Complete Breakdown of Android App Development Costs in 2024
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Tarvinder Singh

February 8, 2024
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Do you have a business and are wondering how to take it to the next level? If you want to scale your business in 2024, Android app development is the answer.

The mobile app market size is projected to reach US$673.80bn by 2027 and the majority of the app users are Android app users. It seems inviting but developing your Android app comes with a price tag, and if you are not aware, it can be a costly deal for your business.

Android app development costs can range from a few thousand to several hundred thousand dollars – the cost depends on the features, complexity, your development partner, and many other factors. Understanding these costs before heading for the development is crucial for informed decision-making.

Want to know how much Android mobile app development costs exactly? Check out our blog for an in-depth exploration, ensuring you stay in the loop when it comes to your business finances and choosing if you want to go ahead with Android app development or not.


Factors Influencing Android App Development Cost


Estimating the cost of just one component is not enough since many factors decide Android mobile app development costs. We have compiled the key factors that mostly impact the overall Android app development cost:


Factors Android App Development Cost

Factor 1: App Complexity


The type of application you’re developing significantly influences the cost of app development. This is because if you’re choosing advanced features, it will take app developers additional time to learn and implement the technology.

Here are the categories your app can fall into based on the complexity:

Basic Apps

A basic app is typically designed for a single platform, such as the web, iOS, or Android smartphones, with three to four screens. Compared to basic or advanced software, it often features primarily static content and straightforward user interfaces with a limited set of functionalities.

Estimated Cost to Develop: $5,000 to $15,000

Standard Android Apps

A standard app may have fewer sophisticated features than a simple app, but its development process might involve a specialized user interface and data storage, adding time and expense to the project.

These apps are similar to straightforward online or mobile applications, offering more dynamic content for greater customization. They often leverage existing APIs to provide added value compared to simpler apps.

Estimated Cost to Develop: $15,000 to $25,000

Complex Apps

An online or mobile application requiring sophisticated functionality and high-end user interfaces is considered complex. These apps are often used across multiple platforms, increasing complexity as their usage on more platforms introduces additional variables. CRM apps, gaming apps, AR/VR apps, and other enterprise-level applications can be considered complex apps.

Estimated Cost to Develop: $25,000 to $40,000

Curious about what it costs to develop an Android app in 2024?

Factor 2: Functionality and Features


To answer the question, “How much does Android app development cost?”, you need to decide the functionalities and complexity of the features you want in your app. The number of fields, screens, buttons, and required logic all contribute to the overall complexity.


Functionality and Features


Now that we understand the aspects affecting the software’s overall complexity, let’s delve into the details. Implementing some features can take a lot of time while some basic features can be implemented quickly.

Developers can customize their code or utilize third-party APIs depending on the complexity of the app. On the other hand, basic apps use native features and tools.

Separate Backend Development

If your mobile app syncs with a database or loads content from a server, you must consider the server component in your budget.

In some cases, the server you want to retrieve data from may already be in place. In this scenario, if the mobile app utilizes an existing API solution to connect to the website, there’s no need to create a server.

Off-the-shelf server solutions are widely available and can help you quickly set up a backend. Knowing just two—Firebase and AWS—is sufficient. Google’s well-known Firebase is a backend platform compatible with all platforms. Additionally, Amazon Web Services is also considered very reliable.

The server component that interfaces with your mobile app through an API typically costs between $5,000 and $20,000. To keep server-side development costs within a safer range, choose backend services like Firebase, AWS, or similar options.

Here’s an overview of Android mobile app development costs based on different features:

Feature Category Number of Features Features Estimated Development Cost (in USD)
Basic Features 7-8 User Authentication $1,000
Push Notifications $800
In-App Purchases $1,000
Social Media Integration $800
Basic UI/UX Design $1,000
Database Integration $800
Offline Functionality $800
Standard Features 5-6 Advanced UI/UX Design $2,000
Location-Based Services $1,500
Integration with Third-Party APIs $1,000
Basic Animation and Transitions $1,000
Customizable User Profiles $1,500
Cross-Platform Compatibility $1,000
Advanced Features 4-5 Complex Data Encryption $3,000
Augmented Reality (AR) Integration $5,000
Advanced Animation and Graphics $2,000
Machine Learning Integration $3,000
Advanced Security Measures $2,500

Factor 3: Android App Development Cost Based on Development Stage


Applications aren’t developed overnight. Any type of app development happens in multiple stages. Now, you can go for companies who take the project at a very short deadline and deliver it at a single pre-decided cost. But the results might be disappointing in that case.


Cost Based Android App Development Stage

Let's discuss costs and stages

It is always advisable to choose an Android app development company that follows a well-detailed and professional development process. In that case, the cost is divided based on different stages.

Here’s a breakdown:

1. Research Stage

It all begins with this basic step. Each app has an intent, a target audience, or a business goal it wants to fulfill and you need to know every aspect about them. Investing between $500 to $1500, this phase involves more than just doing a survey.

It’s about analyzing market trends, understanding what your competitors are doing, and gathering valuable data from potential users. This investment sets the tone for your app’s journey.

2. Design Stage

As previously mentioned, the actual cost of a web or mobile app development project is determined by its size, nature, and complexity. We advocate for starting with “visual scoping via design” rather than “costing via requirements lists.”

Based on our experience, understanding your app idea, including its functionality, design, and user experience, can significantly change your requirements. App concepts often evolve during the design phase as you generate more ideas or find ways to enhance the product.

The design stage of Android app development cost may cost you around $2000 to $10,000.

3. Development Stage

Now, this is the most crucial stage of Android app development. Coding, database setup, and feature integration – it all happens at this stage. The Android mobile app development cost at this stage is based on how intricate you want your app to be.

