A Comprehensive Guide For Mobile App Marketing in 2023
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Tarvinder Singh

June 22, 2023
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In a world where mobile apps are multiplying faster than humans, how can you ensure yours stands out from the crowd?

With 7.4 million apps already available, catching the attention of your target audience has become a formidable challenge.

But fear not! We’ve got you covered with this complete guide to mobile app marketing.

Picture this: You’ve poured countless hours into developing your app, fine-tuning every feature and functionality to perfection. You’re confident it has the potential to change lives, but now comes the real test – how do you get it into the hands of your eager users? That’s where a strategic marketing approach becomes your secret weapon.

From understanding your target audience’s deepest desires to employing clever influencer strategies and mastering the art of app store optimization, we’ll unveil the secrets to success in the ever-evolving world of mobile app marketing.

So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a wild ride through the exciting realm of app promotion. Whether you’re an ambitious startup or a seasoned enterprise, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to make your app shine like a diamond in the app store.

Join us as we explore the ins and outs of mobile app marketing, revealing proven techniques that will skyrocket your app’s downloads, increase user engagement, and propel your app to the top of the charts. 

Why a Strategic Marketing Approach Necessary for Your Mobile App?

Startegic Approach For Mobile App Marketing

As the competition in the mobile app market heats up, businesses of all sizes, both large and small, have realized the importance of going mobile. In fact, a startling number of small businesses and nearly all large enterprises now have their own mobile applications.

However, standing out in this app bonanza is not easy. To succeed, you need to differentiate yourself from the competition, attract users, and carve out a specific market for your app. This challenging task requires more than just luck; it demands a well-thought-out mobile app marketing strategy.

How Does Mobile App Marketing Work? Techniques and Strategies

Mobile app marketing involves a comprehensive strategy to advertise a mobile app, increase downloads, and boost user acquisition. The following steps are typically included in the process:

Pre-Launch Stage

How Does Mobile Apps Marketing Work

  • Make a Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Step 1: Knowing the Target Audience

Before launching a marketing campaign, it’s crucial to understand the target audience, their needs, and their behavior. Market analysis, consumer surveys, and data analysis of app store data can help gather this information.

Step 2: Defining the Marketing Objectives

The marketing goals should align with the app’s overall objectives and target market. Examples of marketing goals include increasing app installations, enhancing user engagement, and generating revenue.

Step 3: Choosing Marketing Channels

The next stage is to select the marketing channels that will best reach your target market. This may involve internet advertising, email marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing, and app store optimization.

Step 4: Executing the Marketing Campaign

Once the marketing channels are chosen, it’s time to put the marketing campaign into action. This includes creating and delivering marketing materials such as commercials, influencer partnerships, and promotional emails.

Step 5: Monitoring and Optimizing

Regular monitoring is necessary to assess the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. Based on the results, optimizations can be made. Analyzing statistics such as app downloads, user engagement, and revenue helps make the necessary adjustments.

  • Use the Blog and Landing Page

Utilize your website’s blog and landing page to provide more information about your mobile app. Mobile advertising is crucial, and through affordable means like SEO, you can attract new visitors. Your landing page should clearly demonstrate what users can expect from your app, with a straightforward call to action to the Google Play Store, App Store, and other app stores.

Including user testimonials and showcasing screenshots of the user experience are also essential. Don’t forget to regularly update your blog on your website to keep users engaged.

  • Create a Video or Demo for Your Mobile App

Humans are visual beings, and videos tend to be the most engaging type of content. Since your target market may know little about your mobile app, creating a video that showcases your product is an ideal strategy to raise awareness.

Your video should be concise, creative, and descriptive. The funnier the video, the better, as humorous videos are incredibly engaging for mobile app marketing. Make sure to share the video on your website and across all social media channels.

  • Partner Up With Influencers

Influencer Marketing for Mobile Apps Promotion

Influencer marketing has become a common practice in today’s marketing landscape, serving the same purpose as traditional celebrity endorsements.  Nowadays many users, especially Gen-Z, download an app based on a recommendation from a social media influencer they follow. Instead of tirelessly pursuing your favorite athlete or singer, consider hiring a well-known YouTuber or Twitter influencer to promote your app.

Social media influencers have a substantial online following that respects and value their opinions. When these influencers post endorsements, thousands of their followers see and share them, ultimately reaching millions of potential users both online and offline.

  • App Store Optimization

In the competitive mobile app market, understanding and reaching your target audience is more important than ever. App store optimization plays a critical role in attracting attention and driving downloads. By optimizing your app store listing, you can improve your app’s ranking for relevant keywords and key phrases. Thorough market research helps you understand your target audience and the primary terms they use when searching.

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Post-Launch Stage

  • Google Ads

Google Ads for Mobile App Marketing

Google offers a service called “App Campaigns,” specifically designed to help app developers increase traffic, leads, and sales. With its targeted approach and vast user base especially on search results, this tool can be highly effective and goal-oriented. Users can create app ads, set budgets based on available resources, and establish campaign objectives, making it a promising option for mobile app marketing.

  • Invitations & Referrals

Encourage your existing users to refer your app to their contacts by offering incentives and referral invitations. This not only attracts new traffic but increases social proof and credibility. It is also a powerful branding strategy. All you have to do is request brand recommendations. As an alternative, you may provide some coupons or discounts.

  • Start a Two-Way Communication

Creating an app experience that aligns with users’ wants and preferences increases the likelihood of retention. In-app messaging plays a significant role in this.

Users who receive in-app messages within 28 days have a user retention rate ranging from 61% to 74%.

While not every message will be relevant to all users, segmenting your audience ensures the information they receive is valuable to them. Incorporating chatbots within your app offers great customer service, and it allows you to resolve issues and offer the latest promotions to your users.

  • Promotions on Social Media

Social Media Promotion

Social media marketing should be integrated into your app’s development from the beginning. To attract potential users, generate excitement through engaging social media posts. After the app goes live, focus on content highlighting its features and run promotions and competitions to increase app usage. Paid advertising on social media can also be targeted to specific demographics, expanding the reach and visibility of your app.

  • Push Notifications

Push notifications have proven to improve user retention by anywhere between 56% and 180%.

Users who opt-in for push notifications exhibit 88% higher app engagement compared to non-users. Higher retention rates also contribute to improved ratings in the app store. Providing incentives for app usage, such as personalized rewards, exclusive content access, vouchers, and special promotions, can significantly boost engagement and conversions.

The Final Verdict

The success of your mobile app relies heavily on effective promotion, requiring a well-thought-out marketing strategy encompassing both pre- and post-launch tactics. 

By developing user personas, conducting competitive analysis, utilizing social media, email marketing, influencer collaborations, and running beta tests, you can effectively promote your app and generate excitement for its release. Don’t forget to develop a landing page and regularly update your app to keep users interested and satisfied.

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