Should You Choose a PWA (Progressive Web App) or Mobile App For Your E-commerce Business?

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May 13, 2022


  • Having a website for your e-commerce business is great. But give it a thought for once. Is it enough for your business? Generating all your sales from a website is not enough for your e-commerce business. If this is what you have been doing so far, then you are missing something really big. 


    Living in an age where users and customers spend more time on their cell phones, having a mobile app or something mobile friendly is a must. Recent statistics reveal that 72.9% of eCommerce sales are meant to be generated solely from mobile apps. Besides shopping from mobile apps, 61% of users make use of such apps to compare the prices of products available in the store. 


    Consequently, the two options available to the e-commerce business owners are either opt for progressive web apps or get a mobile app. Both come with their pros and cons. Here’s a detailed analysis of both progressive web apps and mobile apps to make the choice easy for you. 

    Progressive Web Apps 

    It is a kind of web application bent upon delivering the native app experience to the users. Progressive web apps are a blend of web and native apps. In addition to this, these are highly reliable, engaging, and fast paced which might be some of the reasons why people are employing this for their businesses. 


    PWA for E-commerce Business 

    Along with the other businesses, some e-commerce business owners are also coming forward to have progressive web apps for their businesses. Here are some of the reasons e-commerce businesses are giving way to progressive web apps. 

    Engage users

    The foremost reason for businesses to have a progressive web app for their business is because it engages the users. It makes room for easy access and usage. Moreover, it gives their customers a new content experience with a tangible interface. 

    Boosts user engagement 

    The provision of push notifications in progressive web apps is what boosts user engagement. The notifications are in the form of short messages which go on to make a significant impact and grab the user’s attention. 


    Every business aims at providing a seamless and smooth browsing experience to its customers. That’s why they have been resorting to progressive web apps to improve their performance. Its faster loading time and minimum storage space enhance its performance. 

    Improves SEO

    Progressive web applications can be easily discovered with the help of search engines. Be it any material, it is competent enough to be ranked on diverse search engines. This makes room for direct access to advanced digital products for users. 


    Mobile Apps for E-commerce Business 

    Be it any business, it is the mobile apps that are the new buzz in the market. Consequently, e-commerce is no exception. The advent of mobile apps has changed the face of online shopping. As per the recent stats, mobile e-commerce sales reached $3.5 Billion in 2021. 

    It is high time that e-commerce business owners should grasp this fact and utilize this to their advantage. Let us learn how mobile apps can add value to your e-commerce business. 

    Improved customer experience 

    The customers are looking for a personalized and consistent experience with a brand. Merely having a website won’t help you in this. Fortunately, mobile apps can make it easy for you. Mobile apps make it possible for you to have valuable insights about your users and all thanks to the emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, AR, and VR. 

    Enhanced conversions 

    The next benefit mobile apps can bring to you is enhanced conversions. The conversion rate of mobile apps is much higher than a website. Whenever buying a product, the customers prefer to have a seamless process. Moreover, some features are exclusive to mobile apps only such as push notifications, easy checkouts, and other things. 

    Loyal customers 

    Getting an e-commerce mobile app helps businesses make an impact on the customers and play a crucial role in their bonding with the brands. But in this, you need to ensure that your brand offers product details, contact information, and other crucial information pieces which persuade them to buy. 

    By offering several loyalty programs to the customers such as bonuses, offers, and discounts, you can make your customers come back to you. 

    Increased brand visibility 

    Another solid reason to opt for the mobile e-commerce app is the increased brand visibility that comes with it. Most brands find it easy to connect with the customers using a mobile e-commerce app as users spend most of their time on mobiles only. Consequently, create a lasting impression on users with beautiful designs. Besides this, you need to answer your customer’s queries to make your brand seem effective. 


    Latest Trends in Mobile Apps 

    Keeping in mind the tough competition prevailing these days, every e-commerce business owner must ensure to keep pace with the latest trends emerging in mobile apps. Consequently, to bring conversions and revenues, your mobile app should contain this set of features. 

    Omnichannel experience 

    Selling your products on multiple channels such as apps, websites and stores has been a crucial thing due to the widespread competition in the e-commerce industry. Once you are done with this, you need to ensure a seamless experience for your customers across all channels.

    Around 80% of people prefer to shop on mobile phones instead of a physical store. 

    Multiple payment options 

    Adding multiple payment gateways to your mobile app will serve as an added advantage for you as mobile payments are growing at a rate of 62%. The most common mobile payment options include apple pay, PayPal, android pay, and many more to go. All this will add to the convenience of the customers which in turn will bring more sales. 

    Voice assistant shopping 

    No need to type what you are looking for as now, you can simply speak with the AI-powered voice assistant and make online shopping fun. Using voice technology will result in faster shopping. In addition to this, voice shopping is convenient and has good adaptability. With the help of advanced voice technology, users can easily make a purchase, track a package, add items to the cart and make payments. 


    Which One is Better: PWA or Mobile Apps? 

    The real confusion prevailing in people’s minds is which one to choose between progressive web apps and mobile apps for e-commerce businesses. The answer is mobile apps. The availability of advanced features in mobile apps is what acts as a boost and brings increased returns. The progressive web apps might not serve all the purposes of e-commerce businesses but a mobile app does. 


    How can Technocrats Horizons help you in launching your mobile app? 

    Wondering whom to trust for your mobile app development? It is none other than Technocrats Horizons. With thousands of successful running mobile apps, Technocrats Horizons can build an excellent mobile app for your customers. We help build such apps which your customers will embrace. Our excellent team of developers will be an added advantage for you.

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