What kind of features, integrations, and functionalities do you want, all of them become part of your app at this stage, and also decide the cost. This stage will cost you around $5,000 to $25,000.

4. App Testing

You cannot launch an app before making sure it is working perfectly and for that, you need to test it. It may cost around $2,000 to $12,000 to ensure your app is ready to hit the market.

If you’re aiming to offer a high-end mobile application, you would need to perform quality assurance, user testing, and performance testing.

5. Support and Maintenance

Once your app is deployed on the Play Store, it needs ongoing support and maintenance. You need it to address user feedback, fix bugs, and follow up with the latest trends.

This investment ensures your app remains relevant, secure, and adaptable to changing user expectations. So, you can set aside 10% of the total Android app development cost for support and maintenance.

6. Mobile app promotion

Consider devoting a certain amount to your marketing plan to new customers. Should you fail to do so, no one will be aware of your app.

When it comes to budgetary planning for mobile app marketing, the total is unique. Some business owners can afford up to $5,000. Some, however, are prepared to shell out thousands of dollars for app marketing.

Generally speaking, the annual cost of app marketing is approximately 40% of the initial Android mobile app development cost.

Though they are frequently ignored, these hidden expenses must be considered. Ultimately, the last thing you want is for your app development project to fail because you are short on funds.


Factor 4: Application Type


One of the main factors influencing Android app development costs is your application type. The pricing will vary based on the specific type of application you choose, including music, entertainment, education, health, commerce, or business-related apps.


Android Application Type


Different applications require varying features, leading to differing costs. The most downloaded app categories include eCommerce, social networking, and on-demand apps. Despite having similar functionality, these app types are integrate differently.

To make it easier for you, we have broken down the cost based on application type:

App Type Estimated Development Cost (in USD)
Food Delivery $15,000 – $30,000
E-commerce $20,000 – $35,000
Healthcare $25,000 – $45,000
Fitness $15,000 – $30,000
Social Networking $18,000 – $35,000
Travel $22,000 – $40,000
Education $15,000 – $30,000
News $12,000 – $25,000


Factor 5: Development Partner


Now, this is a very crucial stage and requires a lot of research and deliberation to decide on an ideal Android app development partner.

Looking for a reliable partner for your Android app?

You often need to communicate with multiple app development parties to figure out if they get your app idea or if the Android app development costs they are asking for are in your budget or not.

You can choose your Android app developer partner based on these factors:

  • Based on their past projects
  • Development costs
  • Post-launch support and maintenance
  • Collaboration tools
  • Reviews and references
  • Location and timings

Outsourcing vs. Local Android App Development Costs

When considering Android app development costs, you need to answer this looming question – should you outsource or stick with local development? The biggest deciding factor? Your budget.

Android app development costs can range between $5,000 to $100,000 or even more depending on the scale of the app. For example, developing an app like Uber can cost you up to $1,50,000. Now, let’s discuss the details.

Outsourcing: Thinking of outsourcing? Countries like India shine as budget-friendly options. Skilled developers there charge around $25-$50 per hour, making it a cost-effective choice.

The perks don’t end there – outsourcing offers access to a vast talent pool, ensuring your app project gets the attention it deserves.

As per stats, around 59% of businesses are choosing outsourcing for Android app development.

Local Development: On the other hand, local app developers can be a bit costly depending on where you live but it has its own share of perks. Having a team in your time zone means you can visit them and communicate smoothly.

In the United States, experienced app developers can charge between $100-$150 per hour, so it depends if you seek convenience over budget.

Compared to 59% of businesses interested in outsourcing, about 41% of businesses prefer local developers.

Here’s a breakdown of hourly Android app development cost based on various countries :

Country Average Hourly Cost (USD)
United States $100-$150
United Kingdom $80-$120
Germany $80-$120
France $80-$120
Ukraine $40-$80
Poland $40-$80
India $20-$50
Philippines $25-$60
Indonesia $25-$60
Brazil $30-$60


Tips to Reduce Android App Development Cost


We understand that this can be a bit too much cost for many businesses but there are many ways you can cut down Android app development costs without impacting the app quality. Discover these cost-saving tips:


Reduce Android App Development Cost


Tip #1: Outsource Your Development Work

Assembling a development team with the required skill level takes both time and money. By outsourcing the task, you can select experts with the necessary experience within your budget and hire committed developers from anywhere in the world.

Tip #2: Construct an MVP

To save money, create a minimum viable product (MVP) with a small feature set that both mobile app developers and the general public can test early in the app development process. If any issues arise, they can be address promptly.

Tip #3: Set Features in Order of Priority

When working on building an Android app, discuss the features that your app must have with your team. Focus on those that are most essential for your application.

Test the app in the real world and gather feedback to learn how to make improvements and advance your Android app development process.

Tip #4: Design and Development by the Same Company

Poor project coordination leads to delays and additional expenses. Having a single, dedicated team handle both the design and development of the app can help release the app more quickly, as there will be fewer handoffs between teams.

Tip #5: Ensure You Have a QA Team

Resolving software defects ultimately costs six times as much as preventing them. By including QA specialists in the design phase, you can ensure a smooth workflow. Discovering defects early increases the likelihood of staying within the project budget.


How Much Your App Will Cost: A Final Assessment


If you intend to create an app for your company, you may use this blog’s average starting cost of $5,000 as a rough estimate.

In addition, always keep in mind to include the crucial factors that we have listed above to avoid going over your budget, which could affect the pace and timing of your app development.

Additionally, think about speaking with or employing a mobile app development company that has a solid portfolio of apps across a variety of industry verticals to get an accurate range of Android app development costs.

You don’t need to look far, Technocrats offers mobile app development services for as little as $5,000 and as much as $40,000.

The budget should be driven by the features, not the other way around. So, get in touch with our experts, and let’s get your app project started.

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