate their viability.

Technocrats Horizons offers exceptional app development solutions to our clients. Besides, we create end-to-end solutions from mobile app ideas to wireframing to mobile app deployment on the app store. If you have any requirements, please feel free to contact us.

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