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Ecommerce businesses

have started to grow very strongly in the last few years. It’s an undeniable fact that today a customer browses the internet to make an easy & secure purchase, no matter how big the purchase is. Since 2012, there is a great enhancement seen in the number of customers who love online shopping more than traditional shopping.
This is the reason why the majority of businesses are moving towards the online market. The online market comes up with a lot of benefits for businesses as it has a great user base that can help a business to generate quick revenue.
So if you are one of them – who are planning to venture into the eCommerce domain then it is crucial for you to understand the significance of choosing a reliable eCommerce development platform to craft an online store for business.
In the current IT world, a tremendous showdown is going on, in-between some of the major eCommerce platforms that are – Magento, Shopify and currently trending platform – WooCommerce. These all are the top-most eCommerce development platforms that rule the IT industry when it comes to their frequency on the entire web.
As per the current market report, the occupancy of these platforms in the eCommerce market is –

  • WooCommerce – 32%
  • Magento – 18%
  • Shopify – 8%

The rest market is still working on other platforms such as – Prestashop, BigCommerce, Zen Cart, Open cart and much more.
The high use of WooCommerce in the current eCommerce development makes it clear that WooCommerce is an incontestable leader amongst all other eCommerce platforms.
If you want to associate your business with this cutting-edge eCommerce development technology, let’s dig more precisely into it by knowing – What is WooCommerce? And why to go with WooCommerce rather than going with any other technology?

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that helps you sell products and services online. It’s not just a simple plugin, it’s much more than it. This WordPress plugin is innovatively designed with additional features available as extensions. This plugin offers an extensive range of features that make it an ideal platform for setting up an appealing and customer-friendly online store.

Now, the question that will pop up in everyone’s mind is why WooCommerce is being on the top when such other strong competitors such as Shopify and Magento are available in the market? To get its answer, let’s get deep into that –
Why WooCommerce is leading the current eCommerce Market?
Well, it’s kind of very obvious why WooCommerce is leading the current market as there are loads of benefits come up with it such as powerful features, great services, and highly customizable functionality. Also, WooCommerce is easy to set up – the reason that makes it the most extendable platform. Because of its innovative features, this plugin is marked as best suited eCommerce development technology for businesses of any size, ranging from small to medium-sized and large ones.
The major benefits of this amazing platform that gives you a reason to invest in it for your next project are -.

  1. 1. Distinguishing Features

    – If we talk about the peculiarities of WooCommerce, it has some of the basic features right out of the box. Its cutting-edge features provide an ability to the merchant to start selling the products just after setting up the store. Its innovative features make it best for the eCommerce market. The features it includes are –

  • Inbuilt inventory control
  • Unlimited number of products, images, and galleries
  • Ability to sell digital and physical products
  • Geo-location option to auto-detect customer’s location
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Integration with Google analytics
  • Much more.


– The best thing about WooCommerce is that it is free to download and also, the WP account is provided at no extra cost. However, as you are running a business online, you must have to acquire a web host. You have to pay for web hosting and the charges of it are dependent on the size of your store (usually ranges from $3 to $100 per month).
Apart from that, like other open-source platforms, it also requires a domain that on average costs from $0.99 up to $12 per month.
Lastly, WooCommerce provides you enough functionality free of cost. But still, if you desire to get some additional features then you can buy them by making a one-time purchase –  from $29 up to $299.

3. Astonishing User View

– A basic WordPress theme is called Storefront. Most WP themes are free and well-engineered with the aim of integration into the WooCommerce core plugin. These free & paid WP themes render an astonishing look to the eCommerce store that helps you provide the best user experience to customers.
These themes are highly customizable that make it able to meet the needs and requirements of the store owners and help you increase the website’s performance. There are many child themes available in the official WP theme store from which you can choose the best one that matches your store’s requirements. Many third-party stores provide free and paid WP themes. That means, once you have decided to go with WooCommerce, you have so many themes options to create your store and render an astonishing user view to the customers.

4. SEO-friendly Platform

– You may have read it on many blogs that WooCommerce doesn’t possess any in-built search engine optimization feature but still WooCommerce is a highly SEO-friendly platform.
WooCommerce is WP plugin and WordPress supports many core SEO tools & additional downloadable modules. Plugins such as Yoast and All-in-One SEO help a user to make the changes & optimizations as per SEO guidelines

The main features of these additional SEO plugins are –

  • Ability to change post’s SEO title and meta description
  • Focus on keyword testing
  • Canonical tag setup
  • Page Preview
  • Readability Check
  • Much more.

These are some of the basic features required to make your store highly SEO friendly. These WP plugins also help you get some additional marketing features such as brand awareness, site traffic, social media, pay-per-click ads, much more. These additional features may require you to get a paid version of these plugins. However, to make your website finely SEO friendly, you don’t need any additional paid version, you can go only with a free version.

  1. 5. In-Built Payment Gateways

    – Secure payment gateways are one the basic need of any eCommerce store. WooCommerce offers its users some of the highly secure built-in payment gateways, that are included in the core version of the plugin:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Check Payments
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash upon delivery

Some more payment gateways work properly with all WP themes. In case any of your payment gateways do not work properly for you or you need more flexibility, for this, you can go with some additional payment extensions from Woo Store.

6. Helpful Support Services

– WooCommerce is a WordPress Plugin that is given away for free, this is why it has some limited support services. All your queries and issues can be solved with the help of extensive documentation, tutorials and reference materials available on the official WooCommerces’ website.
However, WooCommerce gives you the flexibility to open a support request regarding your issue and get assistance from the WooCommerce team via live chat support.
Additionally, you can request for assistance from the WooCommerce enthusiasts and active users on the specialized WooCommerce forums and blogs.

Summing Up

If you want to go with a trusted, secure & long-running online business, WooCommerce is the best cart available in the market. It’s a broad spectrum of WooCommerce extensions, themes, features, cutting-edge functionality is it’s evident that WooCommerce is a leader amongst available eCommerce platforms available in the market.
All its above-mentioned features make it clear to you why WooCommerce is best for you to invest in your eCommerce Store.
Want to Start Selling with WooCommerce today?
If you are up to get a WooCommerce Store for your business, get in touch with expert WooCommerce developers at Technocrats Horizons. Our expert WooCommerce developers have an extensive knowledge base to develop highly advanced eCommerce solutions that are flexible, scalable, and prominent to engage essential customer traffic.


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