AI in Digital Marketing- Exploring Latest Trends and Insights
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Vivek Bhatia

July 18, 2023
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The marketing landscape is undergoing a significant transformation with the rise of artificial intelligence. It’s crucial to stay informed and prepared for the changes that lie ahead.

The presence of artificial intelligence has become impossible to ignore, with ChatGPT, OpenAI, and discussions surrounding the profound impact AI will have on our world. The potential power of AI has captivated marketers, prompting them to explore its newfound capabilities.

While marveling at the extraordinary possibilities of AI, marketers are grappling with an existential question that forces them to contemplate the future: Could this signal the end of traditional marketing as we know it? 

Whether you require assistance in crafting a keyword strategy, developing a job description, or crafting compelling copy for a landing page, AI can swiftly and effortlessly accomplish these tasks.

In this blog post, we will explore the transformative impact of AI on digital marketing strategies and unveil the key trends that are shaping the future landscape of the industry.

AI in Digital Marketing- Explore the Latest Trends

AI in Digital Marketing- Explore the Latest Trends

As we delve into the emerging trends in digital marketing in the era of AI, it becomes evident that this technology is not only reshaping our everyday lives but also revolutionizing the way businesses connect with their target audience. We have listed 10 of the most impactful trends of AI in Digital Marketing:

  • Voice search optimization

Voice search optimization is crucial in the age of smart speakers and virtual assistants. To ensure that their goods or services are easily found by customers using voice search, marketers must optimize their content.

    • AI-powered techniques can be used to discover long-tail keywords and phrases that are more likely to be used in voice searches.
    • By developing FAQ pages, implementing schema markup, and tailoring content for local search queries, businesses can prepare their material for voice search.
    • Burger King’s “Google Home of the Whopper” campaign, where they created an advertisement that prompted Google Home devices to describe the components of their iconic burger, is a prominent example of voice search optimization.
  • Marketing Through Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

Marketing Through Augmented Virtual Reality

The market is experiencing growth due to technological combinations. The convergence of AI with AR and VR creates a unique consumer experience.

Many businesses have successfully integrated both technologies into a single product or suite of services.

Let’s take Coca-Cola as an example. The beverage corporation decided to blend computer graphics with augmented reality and artificial intelligence, immersing users in their real environment through the use of glasses or headsets during various bottling operations.

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  • Metaverse

The metaverse is an innovative combination of VR, AR, and AI that is blurring the boundaries between the physical world and the digital world.

The term “virtual world within a world” is often used to describe the Metaverse. It represents an uncharted digital realm where augmented or virtual realities interact, creating a shared and participatory space.

With a network of realities and virtual universes encompassing nearly every aspect of space, social trading has become a reality. Digital marketers utilize video as a means to bridge the gap and establish an entirely new category of digital marketing.

  • Conversational AI in Digital Marketing

Conversational AI in Digital Marketing

More advanced conversational AI and chatbots will continue to enter the market, becoming increasingly available to small enterprises. These technologies can respond to simple inquiries from clients at any time, regardless of day or night, even if you are occupied with other responsibilities.

For instance, the debut of ChatGPT demonstrates that AI-driven marketing is already a reality. Expect to see more small businesses utilizing easily accessible AI technologies to create marketing content or engage with their clients 24/7.

According to MIT, 90% of businesses that employ conversational AI solutions can handle more calls and complaints more quickly. However, a poll of small business owners reveals that the majority of them have not yet adopted this technology.

  • Programmatic Advertising

AI is utilized in programmatic advertising to automate the purchasing and placement of digital advertisements. This technology can assist in optimizing ad targeting, placement, and messaging for maximum impact.

Programmatic advertising enables real-time bidding on ad placements, and AI can maximize the effectiveness of ad targeting and messaging.

Thanks to Facebook and Google’s use of AI for ad targeting, businesses now have more focused and cost-effective advertising options.

  • Marketing Automation 

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation helps define the optimal course of action, manage marketing campaigns across multiple channels, and send pre-scheduled campaigns and communications.

Your marketing automation now has layers, and artificial intelligence aids in measuring and analyzing the effectiveness of your efforts.

With AI-powered marketing automation through various AI tools, marketing teams will have to do less manual labor and gain a better understanding of campaign performance.

  • Visual Search

This is one of the most recent developments in digital marketing that enhances the user experience. Users can now submit images to search for related items or images, or they can simply take a picture with their devices and search for similar ones later.

For instance, the well-known store Macy’s introduced Macy’s Image Search, an app that allows users to upload photos of items to search for alternatives in the Macy’s inventory.

The Pinterest Lens is a popular visual search engine. It serves as a visual search tool that enables anyone to snap a picture of an object, and the app will direct them to related products as well as locations where they can purchase the product online or find more related items.

  • CRM Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

CRM Using Artificial Intelligence

Digital marketers can personalize client interactions and provide a superior user experience with unique promotions or incentives to regain lost consumer loyalty through the use of AI-driven applications. Natural language processing (NLP) is another AI-powered technology that chatbots utilize to segment customer inquiries, respond promptly to urgent user demands, and reduce dissatisfaction by addressing each client in real-time.

Additionally, AI-powered CRM utilizes predictive analysis to derive in-depth insights into consumer behavior and preferences based on previous interactions and other data. Moreover, it can generate leads and boost conversion rates.

  • Personalized Marketing with AI

Undoubtedly, personalization is one of the most effective marketing trends for 2023. In the highly competitive landscape of nearly every industry, your company may be overshadowed. But what will set you apart and make you beloved by your customers is personalization. According to statistics, 80% of consumers prefer to purchase from a company that offers a customized digital experience.

Personalization can be implemented in various contexts, including content, emails, products, SMS messages, notifications, and more. While using first names in your advertising is essential, hyper-personalization seems to be the way forward.

Thanks to AI, and machine learning, processing vast amounts of data and tracking customer behavior has never been easier. Creating highly personalized content gives a high boost to your conversion rates.

  • Automated Email Marketing

Automated Email Marketing

As the name suggests, automated email marketing involves sending emails to your customers regularly, based on predetermined triggers or deadlines.

Email has always been the most reliable marketing channel in the digital world. Promotional emails are a fantastic way to update your customers about your business successes or upcoming sales.

However, due to the misuse of bulk email strategies, most consumers have stopped responding to promotional emails. Personalized emails are a great way to recapture your customers’ attention and increase customer engagement.

  • Advanced Content Creation

Initially, AI was predominantly used in marketing to automate repetitive tasks. However, considering the capabilities of AI today, that is merely child’s play. Generative AI algorithms leverage existing data in the form of text, images, videos, etc., to produce unprecedented content.

AI-generated content is designed to provide helpful information to customers without requiring countless hours from an employee or freelancer. Content Marketing has progressed by leaps and bounds with the help of AI in digital marketing.

AI in Digital Marketing- The Final Verdict!

In 2023, the widespread adoption of AI is expected to surpass all other marketing trends, further democratizing its use. Greater personalization, time and cost-saving automation, and fascinating advancements in enhancing the overall customer experience will be showcased. Stay tuned for more!

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