Why Do You Need Website Audit for SEO & Conversions
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Tarvinder Singh

October 9, 2023
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Are you struggling with low conversions or visibility? Chances are your website is having security or coding issues. But how to detect them? You need a comprehensive website audit.

You have components like blogs, pricing pages, landing pages, and the homepage. With so many elements in place, where should your focus lie?

Today’s internet buyers are savvy, discerning, and always looking for the easiest, most straightforward approach to get what they need. According to eCommerce research, 90 percent of customers abandon their purchases due to slow websites.

This can pose a setback for small-business owners and entrepreneurs.

Fortunately, there’s an effective way to prevent visitors from leaving your website. By conducting a website audit, you can boost sales exponentially.

This not only keeps clients interested and impressed with your products but, most importantly, prevents them from leaving your website and making a purchase from one of your competitors.

This blog post will discuss what is website audit and why you need it so you can understand the huge benefits it can bring to your online business.

What is a Website Audit?

What is a Website Audit

A website audit thoroughly evaluates all the elements that influence a site’s search engine exposure. These elements are mostly technical, UX, or SEO issues. This established practice offers a comprehensive understanding of a website’s functionality, volume, and visibility.

The objectives of a website audit include evaluating your website’s overall performance and identifying issues that need to be addressed. During a website audit, it’s essential to consider all crucial components rather than focusing on just one.

Why Should You Audit Your Website?

A website audit is conducted by qualified SEO specialists and companies as the initial phase of a comprehensive approach. Based on their assessment of your site’s effectiveness, they formulate a strategy. Just like a doctor cannot prescribe the proper medication without a thorough evaluation, you cannot increase traffic without understanding what might be hindering it. By carefully examining each aspect of your site’s architecture, you can:

  1. Enhance your website’s visibility in search results to attract more visitors.
  2. Prevent the loss of thousands of dollars in sales, marketing, and internet advertising.
  3. Develop an SEO strategy that aligns with your company’s objectives.

Top Reasons You Need Website Audit Right Now

Top Reasons You Need Website Audit Right Now

We have compiled the top reasons your website might need a thorough and professional website audit. Take a look:

    • To Ensure Your Website is Optimized for Mobile Devices

In today’s world, mobile devices are the go-to for completing most purchases. Imagine you own a  food delivery business, and a potential customer urgently needs a certain order. They get a link to your website through a message in their WhatsApp group. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you’ve just lost potential customers. A website audit can fix this issue, allowing you to make necessary improvements and make your mobile responsive.

    • Enhance Visibility in Search Results

It’s crucial to evaluate how your website performs in search engine results. The effectiveness of your website heavily relies on search engine optimization (SEO), influencing how easily visitors can discover your website on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

During a website audit, a professional assesses your website’s SEO performance by examining elements like keywords, meta descriptions, and backlinks. This analysis determines your website’s current ranking. They also analyze your website’s competitors and similar websites in your industry. Understanding how well or poorly your website is performing in search results guides you in making necessary changes to boost your visibility.

    • Improve Website Performance

Improve Website Performance

The success of your website is significantly influenced by its performance. A website that loads swiftly and smoothly provides a better user experience, leading to improved engagement, higher conversion rates, and ultimately more sales.

During a website audit, a professional evaluates various aspects of your website’s performance, such as page load times, image optimization, and code effectiveness. They conduct speed tests to determine how fast your website loads on different hardware and connection speeds. Additionally, they review the size and format of your images to ensure they are optimized for web use and not causing slow loading times.

A website audit can pinpoint areas for performance improvements, such as image optimization, speed testing, and code efficiency enhancements. Implementing these changes can enhance the user experience, resulting in increased engagement, higher conversion rates, and ultimately more sales.

    • Assessing Your Website’s Health

Understanding your users’ experiences by simply browsing your website can be challenging. You might overlook many issues like broken links, duplicate content, and page speed.

These issues may occur on the back end of your website rather than the front end, making them easy to miss. Since search engine rankings consider the overall quality of a website, your website’s overall health, along with user interactions and duration of stay, can impact the rankings.

All these factors can significantly influence how your clients interact with your website.

    • To Increase Traffic and Revenue

To Increase Traffic and Revenue

The goal of a website audit is to enhance your website’s performance, consequently improving your overall search engine visibility. You can use the insights from a website audit to create a plan of action for enhancing your website and online presence.

A website evaluation can help identify issues that need to be addressed. This ensures that your website is functioning optimally and in line with Google’s best practices.

These improvements aid in enhancing productivity, visibility, and website traffic, giving you opportunities for online expansion.

    • It Helps You Identify Online Security Issues 

Website audits can help you uncover online security issues. The majority of hackers targeting small business websites don’t use sophisticated tools or complex programming techniques. Instead, they search for businesses with outdated plug-ins, flawed software, and other vulnerabilities that make it easy to access sensitive data. Your development partner can assist in identifying problematic areas on your company website and reducing the risks you face from hackers through a website audit.

How Long Does a Website Audit Take?

How Long Does a Website Audit Take

The duration of a site audit depends on various factors. First and foremost, crawl speed is crucial in this process. Crawl speed is measured in terms of pages crawled per second. The pace at which different site audits and crawler tools can crawl varies due to a number of issues. In reality, various tools have different capabilities for different tasks, such as the type of information they can crawl (for example, some crawlers cannot read JavaScript sites).

The number of pages crawled is another factor affecting the duration of a website audit. During a crawl, you can instruct a crawler to ignore specific pages, which may slow down the process. Hiring a highly skilled and reputable company for website audit can cut down website audit time considerably.

What Should Be Your Next Step?

Website audit is more than simply reviewing your website and taking notes; it involves evaluating its performance, identifying potential issues, and taking action to increase traffic, enhance conversion rates, and cultivate stronger customer relationships.

It seems like such an overbearing task. Don’t worry, you can rely on Technocrats Horizons for flawless web audits. We take care of all the technical intricacies so you can focus on your business. With a website audit from us, we’ll highlight any information that needs updating or removal and ensure your site is optimized for both search engines and mobile users. To start using our free website assessment service, reach out to us right away!

Facing Website Issues? Get an Expert Audit From Us!!

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